friday five

  • Update on my eye: the stent was annoying for the first week but I can hardly even tell it’s there now. Only when I open my eyes really wide or move my eyes all the way to the left, which I don’t exactly do with great frequency. But most importantly, the tearing has been drastically reduced! I don’t even understand how that is possible because the whole reason my eye was tearing was because the tear duct was swollen so much it was blocked. Now there is a solid tube in it, meaning it is totally blocked, but I am probably down to it overflowing 1-3 times a day. Which is a vast improvement from the 5-6 times AN  HOUR that it was doing pre-surgery. I go back for a follow up in August but won’t have it removed until November.
  • The Pirates cancelled their trip to Puerto Rico which means we cancelled our trip to Puerto Rico. We were able to get everything refunded, as all of the airlines were accommodating any changes to locations with zika. Except! yours truly, in order to save a buck, booked our flights and one hotel through Expedia. Cancelling the hotel was hassle free, literally one click, but cancelling the flight involved 2 days, 6-7 phone calls, HOURS on hold, being disconnected no less than 3 times, and by the time I finally spoke to a person, the flights we had looked up earlier that day had gone up astronomically, so although we were originally only changing our destination, I had to cancel everything. After swearing up and down forever that we would NEVER book flights on a deal site, Keith went and booked us through Kayak. 😂
  • A few years ago, before we went on vacation, Keith and I both bought new swimsuits, independent of one another. I went to the mall alone, and then his came in the mail and they were the exact same colors. Both were teal, navy, and white, with neither of us having any idea that the other person was even getting a suit. What are the odds? This week, I ordered another suit and then he mentioned he had ordered one. Mine came – black with white polka dots. His came – black. I don’t know what weird psychic connection we have with matching swimsuits but it’s pretty amusing that we’re 2/2.
  • Over the weekend I had a dream where I was mad at Keith. I can’t remember what it was, but I was really upset with him. After waking up, it definitely took me a good 5 minutes to remember if I was mad at DreamKeith or RealKeith. Then, one morning this week, I woke up an hour or so before my alarm and thought, “Well, I’m mad at him, but I’m cold so I’ll cuddle a little closer anyways.” It was only after I woke up that I remembered I was mad at the dog, not Keith. Poor Keith.
  • I am now in possession of tickets to FOUR different concerts coming up. A few months ago, we snagged tickets to Brand New/Modest Mouse. I haven’t seen Brand New since high school and I’ve never seen Modest Mouse so I am pretty excited. Earlier this week I somehow came across a post about Ingrid Michaelson having an acoustic night at Stage AE and I snapped up tickets for that right quick. We were supposed to see her at the Arts Fest in 2010, except the day of the show, I ended up in the E.R. due to my stupid gallbladder. We did get to see her in 2014, the day after our wedding, accompanied by my friend Sarah and moderate hangovers. 😉 While grabbing those tickets, I saw that Tegan and Sara were coming in November, so I texted my friend Brittney to see if she was going/would go with me. She agreed and mentioned Vinnie Caruana was playing at the Smiling Moose so I grabbed a ticket for that too! I have averaged 1 show a year for the past several years so the idea that I have four shows on the books (3 are in June/July but T&S isn’t until November) is simultaneously exciting and exhausting. My problem is I have a really hard time getting into new music since I just play the music I have on shuffle all the time. But now that I have a non-government job I can (and do!) play Pandora all day so I’m learning of all kinds of new music! Hooray for expanding horizons!

