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Today’s post comes from Kimberly of Yes, Wear That!, and is part of a special day of shenanigans from other Pittsburgh Bloggers. You can see my post over on Glam and Graffiti, where I talk about some of my current beauty faves! And now on with the show!

Lessons I Learned from my Dog
To say I am a dog and animal lover, would probably be the biggest understatement of the year. My dog Manny is a five year old mix who could be mistaken for a black lab if not for the patch of white on his chest and gray under his chin. I got him from a woman who takes in dogs in need of rescuing…in this case she had taken in his entire litter. When I went to pick my pup, I carefully held each one and watched as they played with one another and wrestled in the newspaper that was laid down for them. I’m fairly certain I would have been happy with any in the litter, but I instantly knew that Manny was my guy. While each of the other pups nestled softly in my arms, Manny’s demeanor changed when I held him. A big puppy “grin” spread across his face and his tail wagged back and forth. I knew this was my guy. A crazy dog mom was born.  


Any dog owner knows there are a million lessons and gifts that your dog will bestow upon you throughout the years…loyalty, companionship, unconditional love. That feeling when you walk in the door after a long day and your four-legged best friend is anxiously waiting for you with a sock or some treasure from the trash can. The weight of the world is instantly lifted away. For Manny and I, it has always been those things and more. In the quiet moments when we are snuggled together, my face pressed into his soft fur, I know he was sent to me for a reason. When I think of my weaknesses, my vulnerabilities, and my flaws, Manny seems to reflect the exact opposite of those things back to me.  

Here are the lessons I have learned from my dog:

➢ There is always a reason to be happy. Manny’s tail literally never stops wagging. While I am often full of worry and anxiety, Manny is the eternal optimist. He doesn’t get down, he doesn’t dwell on things that don’t matter or focus on the things he doesn’t have. He has no time for envy or feeling bad for himself. Give him a frisbee or an old tennis ball and he will be the happiest guy on the planet.

➢ Seize each day! While I am often afraid to try new things, Manny is always plowing forward…ready for any and everything. When we are on his walks, he pulls me the entire way anxiously smelling each new blade of grass and chasing every unsuspecting squirrel. He doesn’t hold back. While I am always waiting to do things…for the perfect time…the perfect situation…the perfect scenario that never comes…Manny seizes every moment. He takes nothing for granted. If there’s a stick, he will make a game of fetch out of it and if there’s a dam he will jump in and go for a swim. He’s not waiting to live his life…he’s living it now.  

➢ Don’t be afraid to be the dreamer. He’s a beautiful combination of dreamer and realist. He makes you believe that anything is possible, but reminds you that you shouldn’t save up all your good days for the future. He approaches everyone and instantly loves everyone…and wholeheartedly believes that everyone loves him back in return.  

➢ Being a partner means unconditional love, loyalty, and commitment. Manny shows me everyday what it means to be a partner. He’s always there…whether I’m happy or sad…having a good day or bad. He doesn’t love me any less or walk away when things are rough. He stays next to me…offering what he can…a warm nose, a tennis ball…and doesn’t ask for a thing in return. Only for my happiness.  


Despite several weeks of obedience training, he doesn’t always have impeccable manners. He will jump up on you and pull you on his leash, but I find it all to be part of his charm and his unquenchable thirst for life and love. While I often struggle with why I was put on this earth…what my purpose is in all of this…Manny is steadfast and content. He was put here to love, to play, and to show me what this life can truly be when we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We all have guardian angels and I think mine came down to run next to me for a little while….and for that I am eternally grateful.  

I don’t even know Manny but I totally love him. Look at that sweet face! Now blow off that TPS report and check out the rest of the participants below! 

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  1. Oh my goodness, I can’t get enough of these adorable dog photos! Especially the first one. I’ve never had a dog but I do have a cat and I can tell you that the lessons I’ve learned from Charlie the Cat are a little bit different, haha. Cats can be little jerks so there’s that 🙂


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