#mcwed, part 2

One of my favorite parts about wedding planning…and the actual wedding were all the details. I spent hours and hours on things that most people would have ignored, but it made me happy! It made Keith a little crazy, but oh well.

I’ve seen lots of flack lately about “Pinterest weddings” and how people are “So glad Pinterest didn’t exist when I got married,” and it kind of bothers me. I think Pinterest was a great tool to get ideas, to source items and just for eye candy.

Could I have planned my wedding without Pinterest? Absolutely. I think the problem might come in when people want their wedding to look exactly like those featured on Pinterest, but I think that’s a problem with the internet in general. I had to stop looking at my wedding photographer’s website ~2 weeks before the wedding because everything they posted was so beautiful I didn’t think mine could live up to that. And I think that’s the problem.

You should be striving for *your* ideal wedding, not Martha Stewart Living’s ideal wedding. If those happen to overlap in some areas, wonderful! But don’t get bent out of shape because you didn’t have time to make xyz or you didn’t have the perfect wedding favor. At the end of the day, you’ll be married and that’s pretty much all anyone will remember.

That said, I am a very DIY, hands on person. So many items I took inspiration from online, but made myself. But there did come a point a few weeks before the wedding where I was just *done* and started to outsource things.


(As before, all photos by hot metal studio)

wedding details

wedding details

My dress was from David’s Bridal. I tried on 7, went back and forth between 2 before deciding on this one. I had started to have second thoughts a few months before the wedding (I bought the dress 1+ year before) but once I actually got it on, it was perfect.


wedding details

My shoes were from Modcloth. I had bought a pair of teal wedges a long time ago, but then bought these on a whim. I liked that they had straps and felt they would be a little easier to walk in. (I don’t do heels). They were great. And cheap.

wedding details

My jewelry was Swarovski and a gift from Keith’s mom. It was wonderfully sparkley, but simple enough that I could wear it again. And I have already worn it again!

wedding details

Our venue was the barn at Richland Community Park. It was *very* affordable, beautiful and allowed us to have our ceremony and reception in one location which was a HUGE thing for me. We had many people driving an hour or more, I didn’t want them to have to do any more driving between ceremony and reception or for me to have to deal with setting up and coordinating two venues, it was perfect. Highly recommend.

wedding details

We set the barn up on Friday and after the ceremony, everyone just grabbed a chair and moved it to the tables and tada! Transformation complete!

wedding details

wedding details
Hundreds and hundreds of paper flowers. Made by me. Except I did panic a few months before the wedding and bought some from etsy, but they were a bit different. If I could go back in time, I would start earlier and make 2-3x as many flowers, I think it would have looked amazing with them crowded on the table, but I just didn’t have time. I worked from the tutorial here, though hers are a bit more polished. I think it would have worked better with slightly thinner paper (I used cardstock). I am still happy with them and made sure to bring them all back home with me. Where they are still sitting. In a garbage bag. I am emotionally attached.

wedding details
This was from the sweetheart table. I wish all the tables could have been that full. I also quickly ditched the grey flowers. That cardstock was way too thick.

wedding details

Since we didn’t have any sort of *altar* I wanted something to put behind us as decoration and since we would be eating there too, it could serve double duty. I bought this banner from PomLove on etsy and was super underwhelmed once it was all fluffed. I almost scrapped the whole idea but after deciding to double it up, I ended up really liking how it looked. Nice and simple.

wedding details

wedding details

Guestbook was also a DIY project. Saw something similar on etsy for $200. I bought at $20 Ikea frame, an $8 heart punch and went to town. I’ll admit I did redo it 3 times becuase I refused to measure and everything ended up crooked, but I measured the last time and I think it turned out well!


This is getting a little long, so more later!

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  1. Anonymous

     /  June 26, 2014

    Katrina I thought the tables were beautiful. The guest book was awesome. I think it was one of the nicest weddings I have ever attended.. Thanks again for letting us share your special day.

  2. M Fontana

     /  April 4, 2016

    I’m getting married at the Richland barn in August. Wondering how many people you had for ceremony inside barn/reception? Pls let me know as we are inviting 130 and I’m concerned they may not be able to attend actual ceremony, only reception..


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