long dog

5 for …monday

  1. Today is the beginning of week 4 at my new job, although it’s really more like week 3 since I only worked one day last week. It is the polar opposite of my last job and pretty much exactly what I need at this point in my life. It’s been a little boring as I learn things, there’s also been a lot of downtime, since I will finish one project and have to wait for further instructions, but it’s nice. The 3 other people here are super nice and it’s quiet and there is no internet security so I can join everyone from 2007 and listen to internet radio while I work. It’s also a whopping 3.9 miles from home which is amaaaaaaaaaazing.
  2. We just got back from a family trip to Minnesota! It was also something I really needed…post forthcoming!
  3. The day after we got back, I had surgery. I got a stent put into my tear duct to widen it so that hopefully, one day, I can stop crying. Surgery went smoothly and I was only in a moderate amount of pain once the painkillers wore off. (Probably wisdom teeth level, but I had a really smooth wisdom teeth experience.) Back to work on Friday which was kind of miserable, but by today I feel pretty good and really only feel the stent when I move my eye, which is a big improvement. Although every time I move my eye I can feel the stent in my nose, since that’s where it is tied off and that’s pretty annoying. I am not allowed to wear makeup until I go to my follow-up appointment and I feel like a troll-person. I have been doing my eyebrows though so I don’t feel like a total monster.
  4. I was really excited to come into work and flip my calendar to May today since that means our Atlanta/Puerto Rico trip is on the horizon! I only found out last week about the Zika virus (I live under a rock) so we’ve got some DEET on the way and I cancelled our kayak/jungle tours. 😦 We’ll basically just be hanging out on the beach, slathered in mosquito repellent because I’m not being responsible for bringing Zika to PA.
  5. I don’t even have a 5. I have wanted to get back to blogging for 3 weeks now but every time I think I have something, it’s actually only a tweet or a Facebook post. I’ve got some crafty plans brewing though, so maybe I will have something more to share soon. Adios!

2016 Pittsburgh Guest Blogger Event! #PghGBE


Today’s post comes from Kimberly of Yes, Wear That!, and is part of a special day of shenanigans from other Pittsburgh Bloggers. You can see my post over on Glam and Graffiti, where I talk about some of my current beauty faves! And now on with the show!

Lessons I Learned from my Dog
To say I am a dog and animal lover, would probably be the biggest understatement of the year. My dog Manny is a five year old mix who could be mistaken for a black lab if not for the patch of white on his chest and gray under his chin. I got him from a woman who takes in dogs in need of rescuing…in this case she had taken in his entire litter. When I went to pick my pup, I carefully held each one and watched as they played with one another and wrestled in the newspaper that was laid down for them. I’m fairly certain I would have been happy with any in the litter, but I instantly knew that Manny was my guy. While each of the other pups nestled softly in my arms, Manny’s demeanor changed when I held him. A big puppy “grin” spread across his face and his tail wagged back and forth. I knew this was my guy. A crazy dog mom was born.  


Any dog owner knows there are a million lessons and gifts that your dog will bestow upon you throughout the years…loyalty, companionship, unconditional love. That feeling when you walk in the door after a long day and your four-legged best friend is anxiously waiting for you with a sock or some treasure from the trash can. The weight of the world is instantly lifted away. For Manny and I, it has always been those things and more. In the quiet moments when we are snuggled together, my face pressed into his soft fur, I know he was sent to me for a reason. When I think of my weaknesses, my vulnerabilities, and my flaws, Manny seems to reflect the exact opposite of those things back to me.  

Here are the lessons I have learned from my dog:

➢ There is always a reason to be happy. Manny’s tail literally never stops wagging. While I am often full of worry and anxiety, Manny is the eternal optimist. He doesn’t get down, he doesn’t dwell on things that don’t matter or focus on the things he doesn’t have. He has no time for envy or feeling bad for himself. Give him a frisbee or an old tennis ball and he will be the happiest guy on the planet.

➢ Seize each day! While I am often afraid to try new things, Manny is always plowing forward…ready for any and everything. When we are on his walks, he pulls me the entire way anxiously smelling each new blade of grass and chasing every unsuspecting squirrel. He doesn’t hold back. While I am always waiting to do things…for the perfect time…the perfect situation…the perfect scenario that never comes…Manny seizes every moment. He takes nothing for granted. If there’s a stick, he will make a game of fetch out of it and if there’s a dam he will jump in and go for a swim. He’s not waiting to live his life…he’s living it now.  

➢ Don’t be afraid to be the dreamer. He’s a beautiful combination of dreamer and realist. He makes you believe that anything is possible, but reminds you that you shouldn’t save up all your good days for the future. He approaches everyone and instantly loves everyone…and wholeheartedly believes that everyone loves him back in return.  

