#mcwed part 5

After we ate, we did our rounds talking to everyone and then it was time for cake! I didn’t even think about how awkwardly the cake table was placed, that’s where they had it on the layout…but it was kind of off in the back corner.

Wedding - Reception
Cake cutting is serious business.

Wedding - Reception
I fed Keith a small piece of cake and he tried to feed me this giant bite, hence my face. And his face. Just look at that mischievous grin.

Wedding - Reception


The cake was awesome, by the way. Lemony and delicious and I wish I had a piece right now.


wedding details



After that, it was time to dance. Keith and I danced to Adele – One and Only which is also the soundtrack to our wedding video trailer.


Keith actually picked the song. What a sweetie. I had picked something else, but he said it was too depressing. Haha.

Wedding - Reception

Wedding - Reception

Wedding - Reception


Then Keith and his mom danced to Pearl Jam – Future Days

Wedding - Reception


Wedding - Reception


Then my stepdad and I danced to Bellstop – Serenity

It took me a really long time to decide on a song…but then I had a stroke of genius to use a Bellstop song. Bellstop is composed of my cousin, Runar and his partner. Runar is my cousin on my dad’s side and lives in Iceland.  I thought it was a wonderful and subtle way to give a nod to my dad. There were lots of tears during this dance for sure.


Wedding - Reception


I had requested a photo of the entire wedding…so after our dances…they shut off the music to get everyone out on the floor for a photo.
Wedding - Reception

Love it. Most of my nearest and dearest. And then our DJ seamlessly went into “We are Family” and the partying began.


..to be continued…

All photos by Jonathan and Tiffany Cooper of hot metal studio.


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1 Comment

  1. Jeni

     /  July 27, 2014

    this made me cry all over again!!!! You guys covered it all. The words to the Groom & mom song are amazing and touched my heart. Knowing the back story to your choice for the Bride / Stepdad song … amazing and perfect!!!!

    you wedding was perfect on so many levels!!!!

    Love you!
    Momma J!


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