#mcwed video!

So what perfect timing! I posted my final photo-recap yesterday and my friend/videographer Jason sent me the link to the feature cut of our wedding video. It is 26 minutes long, so I don’t expect everyone to watch but it is so well done. It really captures the whole mood of the day, especially my fierce RBF in the beginning when I was so nervous about running over time.

I am SO GLAD I asked Jason do this video and even happier that he accepted. I KNEW he would do something incredible. While the photos are amazing and beautiful and incredible…it’s so wonderful to have a video to remember all that little stuff in between the camera snaps.

Once again, Jason is amazing and let me reiterate that this is his FIRST wedding video. He did such an amazing job on this, just imagine the next one! Or the one after! If you are getting married anytime in the near future in the PA/MD/DC area I strongly urge you to contact/hire Jason.

Keith + Katrina (feature cut) from Jason Martin on Vimeo.

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