#toooldforundergrad update

I was going to blog but then I spent a combined 12 hours working on a lab report and I just finished and it is time for me to shower and go to bed.

I didn’t pick out clothes for the entire week and it’s incredible how much extra stress that has added for the week.

The good thing is I registered for classes and am applying for graduation on Friday. I’ll be taking Archaeological Theory (writing intensive) with a 400 year old professor…so that should be interesting. And then I have. 4 credit Independent Study for my GIS certificate (assuming I can swing a freaking C in this stupid class I’m in now). That should be fun. I’ll get to work on an actual GIS project which I feel woefully unprepared for, but I’m sure it will be fine. And I have the software and we have a dual monitor setup here so I can do all of my work at home.

And this time next year I won’t even remember what school is like. Except once a month when I am paying through the nose for my student loans. Sigh.