pluses and minuses.

+ We watched Lord of the Flies in my class last week and I know I am a few decades behind on this but daaaaaaaaaaang. I had never read the book or seen the movie and it really took me by surprise. Yikes!

– I have no idea what is going on in that class. I feel really, really stupid the entire time I’m in there. I’m coming to realize that I don’t do well with theoretical discussions. (Or discussions in general.) But I don’t have the capacity to think like these other kids do. They weave our readings together and come to some conclusion and I just sit there. I understand the readings and their points make sense to me, but I just can’t hang. Oh well.

+ Really into my dirt class. I sort of have no idea what is going on in there, but I feel like it will be easier to grasp it once we really get into it. I’ve also had pretty much zero homework which is always awesome.

+ Went to Maryland two weekends ago to see Pitt Vs Maryland. It was a quick trip, down Saturday and back Sunday but we got to see Elyse and Kyle before the game so that was nice. Pitt also won so that was awesome but sports, man. So nerve wracking sometime. My favorite part was the super conservatively dressed man next to me jumped up and screamed “Damnit!” at something. Totally unexpected and totally hilarious.

reunited with my little pancake! if but only for an hour!

+/- We went to a diner in College Park after the game and as we were leaving, our waiter says to me:
“I like your jacket.”
“Is it a snowboarding jacket?”
“Yea, but I don’t snowboard, I just like the color.”
“Oh yea, I know.”

Ha. I wasn’t sure if that should have offended me or not.

– I am getting old. At Sheetz a few days ago I held out my card to the teenager working. “No, you slide it,” as he points to the card thingy right in front of my face. “Oh, whoops!” I slide my card and then try to push the green button for debit. “No, it’s touch screen,” the teenager gently prods. Ughhhh. Slightly embarrassed, I told him I was getting old and then hobbled out the door with my cane.

-/+ I have a meeting today with someone from Pitt’s School of Education to discuss my future. As of right now my plans after graduation are totally up in the air. I might apply for the School of Education, I might join the circus, I might just retire because man I am burnt out.

-Both of my coworkers called off so I can’t leave for the appointment and have to reschedule, so my future will have to wait since people are afraid of snow.

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