➢ Being a partner means unconditional love, loyalty, and commitment. Manny shows me everyday what it means to be a partner. He’s always there…whether I’m happy or sad…having a good day or bad. He doesn’t love me any less or walk away when things are rough. He stays next to me…offering what he can…a warm nose, a tennis ball…and doesn’t ask for a thing in return. Only for my happiness.  


Despite several weeks of obedience training, he doesn’t always have impeccable manners. He will jump up on you and pull you on his leash, but I find it all to be part of his charm and his unquenchable thirst for life and love. While I often struggle with why I was put on this earth…what my purpose is in all of this…Manny is steadfast and content. He was put here to love, to play, and to show me what this life can truly be when we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We all have guardian angels and I think mine came down to run next to me for a little while….and for that I am eternally grateful.  

I don’t even know Manny but I totally love him. Look at that sweet face! Now blow off that TPS report and check out the rest of the participants below! 

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Monday Five

Let’s try this whole blog thing again. And let’s start with 5 random bullets. 

  • A few weeks ago Keith almost got sent to China for work. When I found out, my whole body started to burn with jealousy. I asked how much a flight to China was and he said “probably $5,000.” But then I looked it up and it was nowhere near $5,000. It was less than what we paid to fly to Hawaii and less than what we paid to fly to Seattle and the cheapest flight was also the shortest and it only had one layover and holy crap, I’m going to China too! I spent all weekend obsessing over it and on Monday his trip got cancelled. I was 10,000x more upset than he was. 
  • He just got word that he’s going to Chicago at the end of the month, the week after Easter, and since I now have a job that gives me Good Friday off, I’m going too! Well, we’ll go the weekend before, then I’ll fly home on Easter and he will stay for the week and work. I’ve only been to Chicago once, when I was 18(?) so it should be fun! I can’t wait to eat!
  • I am getting chickens this year. I have told Keith I was getting them for a while, but just recently I got proof that we are allowed to have them, so it is on. Keith told me I have to finish painting the dining room (I painted 2/4 walls 6 months ago) so this weekend it is on. I have already named my 4 chickens. Their names are so good. 
  • Loki is pretty good. The other day I was off work and left for a dentist appointment and when I got back Keith said he gave one long howl when I left. Ugh. So freaking cute. When I am here, he follows me around like the lost puppy he is and at least once a day I say:


  • On Christmas I broke my camera’s LCD screen. Like so broke you couldn’t see anything. I took it to see if it could be repaired and they quoted me $200. I spent $20 on parts on eBay and fixed it myself in 15 minutes! #independentwoman 


  • Bonus 6: Here’s a picture from the other weekend when I was sitting on the couch and Loki plopped himself down on top of me. What a weirdo. See ya.   

friday favorites: 3 sense edition

Things I am loving:

A few weeks ago, Keith decided he was going to start watching SNL again. Since we are old people, he records it and watches later. He was watching one episode the other day and the musical guest came on. I wasn’t paying any attention but partway through the song I looked up and said “I have no idea who this is…but I really kind of like them.” And then I went back to ignoring the tv. A few days later, I couldn’t get the snippet of song out of my head, so I looked it up, saw it was Hozier and downloaded the album. And I have listened to pretty much nothing else since. I can’t remember the last time I have had an album on repeat like this…it’s so good. Another perk of my job is I can listen to music since I’m not out in the open/have to answer the phone. So I’ve been playing this album on repeat but also rediscovering some other albums. When I drive, I have to have my music shuffling, but that is too distracting for me at work, so I’m actually listening to straight albums for the first time in a really long time. So tell me, any favorites? Old or new? I like indie-ish stuff mostly, not into country, not really into rap. I will not listen to Kanye West on principle…but I’d give most anything else a chance.

Two Dots and 2048:

I’m not really into games because I suck at them. But these two games have had my attention for the past two weeks. When I get stuck on Two Dots, I’ll go and play 2048 for a while. They are both more strategy than skill and that’s something I can get behind.


I was at Target a few weeks ago and wandered into the candle aisle. We have some sort of caramel candle in the basement that we light while we are down there, but I wanted something for the living room while I’m doing homework. I picked up a few wintery sort of scents to sniff but everything was overpowering. Then I grabbed Cozy Nights because I liked the name and knew it was the one. It’s kind of autumny/wintery, I can’t even place what it smells like but it is delightful.



