third time’s a charm

This past Saturday, I ran the Color Run with my friend Ryan, my cousin Brooke and her friend Jen. I signed up for it way back before I decided to quit running, but was still looking forward to it. Ryan and I did Color Me Rad in June and had a blast, so I knew it would be a fun time. Since I hurt my foot a few weeks ago, I didn’t want to run before the race because I was afraid I’d hurt it more. So I decided I’d just not train and make the best of it.


This race was at South Park and considering that’s one heck of a drive for me, I slept at my mom’s the night before.  Ryan picked me up bright and early at 7am since the race started at 8. We got there with a few minutes to spare and met up with Brooke and Jen. A few people Brooke worked with were also doing the race and one of the ladies had walked the course the day before, Brooke told me that she said it started out up a hill but then flattened out. We started up a tiny little hill and I thought “Oh, this isn’t bad!” and then we got to the bottom of that hill and came to a mountain. I’d say 80% of everyone was just walking up that hill, it was so gigantic. And then you were so out of breath (or I was at least) once you got to the top, you had to walk a bit more.


At one point, these teenage girls next to us were singing some song and I thought “I don’t want to listen to that!” And then I had the brilliant idea that since I already had my phone in my armband tracking our distance/pace, I could play my own music. So I blasted some Kelly and everyone was happier. (Everyone = Ryan and I.)

After the hill, it was pretty flat, then went downhill and then finished off flat, so aside from the first hill, the course wasn’t bad. It was also nice that at every color station they had music blasting so that you weren’t running the whole race in silence (well, minus my private Kelly Clarkson concert). Once we could see the finish line, I noted that we were at ~2.4 miles and I told Ryan, let’s run the rest. (We had been alternating running/walking). I said, “I’m going to want to walk, DON’T LET ME.” Sure enough, twice I tried to get him to walk, but he wouldn’t let me. We got the the last part of the track before the finish and Ryan is trying to cheer me on but at that point I pretty much wanted to die. My arms felt all tingly and I thought that either I was at the beginning of that mythical runner’s high, or I was going to pass out.

But, I didn’t! And I finished, running even! And then I collapsed on the ground and made Ryan go and get me water.


I checked our pace later and saw that the course was only 2.85 miles. What the heck is up with these 5k’s not being 5k?! Regardless, my pace was a minute faster than the terrible 5k I did in August and 2 minutes faster than the Color Me Rad 5k in June. I was very, very pleased with that, considering I hadn’t run in ~3 weeks.


I think I’ve decided that I am a social runner. While I didn’t LOVE running that race, I liked it! I had fun! It didn’t matter so much about the color (that still hasn’t come all the way out of my hair), I just liked being able to do it with someone. That said, I still quit running for a while. I’m on the second week of weight training with Keith and my muscles have never hurt so good. I’m going to get strong. And then maybe (with stronger legs) I can try running again.



I have washed my hair NINE TIMES since Saturday and it is still slightly blue. Today some lady at work said, “Oh, it’s cute how your hair matches your [teal] shirt.” Never letting Ryan have color bombs again.


from geek to geek

In somewhat of a mood today but I am trying to get better with posting. Trying for a MWF goal and since today is W, here we go! Just a few random points.

1. I’m done running. For some bizarre reason I want to be a runner. I see people running on the streets and just think “Man I wish I could do that!” I tried. Three different attempts at Couch to 5k, each lasting longer than the last…each giving me barely any satisfaction. Sure I liked that I ran…after I ran…but the entire time I was going, I hated it. HATED it. It was boring. Music didn’t help, podcasts didn’t help, Zombies Run didn’t help. I was still going though. Then I hurt my  foot. Still no idea what I did to my foot, my doctor ordered x-rays and they showed nothing, but I’m still having pain. Was told to stay off my foot and figured that I’m just done. I’m signed up for the Color Run on Saturday, so I’ll do that and then I quit.

