Penn Brew U

A few weeks ago, Keith and I attended Penn Brew U at Penn Brewery. A lady I work with had won tickets, but works on Saturdays so she couldn’t go. She offered up the tickets to me and although I had never heard of it before, it sounded pretty neat so Keith and I decided to check it out. I’m not sure how often they have them, their website shows there was another on March 8, we went in February, so maybe they are monthly? Tickets are $40 per person and include some beer, a tour and lunch.


It started at 11am, when we got there we were given a t-shirt (woo!) and beer tickets. We found our way to a ballroom upstairs and took a seat. We each got one beer ticket (for a draft beer) and I believe you could also purchase beer. (There was way more drinking going on than 1 beer/person, but since we didn’t buy any, not sure how much it was.) We sat down with our beers and some pretzels/beer cheese (mmm) and listened to a ~30 minute presentation on beer.


It was pretty interesting/informative, they talked about the traditional brewing process and then talked about their beers. On each table were 4 bottles of beer which as the guy spoke, he instructed us to open them one-by-one and sample. As luck would have it, we were sitting at a table with only two other people, so we got the equivilent of another beer! Two beers + a few pretzels = by the time we went on our tour, I was almost drunk, haha.


The group was then split and the first group was given a tour of the facility. I love tours, I love going back into places that the public doesn’t get to see and hear about the history of a building. (Oh and the beer part was cool too, I guess.)




After our tour, we went back to the ballroom and watched a cooking (with beer!) demonstration. He made beer cheese, beer brownies and beer battered onion rings. By that time, the second group came back from their tour and we were treated to lunch. (Which included the beer brownies, they were a cakey brownie which I don’t prefer, but I will never turn down a brownie and they were delicious.) The entire time, everyone else was drinking, but Keith and I stuck to our free beers and water.

To finish off the day, they had a “best drinking story” contest, which was pretty hilarious. I was partial to Keith’s story, but it wasn’t wild enough to win. 😉


All in all, it was a fun day. Doubly fun since it was free, but if you like beer and like Pittsburgh, it wasn’t a bad way to spend a Saturday!

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  1. This looks so fun, I might have to check it out… can’t go wrong with beer cheese and beer-battered onion rings! 🙂


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