#mcwed part 4

When we last left off, the ceremony had ended! We were married! Everyone was crying! Hooray!

Since our ceremony and reception were in the same place, there was no travel time (duh) and I decided to have a cocktail hour before the reception officially started. We had taken all of our posed pictures earlier in the day, but this also gave us some time for some family photos.

Wedding - Reception

So we did that while the rest of the guests went inside and were treated to some drinks and snacks including mini Primanti’s style sandwiches and mini pierogi. Yes.



wedding details


That was my favorite part about the entire menu. I didn’t care what else people ate, they had to have those apps! But my one complaint…they were supposed to be on little round bread….not quartered big bread. But I’m sure no one else knew or cared.
wedding details

Haha, one of my favorites. Forget the rings artfully placed in the flowers, throw mine on a sandwich.

Around 5, we headed back outside to have a more formal entrance.

The bridal party walked into Regina Spektor – Us

And Bradley went ahead and stole the show.


Wedding - Reception


He was freaking out a bit, so when my SIL came out to comfort him, I told her to just go ahead and walk in with him and Giana, he calmed down instantly and went all mini-politician on us. Hahah, I love this so much.

We threw open the big barn doors for this…perk of getting married in a barn!

Then Keith and I walked in to Kelly Clarkson – Tie it up

Not a huge country fan, but a huge Kelly fan.
Wedding - Reception

Wedding - Reception


We joined up with the bridal party and it wasn’t planned for them all to stand up there…I think I might have told them to sit down, but I’m so glad they did. Such a wonderful moment standing up there with them.

Wedding - Reception


Then we all sat down and Keith’s best man Dave gave a speech and my man of honor gave a speech. Dave’s speech was very sweet. I’ve seen him give 2 best man speeches so far and he somehow is able to do it all off the cuff. I did tear up a bit.

Wedding - Reception

He started off by showing off the socks I had purchased for all the groomsmen haha, I love those socks.

Then Ryan came up and gave a speech…and I was terrified. Although not as terrified as he was! As evidenced by this photo taken while Dave was giving his speech. To anyone else, it may look like boredom, but I knew the true terror running through those veins.

Wedding - Reception

And then he surprised me completely by not giving a crass, obnoxious speech that embarrassed me, he wrote a poem that was hilarious and heartwarming and full of inside jokes…this was my reaction to one of them:

Wedding - Reception
Then it was time to eat. Everyone always says you don’t eat at your own wedding and I swore I wasn’t going to let that happen. I paid for it, I was going to eat, dammit! And then I ate like 3 bites. Haha, so no, you probably won’t eat at your wedding. We had time! I just wasn’t hungry.

…to be continued…

As before, all photos by Jonathan and Tiffany Cooper of hot metal studio.

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