keep it posi

My mom said my last post sounded like a cry for help, and I told her it kind of was. Not really a cry for help, but it often does help me to get things off my chest. I think there’s just going to be an adjustment period with this job and that’s okay. Someone asked me yesterday if I missed my old job and I was surprised at how quickly and definitively I said “No.” I told her I miss the people, of course, but I don’t miss the job at all. It was boring and annoying and I did more than my fair share and I am glad to not be doing that every day. This job is stressful and confusing, but it’s also a little exciting. I get to know secrets and I get to go visit other departments and interact with all sorts of different people. Everyone has been kind and I think I’m finally starting to prove myself to people, which helps a lot.

So I thought I would flip the script and write about the things in my life that are great right now:

1. Honeymoon!!!!! – In less than 3 weeks Keith and I will be celebrating 6 months of marriage and heading off on our honeymoon. I can’t remember if I wrote about it at all here but we are going to Maui and the Big Island. We’re flying into Maui on November 20th (evening) and staying for 3 days at an Air BnB in Haiku, which is pretty much the center of the north shore. We’re going to see Pitt v University of Hawaii on November 21st and will explore for the next few days. On November 23rd we head to the Sheraton Maui for the Maui Invitational. Three more basketball games spread across three days and then a Thanksgiving Luau! Black Friday we fly from Maui to the Big Island for another week. Our time is split between 2 AirBnBs. One in Pahoa near Volcanoes National Park and one near Kailua/Kona. Although the current lava flow may change our Pahoa plans as it is flowing directly into the village we are staying. It looks like the lava flow will miss the house, but it’s LAVA. It can change its mind. Sooooo…keeping an eye on that.

2. Family time – A good portion of why I took my new job was that I would be closer to my family. My brother Ross and his family tend to go to my mom’s house for dinner on Friday nights and so far I’ve been able to make it to two of these. I went again this Friday and got to do a little Trick or Treating with Bradley. That child kills me, in the best way. It was also so great to spend some time with my siblings. My sister Kirrah stopped down for a minute and my brother Sam and his girlfriend were there getting ready for a Halloween party and it was just so much fun to sit around and laugh for a while. I am definitely making it a regular thing, family is good for the soul.

3. Gilmore Girls – Gilmore Girls hit Netflix and after seeing all the press, I was trying to resist watching it again. I’ve run through the whole series three times already. Once, when it was on tv. The second time was my sophomore year of college. The third time was when I first moved in with Keith and was waiting to start my job. And the fourth time is now. I caved. There are a lot of newer shows I would like to watch, but Keith and I watch a lot of stuff together so that limits what I can watch on my own. He, sadly, has no interest in Gilmore Girls, so I can watch it whenever I want. It also just makes me feel good. I know all the characters and the storylines but it still makes my heart happy and that’s ~45 minutes I can use to not stress out about life, so I will take it.

4. Graduation! – I am able to apply for graduation! What a crazy thought! I signed up for my last Anthropology class and an Independent Study for the GIS certificate (assuming I can get a C in Remote Sensing, blah). But that’s all I need! Then I can graduate! I can hardly believe this day has come. What will life be like after graduation? It’s not like I’ll get a new job, or move out of my dorm or really do anything new but be crushed by my student loan debt…but I will have free time! My weekends will be mine! I won’t be gone for 15 hours every Wednesday! I don’t know how I will deal, it’s going to be glorious. And I can finally, after 10 years put a check in the college graduate column. (And after all that, I will miss it. I like going to classes (when they don’t suck), I like learning. I like feeling like I’m accomplishing things.)

5. Golden Girls! – A few weeks ago, my friend Erin posted about some paintings on her blog. She did a Twin Peaks series and then I think she asked for suggestions for other series of paintings people would like to see. I threw out Golden Girls, because I love them, and Erin has a great style that I thought would do them justice. And she did! She posted the finish product shockingly fast and I swooped in and bought them all. We met up for coffee and for me to get them and they were even better in person. And then they sat on my dining room table for weeks. But last weekend I put them up and couldn’t be happier! I put them in the powder room so anyone who comes over my house can see them. So exciting. Erin makes a lot of great stuff and does commissions, so check out her shop! 



So, my life isn’t all stress and eyelid twitches (OMG PLEASE STOP) and I won’t even write about how I lost my driver’s license and credit card somewhere in my house last week and looked EVERYWHERE three times and had just gotten a new license in June and had to pay to have a new license sent to me so of course I will find them as soon as I get up off of this couch. I’m trying to keep it posi!

Life is full of ups and downs and some of us are better than others at keeping those downs to ourselves. But sometimes writing helps, just simply the act of letting the thoughts flow out of your brain helps. It can give you a little distance and sometimes lets you know when you are being a whiny little baby. 😉

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