2. Decided since I am officially quitting “running”, I can devote time to weight training with Keith. Day 1 was Saturday and we did squats among other things. My legs still hurt today. I could hardly walk the day after. It was a good pain though. I also don’t mind weights as much as running. Maybe because Keith is there too? I will admit I didn’t hate running as much when he ran with me, but he also hates running, so it’s just not gonna happen. So look out. Pretty soon* I’ll be able to beat people up.

*Or in like 7 years. I actually had to take all the weight off the bar for one exercise since I couldn’t lift the weight + the bar. Pretty pathetic.

3. I was just thinking the other day about how many classes I have taken since I’ve been back in school and I was pretty shocked to see that I’ve gone through 15 classes. Currently enrolled in my 16th and 17th. The Spring schedule gets posted on Friday and I can’t wait. I love picking out new classes. Pretty much hate going once they start, but it’s fun to see what the possibilities are. Also figured out that of my 15 classes, I’ve gotten 10 A’s and 5 B’s. Pretty damn good. Only 8 classes left. Then I have to figure out what I am doing with my life. Grad school? Student teaching? Running off to Nairobi to be an archaeologist/start a real Jurassic Park? My options are endless.


4. Daisy says “No more school, mom, you’re smart enough.”


5k failure

So, Saturday I was signed up for a 5k. I did Color Me Rad with my friend Ryan back in June. At that time, I was at the point in c25k where I could run 3 minutes at a stretch. We did the 5k, it was a lot of fun and I figured I’d better sign up for another one if I wanted any hope of continuing the program. By the time this past Saturday rolled around, I was up to 22 minutes running.

So I felt half-prepared which was better than the .05 prepared I was for the other one. Keith was kind enough to drive me to this 5k, so it wasn’t until 15 minutes before the start that I started to get nervous. There were not a ton of people there and there was no sort of course map so I was pretty nervous that I was going to be dead last and get lost in the middle of North Park. (foreshadowing!)

So right before we start, the guy says “We’re going to take a left onto the foot bridge, a left onto Lake Shore Drive and then turn around at *blank*” Blank was the name of a shelter, but as soon as I heard it, I forgot it. I figured there would be some sort of sign, so I’d be okay. (foreshadowing!)

So we’re off, and I’m running, and I’m keeping pretty good pace with the people around me. And then I look down at my armband (running RunKeeper) and see that I’m only 8 minutes in and I want to diiiiiiiiie. Turns out I was running way too fast (for myself) trying to keep up. So I took a little walking break and then tried to slow down a bit. At about 10 minutes in, all sorts of people with running bibs start pouring back toward me. “Holy crap, am I going THAT slow?” But I figured whatever, those must be the pros, I am sure there are other slow people in front of me.

At the one mile mark there was a water station. I struggle with drinking water while running, I drink too much and make myself sick so I figured I’d skip the water on the way out and get some on the way back in. There was a hill after the water station and people were coming down it, so I kept trucking along.

I actually mentally high-fived myself because I watched some girl turn around at the water station and I (terribly rudely/judge-ly) thought, “Hey! At least I’m not giving up!” So I keep going. And going. And going. And see no turnaround what-so-ever. I stilll had RunKeeper plugging along so when I got to 1.6 miles, I said whatever and turned around. I figured I either missed the turn-around (How? I don’t know, it’s not like I was running with my eyes closed) or didn’t reach it yet in which case it was way too far away.

So I turn around and make my way back. At this point, I can’t help but let a few tears spill out. I am most certainly dead last, which is fine, I didn’t think I would be first or anything, but I just felt very alone. I get back to the water station and there is no one there. There are water jugs, but no cups. I keep going.

At 2.1 miles, I text Keith and let him know I only have 1 mile left. Just in case he thought I died out there.

I get back up the footbridge and whereas before there were people there cheering and pointing you in the right direction, this time, no one.

