RIP henrietta

And you guys thought I was joking about getting rid of that spider.


Last night I was coming home from work. I stopped in order to turn left onto my street, but had to wait for some cars to pass. There were at least 4-5 cars and a flatbed truck so I was sitting there for a minute. Just as I was about to turn, since the coast was clear, I glanced into my rearview mirror and saw a truck barreling into me.

It was like in the movies. It got bigger and bigger and I hardly had a split second to think “What?” before he SLAMMED into me. Time slowed down. I was flung forward and back, when the car came to rest, I was so confused. I was laying back. My glasses, which had been on my face, were now behind my head.

I think I was partly in shock. I was shaking and crying and didn’t know what to do. The man who hit me came over to my door to ask if I was okay. I said I was and began to search for my phone. It was in a dock previously, but was nowhere to be found.


IMG_8273My sunroof was NOT open prior to the accident. I don’t even understand how that happened.



I think that is the ash tray, which was previously in the dash, next to the steering wheel.




While I brushed glass off of myself and searched for my phone, the old man called the police. Once I finally found my phone, I called Keith and he attempted to calm me down. While we waited for the police, the old man directed traffic and I sat on the guard rail crying.



Once the police arrived, they asked if I needed an ambulance and then collected our information to make the report.




Those trees over there? My yard. That trunk? Gone.



He hit me so hard my seat broke.



The old man claimed that I stopped too quickly. The police officer, who was also an accident reconstruction specialist, told me that the old man pushed my car 55 feet. Both my back tires were flat.

I have no idea what the old man was doing. Maybe he looked down, maybe he was playing with the radio, but it was clear that he was going entirely too fast. I am pretty sure he didn’t even break. He just slammed into me. The police officer urged me to go to the ER.

When the tow truck came, they tried to pull mine onto the bed and his car came with, they were so tightly smashed.

I asked him if I could walk home, since my house was literally 50 yards away and he let me. When Keith got home a few minutes later we headed to the ER. I had to wear a collar and lay flat on my back until they cleared me. There was a dicey hour or two where I really had to pee, but wasn’t allowed to get up and my only option was a bedpan. I persevered though and made it. They did a CAT scan of my head and spine and I was cleared, but they gave me pain killers and muscle relaxers and two days off work.

I was able to sleep last night but as my dose of muscle relaxer is wearing off now, I feel really really bad. I’ve also been on the phone all morning with insurance people. Luckily, we both have the same carrier, so my deductible is waived. Which is great, because he was so obviously at fault.

It could have been a lot worse, there could have been another car in front of me that I could have hit. And if I was pushed 55ft, imagine the impact on another car in front of me.

I could have had Daisy in the backseat. I am buying her a harness immediately.

Keith said later that it sucks I put so much money in my car (hello, brand new transmission) thinking it would last another 5 years, but I said that if I had bought at new car instead, that one could have been creamed.

I could have been in the act of turning, which would have spun me into other traffic.

I could have been driving something that wasn’t as tank-like as the Honda. My backseat was entirely intact. Luckily there was no one in it, since they would be really hurting, but at least they would have survived.

He was an 80 year old man, his car sustained damage, but he was out and walking around after as well. He could have been hurt.

Baby’s first accident and please let it be her last.

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  1. Been there and done that. It’s a horrible experience and I’m so sorry that you and Henrietta got caught up in it. Glad to hear you are okay. Take it easy 🙂

  2. JeniMom

     /  June 5, 2014

    Cheers to Brave Henrietta and the good Lied above !!! They saved and protected you!!! Henrietta was one tough cookie!!

  3. HOLY SHIT. I am so glad that you were able to walk away from this! Those pictures are horrific and I shudder to think what it must have been like for you. Sending you good thoughts! ❤

    • thanks Erin! I go back and forth between feeling fine and really shitty. just trying to keep in mind how lucky I was!

  4. Anonymous

     /  June 10, 2014

    wow Kat , same scene as mine , I was hit by an old lady in her 90s…. only difference was , I also struck the car ahead of me ….. and wasnt as lucky as you . But be careful , sometimes injuries dont show up till much later . I was also very close to home . ( and the old lady wasnt hurt either . )

  5. Its me , your Aunty Lin . I am not Anonymous .

    • That’s scary how similar they were! I am so so lucky there wasn’t a car in front of me, I would have been in really bad shape. Love you!

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