cookbook challenge: episode 5

Moving right along, the 5th book I decided to tackle was Bobby Flay’s Bold American Food. My mom bought me this book a few years ago and it’s got a lot of great looking recipes. A lot of different meats and veggies and things I never eat, so it was hard to find a recipe. I wanted something exciting. But I also wanted easy.

I ended up picking Grilled Yucatan Chicken Skewers and the book recommended you make Papaya Tomatillo Salsa to accompany. So I went to the grocery store beforehand, and forgot half the ingredients. And couldn’t find a papaya. (Big surprise! It’s February! In Suburban Pennsylvania!)

I ended up being short on chili powder for the marinade, so I threw in some other spices. I also used chicken breasts instead of thighs, since I had planned on using thighs later in the week and Keith is not a huge fan of thighs. The marinade came together quickly in my mini-blender and I threw the chicken in for ~5 hours.


I decided I was going to just make a tomatillo salsa since I had everything on hand for that. It literally took 10 minutes and it is amazing. So fresh! So bright! I will probably never buy it again. I used this recipe from Simply Recipes (they post great recipes).  I halved it and roasted the tomatillos. (Side note: I love buying tomatillos. No one ever knows what they are.)

When it came time to eat, I cooked the chicken (didn’t grill, too lazy), made up some quinoa and topped everything with the salsa. Served with my favorite canned green beans.

As much as I loved the tomatillo salsa, I was a little disappointed by the chicken. While it was cooking, it smelled amazing, but the taste left a little to be desired. I would probably try it again, but cut the chicken into smaller pieces in an attempt to impart more flavor. Loved the salsa though.

I should call this “Katrina finds a recipe to try, changes everything and then complains about it challenge.”

Final score 3/5.

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