pierogi class!

On Tuesday, Ryan and I went to a pierogi class at S&D Polish Deli. I saw a groupon for it and bought it almost immediately. I love pierogi, I love cooking, it sounded like my idea of a wonderful time.

I had no idea what to expect and we got to the strip WAY too early. We had a nice dinner at Chicken Latino, since I have been wanting to try it. Then we literally walked in circles for 80 minutes. I didn’t realize the strip DIED completely at like 4pm on weekdays, but it does. At one point we even went back and sat in the car but it was too hot, so we resumed our circling.

We were the second people to get to the class so we had prime seating. We sat for a bit entertaining ourselves until everyone else arrived. I think our class tally was 17 people + 2 instructors.



pierogi class

acting busy

getting ready


And that’s when I realized how ridiculous I looked posing with a rolling pin, haha.


Marta was our main instructor and she introduced herself and told us a little bit about her background before class started. I liked her immediately. (“Like Martha Stewart, but without the H. And I don’t have her money. Or her attitude.”) She was hilarious. Agnieszka was also there helping and she was equally awesome.

Marta first showed us how to make the dough, but she made it in her stand mixer, so we just watched. Then she made the filling and had a little help from people in the class.



Then we each got a portion of filling to roll into balls.

balls of deliciousness


And then we got some dough.




flour child
Flour child.


getting ready

almost ready

She showed us 4-5 different ways to pinch the pierogi.

ugly pierogi
Mine were pretty ugly.

ryan's pierogi are out of focus, sorry boo
Ryan’s were better looking but this picture is out of focus so hah!




even more delicious


We did have a groupon so the class was essentially half-off, but in hindsight I would have absolutely paid full price for it. It was really fun, Marta and Agnieszka (sp?) were so nice and hilarious and we learned a lot! It was a 2 hour class and you left with a dozen pierogi (minus whatever you ate there). I’d highly highly recommend it!


(Also my pictures are way darker on this monitor than they were on my computer, so pardon the moody lighting that begins halfway through.)

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