and then my laundry room tried to kill me…

A few weeks ago, the fluorescent lightin the laundry room went out. Not a huge deal as I don’t do much night time laundry, but the laundry room also leads to the backyard and it’s where we let Daisy out. Having no light in there was pretty annoying even though the kitchen light does shine in there.

We’d been putting off on changing it because it was annoying to get to, behind a plastic panel in a drop ceiling, no real convenient way to get it out, but by Saturday I had had enough.

I pulled up a chair, climbed up and after a minute was able to pop the plastic out and then BOOM.


A metal piece which was formerly attached to the light fell out, knicking my hand on the way down.


I guess I’m lucky that it hit my finger with the edge and not my face (or my eye!) with the corner.


Once I was able to get the tube down, I measured it and got 47″ and then I went to Lowe’s where they only had 48″ tubes, so I grabbed some and just hoped my measurements were off.

Got home and turns out I just can’t measure because they fit, hooray! And now we have light again! And now I have two spent fluorescent tubes and no idea what to do with them. And some nasty slices on my finger (they look worse now than in the picture) and I hope my tetanus shot is up to date because my finger still hurts.

I also spent some time unpacking gifts from my bridal shower (finally!) and yikes! Our recyling man is going to hate us on Friday. I also broke in our new memory foam mattress topper and rice cooker and I am in love.



Two weeks left of class and then I can get back to some real home improvement. Like painting! And hanging pictures! And peeling wallpaper! Can’t wait!

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  1. You can’t actually just throw those tubes away – well you shouldn’t anyway. There are special places to take them (like Construction Junction, etc.) to dispose of. Learned that the hard way when we switched all of our fluorescent lights to canister recess lighting last year!

    • oh thanks! I knew you couldn’t throw them away, I figured I’d just hold onto them until the electrician I hired comes and beg them off on him, but I completely forgot about construction junction, I work right next door, haha. Doesn’t get much more convenient than that.

      • Maybe call first just to double check that they still take them!! Haha always best to double check any time sensitive info I share!!

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