bunny friends!

Geez I have had these photos on my camera for weeeeeks, I just kept forgetting to upload them and share.

A while back, Keith went out to cut the grass and when he started the lawnmower, a flock of bunnies (or actually just two) went hopping. He came back in after a little while and warned me to watch Daisy by the door because there were baby bunnies outside. I immediately jumped up and ran to the door and sure enough, two tiny bunnies. I said I wanted to get my camera but didn’t want to scare them away and he said he’d walked past 2-3 times, they were terrified and weren’t going anywhere.

baby bunny!
baby bunny


So, I went out and snapped a few pictures and sure enough, they didn’t move at all. Look how teeny! He could fit in your hand! (There were two but I apparently only took a picture of one.)

I thought that I couldn’t just leave them there, there are railroad ties and two steps blocking the part of the yard they left from the driveway. They hopped down the steps, but couldn’t hop back up. Eventually down the driveway the railroad ties stop, but it’s close to the road and I didn’t want them to get squished.

So, not knowing much about bunnies…I went in and got our heavy duty work gloves. I figured this would protect them from my scent if that was a thing and protect me from their baby claws or teeth or I don’t know much about bunnies so I didn’t want to take any chances.

So I attempted to scoop the first one up and he evaded capture and I literally chased him in circles in the driveway for 4 minutes. By the time I caught him, he was scared almost to death and his little heart was going so fast. But I deposited him in the yard and he hopped away.

The second bunny I scooped up from the front and he basically hopped into my hands and I deposited him into the yard as well.

A bit later I went back outside and neither bunny was where I left them so I’m imagining they made it back home and all was well in bunny land. So I did a good deed and got a cute photo out of it. That’s a win in my book!



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