yesterday, today, tomorrow

Things are slow over this way. Just work and school and homework. And repeat again and again and again. In class on Wednesday, there were about 10 minutes left and the professor had been going on about something and stopped and said, “Have I lost you all or are you just tired?” And as soon as he said the word tired, I yawned. (I also just yawned while typing that.) He happened to look right at me as it happened and said, “Oh, real nice!” I got slighly embarrassed and stammered, “Sorry! You said tired and it reminded me that I am!” He laughed it off but I wanted so badly to say, “Look, I put in a 45 minute commute and an 8 hour work day before coming to this class. Nothing personal, I am just burnt out.” #toooldforundergrad, indeed.

Stealing this idea from Jen who stole it from someone else…before I realized my yesterday/today/tomorrow were incredibly boring.

Yesterday I went to the dentist for a cleaning and the hygienist told me my teeth were “Doggone great!” Haha, it doesn’t get much better than that. It’s also amazing how quickly the workday goes when you don’t get in until 11am. Can we make that a permanent thing? 11-4? And still pay me for 8 hours? Great.

Today Work, work, homework on my lunch break, work, work and then dropping my car off at the shop tonight because it has started groaning. My mechanic said it might be something with the power steering, so he has to look at it. Also shopping for some new socks. I have rainboots which I wear year round because I’d rather my feet be dry than warm but they are seriously cold. My toes have been taking forever to warm back up and I don’t think that’s very good, I really don’t want them to fall off. I’ve been in my office for over an hour, with my feet right in front of the space heater and they are still cold. Going to try out some Smartwool and hope those help.  And then more homework tonight because…

Tomorrow We are heading to College Park, MD to watch Pitt vs MD. I must have complained that Keith never invites me on trips anymore, because he extended this invitation and suggested that we meet up with Elyse! He’s so smart sometimes. So we’re heading out Saturday morning and will return Sunday morning. Just enough time for a Pitt Alumni happy hour, a game and some hangouts. It will be a balmy 35 degrees in College Park on Saturday and I am actually really excited for that. See what you’ve done to me, winter?

This has nothing to do with anything, but this stuff is seriously so delicious I can’t stop thinking about it.

this stuff is seriously delicious.

I also tried alo brand mango + mangosteen and it was great too. There are little chunks of aloe floating in it, you can either chew them or swallow them, so it’s a little weird but I’m kind of obsessed.

Another new obsession? Apple chips. I have a pretty vivid memory of being in Kindergarten/First grade and this boy David sharing some apple chips with me. This was the early 90’s and I’m pretty sure his mom made them and I was very unimpressed. I think they might have been too thick/soggy? Who knows. I tried some recently at Subway and really enjoyed them so I bought a variety pack of Bare Fruit Variety Pack, Gluten Free Baked Apple Chips* from amazon. I wish they were single-serving bags, two-serving bags are a huge pet peeve of mine, I don’t want to have to close up/save the bag just for one other serving. I tried the cinnamon apple last night and they were great. Really excited for the chili lime, but I’m saving the sea salt caramel for a special occasion.

Man, my treats have gotten really lame.


*amazon affliate link

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