Hello, Loretta!

So I am mostly all recovered from the car accident. I am no longer sore and the headache has gone away almost completely. If I *think* about being hit, my head starts to hurt, but maybe that’s just psychosomatic.

I am also having some anxiety while driving which stems directly from the accident. If I happen to look in my rearview mirror and see someone advancing on me, I become really nervous that they aren’t going to stop. If I am stopped, I pretty much replay the moment of impact over and over, with my body going forward and then sliding back down the seat.

It’s nothing major, I am not afraid to drive, I just have to try not to think about those things and hopefully in time, I will stop dwelling.

I have full coverage insurance so they gave me a rental car and I rolled out of Enterprise in an Infiniti. I had no idea what an Infiniti was until the next day at work when some guy made a big deal over it. It’s a fun little car.

I got the report from the insurance about my car when they totaled it and the damages got to $8,000 and then they stopped the assesment. So who knows how much actual damage was done, but my car was not worth half of that, unfortunately. They cut me a check and Henrietta was towed off into the sunset.

We met up with my friend Sarah on Saturday to *look* at cars and a few hours later, I drove off the lot with Loretta!

I test drove a 2011 Honda Accord, Loretta and a 2011? Suzuki Kizashi. I liked the Honda enough but it was white with tan leather trim and it just wasn’t doing anything for me looks-wise. Also liked the Suzuki, but since they no longer make them, I worried about cost of repairs, it also felt less *solid* than the Subaru. The Subaru was my favorite on paper and since she had everything I wanted (sunroof, heated seats, CLOTH seats, AWD, superb safety ratings) it was an easy choice.

Also really¬†liked the salesguy. He was nice, laid back, had all the info I wanted and absolutely no pressure. We talked about what we named our cars while Keith just looked on rolling his eyes and Sarah cracked up. I named Keith’s car for him on Saturday too, Patty. Haha.

But enough about me, say hello to Loretta! She’s a Legacy, had one previous owner, has 33k miles, we’re going to be very happy together.

photo 1

photo 2

At one point the finance guy asked, “How long will you be keeping the Subaru?” “Forever.”




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