Year Two: Master Projects List

Yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of buying our house!

Time flies!

I had grand plans for the 1st year and slightly less grand plans for year 2…and accomplished even less.

Here are the things I have accomplished since we moved in and the things I still wish to do.


Starting with the top floor and working down:

master bedroom

Painted blue – Year 1
Bought bed – Year 1
Bought desk for vanity – Year 1
Bought lamps – Year 1
Replaced hardware on my bedside table – Year 1
New sheets/duvet cover – Year 1
Temporary “art” for over bed – Year 1
*Bought long, low dresser for wall across from bed – Year 2

To do:
Touch-up paint along ceiling line
Replace ugly green carpet
Replace ceiling fan – we have to push start the current one
More substantial art for over the bed
Art or mirror for over the long, low dresser

weird room


To do:
This will likely be the (distantly) future nursery so I am not doing anything else until then.

guest room


To do:
Buy matress, nightstand, dresser?
buy/make headboard
Art for walls
Window treatments
Replace ugly green carpet

upper bathroom

Painted – Year 1
Bought shower curtain – Year 1
Bought cute bird hooks – Year 1
Bought soap pump/water glass – Year 1
*Bought new shower curtain which makes me want to repaint – Year 2

To do:
Replace caulk strip
Hang floating shelves above toilet
Replace shower curtain rod
Install fan

living room!

living room

removed wallpaper – Year 1
skim coat of plaster on walls – Year 1
painted – Year 1
bought couch! – Year 1
*second and third coats of paint on one 😦 built in – Year 2
*replaced outlet covers/switchplates – Year 2

To do:
second and third coats of paint on built-ins/doors
give the coffee table a makeover
possibly rearrange furniture
replace the fireplace
maybe re-tile over the hearth tile?
put things on the built-ins other than a bottle of resolve
make curtains (i have the fabric!)
hang curtains
replace crafting table with white desk for crafting


after! ish

*Painted walls! – Year 2
*Replace lightswitches – Year 2

To do:
Paint trim, doors and ceiling
start frame wall
*replace light fixtures (2) – someone coming in 2 weeks
replace doorbell (you can only hear it in the entry way)
replace rug
build out upper closets
replace carpet
*swap lightswitches upstairs since they are backwards – someone coming in 2 weeks
*replace stained glass window – we have one! just need to replace it!

dining room

dining room

changed out dimmer switch for one that worked – Year 1

To do:
tear down wallpaper
either paint or replace chandeleir
make/buy curtains
replace furniture with something more modern…one day.



removed wallpaper – Year 1
painted – Year 1
replaced switchplates/outlets – Year 1

To do:
make/install faux roman shade
replace backsplash (something pearly?)
replace countertops (butcher block, please)
put in some type of island/dresser-turned-island?
replace light fixtures


laundry room

bought rugs – Year 1

To do:
clear counter of all the painting supplies

family room



To do:
clean out the *(now two!) year-old boxes

Powder room, I apparently have no picture.


To do:
hang shelf above toilet
hang towel ring/bar/holder/thingy

office 2


Entire plumbing torn out and replaced – Year 1
Carpet ripped out – Year 1
Two walls removed – Year 1
One wall rebuilt – Year 1
rubber matting installed – Year 1
carpet replaced – Year 1
bathroom floor replaced – Year 1
changed out office doorknob – Year 1

To do:
skim coat of plaster over burlap
paint walls/ceiling/ducts
replace wainscoting where it was removed
replace office carpet
remove/restructure office desk
put up some sort of shelving on a far wall
replace lighting
hang artwork


The next room I want to tackle is the dining room, so maybe we can enter into 2015 wallpaper-free, but I am not letting myself start on that until the living room and hall/entry way trim is painted.

I am also dying to start on my frame wall in the entry, I got lots of frames for Christmas from Keith’s parents and I bought photos for them and everything, just need to hang them.

I’ve also decided this summer that I need to clean out the sunroom. There are still a few boxes in there from when we moved in 2 years ago and I pretty much just need to throw them away. If I haven’t touched them in 2 years…

And another minor project will be organizing all our files. We have 3 little file cabinets in the office, yet no hanging folders so everything is just throw into them like drawers. I ordered some folders/hangers on amazon and plan on going through/sorting/throwing away/filing things and make some sort of sense of the office. I want to rip the whole thing out since the desk area is huge and just collects stuff.

I am free for June so I plan on getting LOTS done.

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