life update #basketballmoon

So I kind of lost some steam on the #mcwed posts. I will have to finish up with the reception and posed photos because there are so many I love and want to highlight! Life has taken a turn for the insane lately (in a good way!) and although I’m not ready to spill those beans yet, it will be coming.

So what has been going on….

Loretta and I celebrated our one-month anniversary, and we are very happy together. I love the cloth seats, the heated seats which I will admit to turning on in the mornings even though it is July, and her beautiful shiny exterior. She has a bit less raw power than Henrietta had, but I am having fun with the paddle shifters.

Had a lovely 4th of July at my mom’s house even though I ended up in a hoodie and covered in a blanket. It was nice that it wasn’t 95 and sweltering but yikes! Keith and I left before the fireworks but somehow planned it perfectly and drove through no fewer than 7 township’s fireworks on our way up 79. At one point near Bridgeville we could see 4 different displays at the same time. And didn’t have to hear any. My kinda show.

Also had a great time the next day at Giana’s 4th birthday party! It’s rare to see family two days in a row so it’s always extra nice. And the twix cupcakes I made were extra nice, too!

I thought I had more news, but apparently not…except the most exciting thing is that we booked our flights for our honeymoon! Ahhh! I’m so excited I could puke.

Pitt announced that they’re playing the University of Hawaii on Nov 21 so we’re flying to Maui November 20th. I’m looking into Airbnb’s for the first 3 days then on Nov 23rd we head to the Maui Sheraton for the Maui Invitational with the rest of the basketball fans. We’re there from Sunday-Friday which includes a few tournament games and a Thanksgiving Luau! Then the day after Thanksgiving we hop on a plane for the Big Island. We’re there Friday-Friday and then we fly home.

I am sooooooooo excited! I have so many things planned. Definitely hitting up some beaches and breweries and probably a coffee plantation even though we both hate coffee and snorkeling and black sand beaches and green sand beaches and volcanoes! (Oh, and basketball. I still wish the basketball games were outside. That would be great. Let’s play some beach basketball.)

Trying to keep a nice mix of seeing the sights and doing nothing. On our last two vacations (Cancun and Isla Mujeres) we barely left the resort. We’ll only be at a resort for half our time on Maui and none of our time on Hawaii – thinking of splitting our time between two Airbnb’s there, so that will pretty much force us to get out and about.

People keep asking if I feel any different being married and the answer is a big fat no. I now have Keith’s last name…but other than that nothing has changed. We have been together 5 years and are coming up on 5 years of living together; he taught me how to drive, we’ve moved twice, bought a house, got a dog, already have joint bank accounts…a piece of paper and two metal bands haven’t changed anything. But I do like looking down and seeing my wedding band *so sparkely* and seeing his ring on his hand. Being married is great, but being not-married was great too!

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  1. I’ve been slacking lately too! Hawaii sounds awesome- you’re the second recently married person I know heading there. I had a book about all the sights of Hawaii when I was a little kid and volcanoes, black sand beaches and a coffee plantation sound ahhhmaaazing. I have a love affair with coffee so you could probably drop me off at sunrise and then come drag me from the fields at dark.

    • I can’t wait for the trip! And Hawaii was never really in my top 5 places to go…but it’s been Keith’s #1 for a long time, so off we go! If there hadn’t been basketball games I would have pushed pretty hard to go to Greece instead! That being said I am supppppper excited!

  2. Hawaii sounds fantastic! It is a place on my travel list!


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