katrina oh, wildlife photographer

I saw some bunnies frolicking in the yard the other day. Either frolicking or fighting, but by the time I had grabbed my camera, one of them had hopped off. I did spot some other friends though.

I am very thankful our laundry room glass is so reflective. I can stand there and snap forever and the deer are none the wiser.

 deer friendsThis was later, looking out the sunroom windows. These windows are also very reflective, but on the inside as well.

you bore me.
Really? More deer photos?


deer friend

deer friend

Deer are actually pretty grimey up close. I want to bathe them or at least brush them.

deer friend

deer friend

bunny friend
He must be the reigning champion of the yard. I had to go outside for this shot and he barely moved.

I took these photos on Thursday and mentally titled the post. Thursday night I dreamt that I was out back shooting more photos but this time caught a camel (who I was calling a moose in my dream, but he was definitely a camel), a gorilla, and a tiger. Keep dreamin’, Katrina.

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  1. Those are really great shots!

    The most wildlife I get to see here in Brookline: birds & squirrels. The squirrels are pretty entertaining to watch though!

    • thank you! you made me realize i don’t think i’ve ever seen a squirrel at my house, maybe they are afraid to cross rivers too haha.


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