This is my 201st post here on jellyjars! How momentous! (Side bar…I definitely thought the word was monumentous. Like a monument…but then spellcheck proved me wrong and now I’m sitting here wondering if I’ve ever said that word aloud to anyone. Yikes, how embarrassing. Probably more embarrassing than the fact that my brain likes to replace the word chronic with chronological in the split second before it leaves my mouth. Have you ever referred to someone as a chronological liar? I have. Multiple times.)

Where was I? Oh, 200+ entries! Woohoo! I meant to post this at 200 and had it all set up and then I forgot and posted something else. Whoops. Still, pretty impressive!

Although thinking back to my live journal days, I once hit 1,000 entries on one of those little things. And that was journal number ~3 out of 4 or 5. There are probably 2,000 live journal entries from me floating around out there. How terrible. Luckily those have been private for a long, long time and will remain that way until the end of eternity. I actually can’t even think about love journal without cringing. What a wonderful/terrible time. Mostly terrible.


throwback monday, or something.

I started at Pitt in 2004. A few short months later, Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook and the rest is history. At the beginning Facebook was college-only and you could only join once your school was greenlit. I think it was October-ish when Pitt joined the ranks. I remember someone coming to my for room telling me to sign up so Pitt could get off the waiting list.

Everyone joined and I don’t remember any real privacy settings at first, you could pretty much see anyone you went to school with, maybe even everyone period. And add anyone, which we all did. I had a few hundred friends while I only hung out with 3 or 4 people in real life. Oh, the beauty of the internet.

Sophomore year, I’m sitting in my first Magic, Medicine and Science lecture (yes, that is a class, no I don’t remember any thing about it.) A guy in front of me asks for a pen, I hand him one and go about spacing out/taking notes.

At some point after class, I get a message on Facebook from one of my *friends*, “Hey, I think I borrowed a pen off of you in lecture today?” You scoundrel. Haha. Not sure if he asked for a pen because he recognized me, or he sought me out or what. (In those days, there was a section for your class schedule, it was brilliant.)

We got to talking and hung out a few times. I even went to a poetry reading with him. He was a nice guy, but maybe put off by the fact that I didn’t, so our *friendship* slowly fizzled out. I actually can’t even remember his name. I vaguely remember what he looked like, but if I were to see him today I’d probably have no idea who he was. Tom? Maybe? I really have no idea. Mike? It could have been Mike, I knew no fewer than 6 Mikes that year. A few years later I thought it was possible he liked me and I was just completely oblivious to that.

Sometimes when I pass the union on campus it reminds me of that poetry reading and the story but definitely doesn’t remind me of his name. Brian? Who knows.

naplobomo 2014 edition

So in a moment of what will turn out to be sheer stupidity, I decided to NaBloPoMo (a spin on NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) National Blog Posting Month…you write a blog post every day in November, I did it in 2009 and I think I’ve failed twice since then..) last night. I had written a post yesterday and set for it to post on Monday and then went back a bit later and published it. Insanity! I haven’t written consistently in a long time and now I’m going to try for 30 posts in a row.

I also forgot the honeymoon will be smack in the middle of that, so I’ll have to see how I want to play that. I could post from Hawaii but I think at least one of our rentals doesn’t have wifi (the horror!) so maybe I’ll plan out some posts in advance (hah!) or post a few picture updates. Those count! Yesterday, Keith went to a football game and left at some ungodly hour and I slept in until 11:40. I was pretty shocked when I woke up, I’m not sure the last time I slept that late. I had been feeling pretty under the weather though, so I must have needed it. And I must have really needed the 2 hour nap I took after I woke up and ate something. Yikes!

I ended up back in bed by 10:00ish? last night, so it should be no surprise that I was wide awake at 7:00 a.m. Ughhhhh. But it did allow me to hit the grocery store at 9:00 a.m. and that was pretty nice.

