let there be light fixtures

A few months back, my cousin came up to replace some outlets/switches for me. We were taking them from the dirty almond to fresh white. He got everything done but had some trouble with our hall/entry switches. He came back up over the weekend but just couldn’t get them to work so I have to hire someone. Not a huge deal, I found an Angie’s List coupon for 4 hours for the price of 2, so we tried to figure out what else we could have him do in 4 hours.

Keith wants a spotlight installed off the back porch so we can see Daisy in the dark. I want pretty new light fixtures. So I went shopping. I’ve known forever that I want a moravian star somewhere, the entryway seems like the perfect place. I bought this guy from Direct from Mexico and I can’t waiiiiit to see it put up. Maybe that will motivate me to finally finish painting the trim in there.


source: directfrommexico.com

I spent a really long time trying to find something for the upstairs hallway. It hangs over the stairs so it can have some length but nothing was really calling to me. I kept going between light flowy sea-glass or capiz chandeleirs or bold geometric pendants. I really had no idea. there is literally nothing in the hall, so it’s not like I had some theme to work off of. I had 2-3 that I was going between but they were all more than I wanted to spend. I finally found a few from Urban Outfitters that were half the price of the others I was looking at. This one immediately caught my eye but I hemmed and hawed for a day or so before buying it. I really like it, it’s fun and I could probably reuse it somewhere else down the line if I decide I want something else up there.


source: urbanoutfitters.com


source: urbanoutfitters.com

The next day I found one on World Market that I wish I would have seen previously, I think it would have been great for the upstairs hall. I am tempted to buy it for somewhere else but I don’t really have anywhere else to put it.


source: worldmarket.com

Maybe above the kitchen sink, but I currently don’t have a light there so that will probably have to wait until I can do a full-kitchen makeover. One day.

My urban light is on backorder, so I probably won’t get them up until mid-April. Trying to be patient until then!

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  1. I like both of the lights. I would use the 2nd in my kitchen over the nook . Thanks for sharing


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