cookbook challenge, episode 3

I realized I’ve been slacking on my cookbooking, so I pulled two recipes this week. The first one I made on Sunday, from Rachael Ray 30 Minute Meals 2. I kind of can’t stand Rachael Ray, but this book was given to me by my friend/old roommate Elyse because she somehow ended up with two copies. It took a bit of flipping to find something that sounded appealing and I finally settled on Lamb Pitas.

This is probably not the best review of the recipe because the whole point of this recipe was to make the lamb the night before for dinner, and reserve part of it for the pitas. I didn’t want to make an entire leg of lamb, so I just bought some lamb chops and chopped them up. It was also an expensive recipe, I bought $20 worth of lamb for this.

She calls for you to reheat the cooked lamb in chicken broth to keep it from drying out. My lamb was raw, so I seasoned it with some salt/pepper/coriander/cumin and sauted it.

photo 3

It also called for a yogurt sauce, pretty much yogurt mixed with mint, coriander, and cumin. I mixed that up and popped it in the fridge.

photo 2

Cooked up the lamb.

Pitas in the oven to heat.

I then again veered off the recipe by not making the scallion/tomato stuff. Cooked tomatoes on a pita sounded gross to me so I just skipped that step and sliced the tomatoes to put on raw.

photo 4

Final result…underwhelming. The lamb was nice and tender (I was terried of overcooking it) but it didn’t have much flavor. Probably my fault as the initial recipe may have imparted more flavor. I still think the raw tomatoes was a better idea, but I should have thrown some scallions on anyway. The yogurt sauce was okay, but nothing incredible. Also warming the pitas in the oven was a terrible idea. The other meal I make with pitas I toast them in a pan with a little butter and they turn incredible, so I was really bummed I didn’t do that.

Overall, I wouldn’t make this again. It was expensive and underwhelming. I much prefer The Halal Guys copycat meal I make with ground lamb, I should probably make that soon and share. Yum.

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