no stress, no stress, no stress, girl you deserve nothin’ but the best

Sing it, Jesse*.

This has been one of the more stressful weeks that I can remember. It all began over 2 years ago. We had just gotten engaged and I was frantically trying to find a place for the wedding. I wanted something fun, with some personality but I didn’t want to pay an exorbitant fee. I spent hours scouring the internet and was coming up pretty empty. All the beautiful places were incredibly expensive and all the places within our budget weren’t quite what I wanted.

And then one day, I was just casually looking, gone was my frantic energy of must! find! perfect! place!, and I was pretty resigned to just finding somewhere affordable. And then miraculously, I found a place, not far from us and very affordable! Also pretty bare bones (just the venue) but that allowed for lots of DIYing. I was sold! Except they had an absurd policy in place that said you could not register until January of the year in which you wanted the place. Which, if you know anything about wedding planning, is pretty ridiculous. Most places let you book a year out and my biggest worry was that if I didn’t get the place, I would have nowhere to have the wedding and wouldn’t be able to get in anywhere else! Because they would all be long booked!

But, spoiler alert! It all worked out. Registration began this morning at 8:45 a.m. but the lady that worked there warned me that people were getting there at midnight. I fully intended on getting there then, but my caterer (who is somehow involved with the venue) told me don’t go at midnight, just get there early. I decided 6am was a pretty good time, so Keith’s mom joined me and we drove over then. There were two cars in the parking lot, but they were snow-covered so I just assumed they were employees. We sat there for a bit and by 6:30 two other people had pulled in. As they pulled in, I immediately jumped out of the car and asked what date they wanted. Neither one were close to my date so we all happily got back in our cars. Then another car pulled up, jumped out again and these people said they weren’t waiting in line, they were just bringing coffee to their friends. Friends? And then we realized the building was open.

The two people inside had been there since 4:30 p.m. WEDNESDAY. They slept in the vestibule between doors. I would have been incredibly angry if I were them since they waited over 12 hours for the next person to even show up. But they were reserving for weddings too so I do understand their positions. So instead of being #1, I was #3, but neither of those people wanted my date so I was happy as a clam. And yet still nervous. It wasn’t until I signed over the check and was handed a copy of our paperwork that I could breathe easy.

482475_10202344328266370_1580922047_nKeith’s mom even snapped a picture of the momentous occasion. I was not wearing makeup and in need of a shower so I look pretty rough, but I promise it was all sparkles and confetti on the inside!

The other source of my stress was my class schedule.

I had signed up for two classes. They would run 4:30-5:45 Monday/Wednesday and 6:00-8:30 Monday. This meant I would work 8-4 and then drive over for class 4:30-8:30 on Mondays. I thought it would be a little rough, but doable considering I’d be done with class by 6 on Wednesdays.

And then I went to class. The 4:30-5:45 class seemed pretty decent. It is called The Portuguese Empire and the professor had great reviews and seemed really passionate/engaging.

The problem came with the 6:00 class, Anthr0pol0gy of Memory**. To begin the evening, we couldn’t get into our classroom because the professor did not know the door code. She kept asking people as they walked past if they knew it. To explain why she didn’t know it, she stated it was her first semester at U Pitt. Oh no. Strike 1.

Sidebar: It is either University of Pittsburgh or Pitt. All or nothing. U Pitt or University of Pitt or U of Pitt are all wrong. People calling it that makes my skin crawl. Just like this new trend of calling the Cathedral of Learning Cathy. No! (I am such a hater.)

So we moved our class to the grad lounge where we all sat awkwardly with no desks. And then she went over the syllabus and I realized this class is going to be WAY too much work. It was a writing intensive course and I knew I was in for work but as she described how she almost micromanaged each class meeting, I knew it was going to be bad. Strike 2.

She then did the terrible icebreaker of “State your name and a bizarre fact about yourself!” Can we please stop doing this? No one ever has a bizarre fact and if you do and are happy to share it, it usually just means you are weird. (Sorry, hating again.) So of course she begins by saying “My name is Megan and I like to drink pickle juice.” Strike 3.

If you’re my friend and you like pickle juice, that is totally fine. I can joke with you about it and think it’s quirky, but if you are a total stranger and that is the first thing you choose to tell about yourself? It’s just weird!

We then did some reading/discussion and were talking about Freud. He had this whole paper about a mystic pad which is this thing from your childhood:


“Why did Freud write about this? Did he just really enjoy children’s toys?” [Silence] So then I pipe up and say (what everyone was thinking) “…because he didn’t have an iPhone.” Laughter from everyone. Except her. She was not amused, haha. Which while I was making a joke, it was based in truth! Freud’s mind would have been blown by the iPhone. He wrote about the “Mystic Pad” because it was the height of technology! Strike 4. (Yep, so bad she struck out and then some.)

I went home and tossed and turned all night and when I woke up Tuesday I knew I HAD to get out of that class. So I literally spent 5 hours on Tuesday trying to rearrange my schedule. The problem was I need 6 more classes and can’t take anything outside of those. Trying to find something that fit with work but was still open was incredibly challenging. I finally found an okay solution, but it involved dropping both classes, signing up for 3 more (because one is in danger of being canceled) and getting permission to be in the 3rd. I won’t find out until Monday if that class gets canceled, in the meantime I have to go to a Saturday class that I may not even been keeping. I am definitely in a Wednesday class and after the first meeting, I know I definitely made the right choice. More on that one later.

Aaaandddd…that’s probably 1000 more words than anyone wanted to read about my boring life, but oh well.

*Jesse McCartney, for your viewing pleasure:


**Sorry, just realized I don’t want her to google her class and find out all my thoughts. I’m mean but not that mean.

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  1. Dave Artinger

     /  January 9, 2014

    cathy? really? that’s horrible. is it that difficult to say the cathedral of learning? kids are so freakin weird. i agree about the pickle juice thing too. way too odd to be your introduction to your class

    • haha David I’ve only seen “Cathy” on reddit. it might even be the same dumb kid over and over. yes, totally unprofessional. I’m all about having a little fun in class, but let’s get to know each other first. sigh.


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