Now my plans for today are to not nap (man, I am sooo ready for a nap), write my stupid lab report for class, pick out next week’s outfits and cook. Fun, fun, fun. And if I’ve gotta come up with another 29 entries this month, this is all you’re getting.

keep it posi

My mom said my last post sounded like a cry for help, and I told her it kind of was. Not really a cry for help, but it often does help me to get things off my chest. I think there’s just going to be an adjustment period with this job and that’s okay. Someone asked me yesterday if I missed my old job and I was surprised at how quickly and definitively I said “No.” I told her I miss the people, of course, but I don’t miss the job at all. It was boring and annoying and I did more than my fair share and I am glad to not be doing that every day. This job is stressful and confusing, but it’s also a little exciting. I get to know secrets and I get to go visit other departments and interact with all sorts of different people. Everyone has been kind and I think I’m finally starting to prove myself to people, which helps a lot.

So I thought I would flip the script and write about the things in my life that are great right now:

1. Honeymoon!!!!! – In less than 3 weeks Keith and I will be celebrating 6 months of marriage and heading off on our honeymoon. I can’t remember if I wrote about it at all here but we are going to Maui and the Big Island. We’re flying into Maui on November 20th (evening) and staying for 3 days at an Air BnB in Haiku, which is pretty much the center of the north shore. We’re going to see Pitt v University of Hawaii on November 21st and will explore for the next few days. On November 23rd we head to the Sheraton Maui for the Maui Invitational. Three more basketball games spread across three days and then a Thanksgiving Luau! Black Friday we fly from Maui to the Big Island for another week. Our time is split between 2 AirBnBs. One in Pahoa near Volcanoes National Park and one near Kailua/Kona. Although the current lava flow may change our Pahoa plans as it is flowing directly into the village we are staying. It looks like the lava flow will miss the house, but it’s LAVA. It can change its mind. Sooooo…keeping an eye on that.

2. Family time – A good portion of why I took my new job was that I would be closer to my family. My brother Ross and his family tend to go to my mom’s house for dinner on Friday nights and so far I’ve been able to make it to two of these. I went again this Friday and got to do a little Trick or Treating with Bradley. That child kills me, in the best way. It was also so great to spend some time with my siblings. My sister Kirrah stopped down for a minute and my brother Sam and his girlfriend were there getting ready for a Halloween party and it was just so much fun to sit around and laugh for a while. I am definitely making it a regular thing, family is good for the soul.

3. Gilmore Girls – Gilmore Girls hit Netflix and after seeing all the press, I was trying to resist watching it again. I’ve run through the whole series three times already. Once, when it was on tv. The second time was my sophomore year of college. The third time was when I first moved in with Keith and was waiting to start my job. And the fourth time is now. I caved. There are a lot of newer shows I would like to watch, but Keith and I watch a lot of stuff together so that limits what I can watch on my own. He, sadly, has no interest in Gilmore Girls, so I can watch it whenever I want. It also just makes me feel good. I know all the characters and the storylines but it still makes my heart happy and that’s ~45 minutes I can use to not stress out about life, so I will take it.

4. Graduation! – I am able to apply for graduation! What a crazy thought! I signed up for my last Anthropology class and an Independent Study for the GIS certificate (assuming I can get a C in Remote Sensing, blah). But that’s all I need! Then I can graduate! I can hardly believe this day has come. What will life be like after graduation? It’s not like I’ll get a new job, or move out of my dorm or really do anything new but be crushed by my student loan debt…but I will have free time! My weekends will be mine! I won’t be gone for 15 hours every Wednesday! I don’t know how I will deal, it’s going to be glorious. And I can finally, after 10 years put a check in the college graduate column. (And after all that, I will miss it. I like going to classes (when they don’t suck), I like learning. I like feeling like I’m accomplishing things.)

5. Golden Girls! – A few weeks ago, my friend Erin posted about some paintings on her blog. She did a Twin Peaks series and then I think she asked for suggestions for other series of paintings people would like to see. I threw out Golden Girls, because I love them, and Erin has a great style that I thought would do them justice. And she did! She posted the finish product shockingly fast and I swooped in and bought them all. We met up for coffee and for me to get them and they were even better in person. And then they sat on my dining room table for weeks. But last weekend I put them up and couldn’t be happier! I put them in the powder room so anyone who comes over my house can see them. So exciting. Erin makes a lot of great stuff and does commissions, so check out her shop! 



