This is my 201st post here on jellyjars! How momentous! (Side bar…I definitely thought the word was monumentous. Like a monument…but then spellcheck proved me wrong and now I’m sitting here wondering if I’ve ever said that word aloud to anyone. Yikes, how embarrassing. Probably more embarrassing than the fact that my brain likes to replace the word chronic with chronological in the split second before it leaves my mouth. Have you ever referred to someone as a chronological liar? I have. Multiple times.)

Where was I? Oh, 200+ entries! Woohoo! I meant to post this at 200 and had it all set up and then I forgot and posted something else. Whoops. Still, pretty impressive!

Although thinking back to my live journal days, I once hit 1,000 entries on one of those little things. And that was journal number ~3 out of 4 or 5. There are probably 2,000 live journal entries from me floating around out there. How terrible. Luckily those have been private for a long, long time and will remain that way until the end of eternity. I actually can’t even think about love journal without cringing. What a wonderful/terrible time. Mostly terrible.


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