pluses and minuses: pre-wedding addition

I would be blogger of the year if I actually sat down to type all the entries that I compose in my head. Favorite places to compose? The shower and the car. I’ll get to work and realize that I haven’t heard one minute of the podcast I was listening to since I was in outer space.

The wedding is next week, so that’s pretty much all I have been thinking about lately. THANK YOU past Katrina for deciding not to take those two summer classes that started in May. I don’t even want to think about the wreck I would be right now if I was dealing with that.

Now for some pluses and minuses since I don’t have the mental capacity for much else.

+ I had a bachelorette party on the 3rd and it was a lot of fun! It was super low-key. No South Beach or Vegas for this broad. We went to El Campesino and then to the South Side. We were probably home by 1am (I, uh, can’t remember) and it was just a blast with some of my favorite ladies (and gentleman).



+ They threw a bridal shower for me at work yesterday and it was really nice! Lots of people signed the card and came, so although I may feel unappreciated sometimes, they really like me!


+/- The rain! I think every year I forget how much rain Pittsburgh gets and we are in full rainy season now. While I am hoping that it holds off for the wedding and stressing a liiiiiiiiiiiiiittle bit about that, I love what it is doing to the outside. Our backyard looks like a jungle since everything has been thrown into hypergrowth, but I love it. It’s so lush and green and makes me so happy after so many weeks of snow and brown, dead grass.

+/- It feels so surreal that the wedding is next week. We got engaged July 4, 2011. Making this almost a 3 year engagement, with almost 3 years of planning. And in 8 days, it will all be over. And in 18 days, no one will think about it. And in 28 days, it will be a distant memory. And in 38 days, people will have forgotten all about it. So weird. I will have a whole bunch of wedding posts to write after the fact, so that can prolong it a bit but it’s honestly surreal to spend hundreds (maybe even thousands) of hours, thinking, planning, dreaming, crafting for ~8 hours? I also know I’m not the first to have this realization, but dang.


+ Everything is coming together! I have two crafty things to finish up and then my big thing is to NOT FORGET TO TAKE ANYTHING. I have bits and pieces of everything in every place and I’m sure I’m going to leave something at home. Luckily we are not very far from the venue, but I’m trying to write everything down so someone else can realize I’ve forgotten something before it’s too late. Since I’ll be a little preoccupied.

+ I don’t think I posted this but straight A’s in my Spring classes! Woo! 12 more credits and I am done. But I’ll drag it out until next Spring because it’s easier that way.

+ My friends Sarah and Megan gave me this locket! So sweet! It has a kitchenaid, some books, an engagement ring, Keith’s birthstone, my birthstone, a cupcake, a daisy(!) and “blog.” Haha it’s the best! And a kick in the pants to blog more!





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