2015 Pittsburgh Guest Blogger Event #PghGBE

Today’s post comes from Sean of Sean’s Ramblings, and is part of a special day of shenanigans from other Pittsburgh Bloggers. You can see my post over on In Pursuit of Happiness, where I get a little deep on happiness and unhappiness. It’s a bit outside the realm of what I post on this blog so hooray for guest blogging! As always, a HUGE shoutout to Alex at everybodylovesyou.net for arranging this even every year and the countless other cool things he does throughout the year. Head on over to his blog for a list of all the other blogs participating today, there’s some great stuff coming your way! Now, take it away, Sean!

Inspired by Katrina’s recent honeymoon posts, I thought I would share a never written about story from my not-so-recent honeymoon. Unlike most normal people, we decided that we didn’t want to go to the beach for our honeymoon. That’s what happens when you get married in August after dealing with several months of hot and humid weather. Instead, we went north and west to Vancouver and on an Alaskan cruise. I won’t get into the entire 10-day trip, how I came to appreciate boxed wine or the fascination of going to a grocery store in Skagway, Alaska. Today, I’m going to share my story of a bike excursion in the town of Hoonah, Alaska.

In the summer of 2004, Hoonah and Royal Caribbean reached some type of partnership to allow Royal Caribbean cruise ships the exclusive right to stop in the town of less than 1,000 people. Hoonah was able to cash in on the growing tourist industry while Royal Caribbean found a place to call their own. Hoonah rolled out the red carpet for the tourists and offered dozens of excursions for the Royal Caribbean passengers. My wife and I signed up for a bike ride in and around the town. This sounds like fun except for one small problem…I don’t know how to ride a bike.

As a kid, I was Lance Armstrong (minus the drugs) on training wheels. However, I fell off the bike soon after the training wheels were removed and decided not to ride anymore. I went through childhood walking or getting rides to where I needed to go, and when I got a driver’s license, who needed a bike anyway?

Back to Hoonah (which works well in the chorus of OutKast’s Hey Ya!), you may wonder why I signed up for a bike excursion when I don’t ride. Well, there’s a common expression “it’s like riding a bike.” So even though I didn’t know how to ride a bike, I figured that it wouldn’t be too difficult for a 29 year old male in reasonable shape. I figured wrong. I was still unable to keep my balance and fell or almost fell multiple times. 

Eventually, I told my wife to go with the rest of the group as I stayed behind. This ended up being great as I got a 1-on-1 tour of Hoonah with one of the guides. I met the mayor and police chief as I pedaled on the pavement and walked the bike on gravel. I learned a lot about the town and the tour guide and her friend, both students at the University of Alaska. Meanwhile, my wife and the rest of the group encountered a brief downpour outside of town and came back soaked while there was no rain in “downtown” Hoonah. 10 years later, my wife and I have not biked together again (well, except for 1 spin class).

The morale of the story: Not biking together leads to a happy marriage!


Hoonah Inlet by flicker user: slashvee 

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  1. ngewo

     /  April 1, 2015

    This is marriage advice that I will take to heart…

  2. lol!!! I pictured the old “hey, hey we’re the Monkies” video where they show one of them riding erratically and the tipping over. Happy belated April Fools yinz!!


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