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Keith and I got married on Saturday, May 24, 2014. It was a beautiful day. Like if I had been able to order the weather out of a catalog, I couldn’t have picked a better day. The entire weekend was compeltely gorgeous. I did that on purpose. (Just kidding, I had also considered May 18th back when I picked a date and it rained ALL DAY LONG that day so very glad I decided to go with the 24th instead.)

I won’t have the pro pictures back for several weeks but I am dying with anticipation. They are going to be so incredible, I can’t wait.

I took off the week of the wedding to finish up stuff, I was making flowers until Wednesday, had to get my hair done, my nails done, a makeup trial, clean the house. It was a whirlwind of a week. But everything was done on time, so really glad I did that! Since I took off time before, I came back to work on Tuesday and all week people have been stopping and asking why I am here. Now trust me, I wish that I wasn’t, but I keep having to explain over and over that we aren’t going away until November. And then I feel bad for all those who don’t get to go on honeymoons and vow never to ask that question to anyone.

The rehearsal dinner was the first time in weeks and months that I was actually able to sort of relax for an evening and it was lovely. My aunt and uncle and cousin and her fiance came down from New York and were able to join us and it was so wonderful! I last saw my aunt over a year ago in Minnesota and never met my uncle or cousin and ahhh it was the best. They are seriously the sweetest people in the entire world, I was so so happy to see them, meet them and spend a little bit of time with them.

Keith gave a really sweet little speech at the rehearsal dinner where he thanked me for all my hard work planning, organizing, executing everything (after first taking credit for all of it) and it was really sweet. I’m getting a little teary just thinking about it.

After the rehearsal we went home and went to sleep and I’m so glad I spent the night in my own house, in my own bed, with my fiance for one last time! People kept saying that I had to spend the night with a bridesmaid and to ship Keith up to his parents’ house but it was the right choice to stay home. I slept okay but it would have been even worse if he hadn’t been there. </mushy>

And now I get real and admit that I’m struggling a little with the sharing of the entire wedding. People keep wanting to talk about it and if you were there, I will talk your ear off but I keep hesitating with people who weren’t. I think it was just a wonderful, intimate affair that I feel like it’s kind of spoiling it by telling everyone. (And yes you can have an intimate affair with 100 people!) The only people there all day that we didn’t personally know were the caterers. Our officiant was my (our!) cousin, our DJ went to highschool with Keith, our bartender was a friend of Keith’s, our videographer was my good friend from high school, we hadn’t personally known the photographers previously but we spent 2+ hours with them getting engagement photos and they just fit in so well it felt like they were old friends.

But then I remember that it was the best day of my life and in 30 years when the internet is loaded into our brains, I probably will want to flip back and bring this one up, so there will be a post forthcoming. Probably a few. One now, one when I get the photos, one giving props to all the amazing vendors, maybe one or more celebrating the DIY aspects of our wedding. So stay tuned.

And since every post deserved a picture, here is my updated bling:


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  1. From the pictures I saw on Instagram, it looked like the perfect day, and you were absolutely beautiful!

    • Thank you! 🙂 I can’t wait for the real pictures! I keep going back to the iphone ones in the meantime haha!


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