So, my life isn’t all stress and eyelid twitches (OMG PLEASE STOP) and I won’t even write about how I lost my driver’s license and credit card somewhere in my house last week and looked EVERYWHERE three times and had just gotten a new license in June and had to pay to have a new license sent to me so of course I will find them as soon as I get up off of this couch. I’m trying to keep it posi!

Life is full of ups and downs and some of us are better than others at keeping those downs to ourselves. But sometimes writing helps, just simply the act of letting the thoughts flow out of your brain helps. It can give you a little distance and sometimes lets you know when you are being a whiny little baby. 😉

captain anxiety

So. life. I don’t know. I keep trying to write a blog post and giving up before I even get one sentence down. I’m pretty much anxiety personified these days. Anxious about school and work and money. I had a midterm two weeks ago and cried when I got into my car after because it was so difficult. And then I got the test back last week and cried again because I did so terrible. I’ve had some difficult classes but I have never had a class where I am as lost as I am in this one. Like I literally have had no idea what was going on for the past ~8 weeks. None. And I can’t even go to any sort of Office Hours because of my work schedule. Everyone did so poorly on the midterm that he gave an extra 10 points, but I did so poorly that those extra 10 points pretty much didn’t help at all. I will be lucky if I end up with a C in this stupid class. (Remote sensing. Never take it.)

So…anxious about that.

Anxious about the fact that since I am less than part time this semester my student loans have come due.

I got a pretty decent raise when I took this new job. An extra $X per month. And my student loans are going got cost me $X + $75 per month. Which is just wonderful. It’s better than not getting a raise and needing to come up with that money but it’s also a complete bummer that I will have no chance to enjoy a little cushion. After the wedding and buying a car and paying for this honeymoon, I am wiped out financially and it sucks.

I am the most anxious about the job. Pretty much every moment I’m not at work, I’m worrying about work. I am pretty sure I have dreamt about work every night for the past 4 weeks. Once I get there, I am fine and busy and do my work and come home. But as soon as I get in the car my mind starts going. What did I do wrong today. What am I going to do wrong tomorrow.  How will I handle xyz scenario.

It’s stressful. I have to make it a point to tell myself multiple times a day to stop thinking about work. Which also means I have no desire to talk about work. People keep asking me how it’s going and I pretty much can only say “It’s okay” or “It’s really busy.” I don’t love it or hate it, I’m just trying to keep my head above water.

I’m sure Keith loves this new development of me not wanting to talk about work. He never wants to talk about work, so much so that 5.5 years later I still pretty much have no idea what he does every day. I used to always tell him work stories whether he cared or not. After all, I’m spending 40 hours a week there, there’s not much else I do in a week for that much time. Except sleep. But he also won’t humor my dream retellings so I’m striking out all over the place.

But I don’t know. It’s weird to say “I hope it gets better” because it’s not bad, I just hope I get more comfortable. 90% of my job is working independently, which is fine because I am self-motivated and work well on my own but it’s also a bit lonely. I still don’t really know anyone. The people I interact most with are my boss and we can’t be friends and the people under me and we can’t be friends. I also don’t really even want/need friends, I’d just like to know who I can tell a joke to – #1 thing I miss about my last job: we laughed A LOT.

So in order to end this on a positive note the 3 best things about my new job:

1. I have an office. I can shut the door, I can play music, I can turn the heat up or the air on  and the door locks and it’s just a sweet slice of privacy that I have never had at any other job.

2. I can get up and go to the bathroom whenever I want. Now this might sound ridiculous but every other job I’ve had in ~14 years required either asking permission or getting someone to cover me to run to the bathroom. At my last job if one of the other people were at their desks, I could get up and go but often I was stuck waiting for someone to come back from fsm knows where. The sweet freedom of getting up to pee whenever I feel like it is pathetic and yet wonderful.

3. Even though my commute sucks I’ve been catching some pretty sweet sunrises. Although the time change is about to happen and that will end…soooo whatever.

I was feeling better about all of this (I wrote most of this post over the weekend, but then I got a crappy email at like 4:21 and I feel all terrible again.)

Asi es la vida.