#mcwed invitations

One of the first wedding things that I completed and was completely over the moon about was the invitations. I went back and forth forever on what I wanted them to look like. Did I want fancy, cute, whimsical, graphic, bold…I am pretty sure I spent a good year trying to decide. I looked at a few websites and pre-made invitations were SO EXPENSIVE I knew I needed to go at least semi-DIY. I looked all over etsy and nothing really struck me. Everything looked like something I could make myself in Photoshop, so I decided to do just that. I decided on a confetti theme. How hard is it to add some dots everywhere and pick a fancy text?

Hard. I am too embarrassed to post my invitation mock-up but it was sad. I actually really liked it at the time, but *spoiler alert* the invitations I purchased are worlds beyond. In comparison, mine were very flat and blah.

I was on etsy for the 12 millionth time when I came across Grace and Guy. They had a gold and pink confetti themed baby shower invite that was the cutest thing I had ever seen. I immediately emailed and asked if she would be able to change the colors and content for my wedding, and she so kindly ageed. I sent her all the deets and just sat back and waited. A few weeks later, I got my proofs, which I then printed and cut myself. It was a bit more work that way, but it was a freaking steal. I got bridal shower invites, wedding invites, direction cards, info cards, RSVPs, address labels, cupcake flags…in my custom colors for $43.00. Then all it took was a printer and a paper cutter. And you know I love crafts.

Probably over a year ago I bought envelopes and pocketfolds from Paper and More, they had great prices and their shipping was the cheapest by far. Which really counts when you are buying lots of heavy paper. I printed everything else on regular white cardstock and just assembled!

In hindsight, I should have had a better method for assembly. Keith’s friend Dave got two (2!) entire invitations. Keith’s other friend got two RSVP cards. Whoops. Better than none, right?

I almost didn’t use the address labels, but I’m so glad I did because they were the cutest part.

I had also cut out envelope liners and had planned on including little glassine envelopes filled with confetti, but I’m a one woman show and I just didn’t have time.

I also created the back of the RSVP card and that’s one of my crowning achievements. More on that, later.


wedding invitations

wedding invitations

wedding invitations

wedding invitations

wedding invitations

wedding invitations

The photographers would have taken nicer photos of the invites but I ran out (thanks to sending Dave two) and didn’t feel like making another set since I had my own pictures.

I also hated those wedding cake stamps but my envelopes were .02 oz too heavy for a regular stamp. I should have had some indication that names were supposed to go on the lines on the front of the card since I didn’t want the stupid M_____ thing, but we got back about a dozen without names. Luckily I could use context clues. (Name on envelope or number in party or what was written on the back). I should have numbered them, but I couldn’t find a place to do it unobtrusively and by the time I remembered I was OVER IT.

Overall I was thrilled with how they came out and thought they were a nice representation of the wedding: fun, playful, colorful, DIY baby.

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  1. Those are (were? lol) adorable! I love checking be there or be square. Genius.


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