throwback monday, or something.

I started at Pitt in 2004. A few short months later, Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook and the rest is history. At the beginning Facebook was college-only and you could only join once your school was greenlit. I think it was October-ish when Pitt joined the ranks. I remember someone coming to my for room telling me to sign up so Pitt could get off the waiting list.

Everyone joined and I don’t remember any real privacy settings at first, you could pretty much see anyone you went to school with, maybe even everyone period. And add anyone, which we all did. I had a few hundred friends while I only hung out with 3 or 4 people in real life. Oh, the beauty of the internet.

Sophomore year, I’m sitting in my first Magic, Medicine and Science lecture (yes, that is a class, no I don’t remember any thing about it.) A guy in front of me asks for a pen, I hand him one and go about spacing out/taking notes.

At some point after class, I get a message on Facebook from one of my *friends*, “Hey, I think I borrowed a pen off of you in lecture today?” You scoundrel. Haha. Not sure if he asked for a pen because he recognized me, or he sought me out or what. (In those days, there was a section for your class schedule, it was brilliant.)

We got to talking and hung out a few times. I even went to a poetry reading with him. He was a nice guy, but maybe put off by the fact that I didn’t, so our *friendship* slowly fizzled out. I actually can’t even remember his name. I vaguely remember what he looked like, but if I were to see him today I’d probably have no idea who he was. Tom? Maybe? I really have no idea. Mike? It could have been Mike, I knew no fewer than 6 Mikes that year. A few years later I thought it was possible he liked me and I was just completely oblivious to that.

Sometimes when I pass the union on campus it reminds me of that poetry reading and the story but definitely doesn’t remind me of his name. Brian? Who knows.