I cross the footbridge, get back on the first stretch and what do I see in front of me but all the volunteers walking back to the finish. In front of me. Who is still running. As I ran past them, they all kind of gave me a weird look. At the time, I thought they were slightly embarrassed that they left their posts before everyone finished, but in hindsight I think they were embarrassed for me.

I finally get back to the start, Keith is standing waiting for me. The finish line was a little bit further on, but I looked at my phone, saw I was at 3.17 and just headed to the car. As they are in the middle of an annoucement about “Thanks so much, hope you join us next year.”

Tears. Keith asked how it was. More tears. I told him how I couldn’t find the turn-around, I was the last one, even the volunteers didn’t wait for me.

Then Keith says that there was an announcement (shortly after the first person finished in less than 20 minutes) that they messed up the course. It was only 2.1 miles. Meaning the turn around was probably the water station. Which I didn not turn around at because I was paying attention to my mileage. And I saw people coming down the hill past it.

In hindsight, they were probably just regular runners, since it is North Park. And I unfairly judged the lady that turned around because she thought she was supposed to. And I was dead last, but I also ran an extra mile. And the volunteers did not wait because it should not take any normal person to run 2.1 miles in the time I ran 3.1.

I was really upset and felt really down on myself for the majority of that run. But my time was exactly what I expected it to be. I completed it. I completed MORE than a lot of people did (Keith said he saw some people pass the finish line twice – apparently after realizing the course was short). Overall, it was a kind of crappy experience, but it’s over. If it was not a charity race, I would be asking for a refund, but I’m not that evil.

I think the next 5k I do has to be some sort of fun run/walk. Running a 5k by yourself when you are not a very good runner is not even remotely fun.

crying really brings out the blue in my eyes.

crying really brings out the blue in my eyes.

I now have two race bibs hanging on my wall and took this very sad picture of myself in front when I got home. I then took Daisy on a leisurely 1.5 mile stroll and felt a lot better. And then I got tacos from PghTacoTruck and felt a lot a lot better. Screw running. Gimme dogs and tacos.


sprinkles – crafty edition

1. I haven’t posted at all in August. I’m sorry/you’re welcome!

2. Classes FINALLY ended for me last Thursday. They start up again on the 26th. Not looking forward to it! I have started to get snippy at work when people mention back to school shopping. I have to go back too! Stop talking about it!

3. I recently switched out one of my classes for the fall so I will now have two classes on campus. I’ve done pretty well with managing one on-campus class and one online class, but the past two semesters of self-paced classes really really burnt me out. I was originally taking World Politics as self-paced but when I looked up and saw the books were over $200, I switched it out faster than you could say “capitalism.” I am now taking The Archaeologist Looks at Death and Japanese Society. Japanese Society is the one I just added and I am super pumped because it is a 100+ person lecture and it has been a long time since I could sit in the back of an auditorium and not have to speak.

4. My grand plans for my summer “vacation” were to get some painting in. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I have still not touched a paintbrush since January. I have, however, been cutting/folding/gluing the hell out of some cardstock. After months of trying to figure out table decoration for the wedding, I stumbled across this tutorial from one of my favorite blogs. I didn’t want to go to the trouble of actually painting the paper (although I’m sure it’s a lovely effect) so I just bought colored cardstock.

getting my craft on/drink on

It is very time consuming. The first batch of teal ones probably took about 10 hours split over 2 days. It is pretty mindless work though. I bought a stand for the iPad and just sit and watch shows. I finished up half a season of New Girl and probably 3/4 of a season of 2 Broke Girls (total guilty pleasure, it’s cheesy but I love it). I only burned myself once on the glue gun and that was while trying to reach behind it to pause the iPad.

box o paper flowers

The big ones use 3″ squares, the middle ones 2″ squares and the small ones 1″ squares. I like how the 1″ ones look best but I feel like they take the longest. Although that’s probaly not true since I just counted and all flowers average about ~15 petals so it’s all in my head I guess.

I haven’t had time to sit for 5 hour stretches but I’ve been doing a bit every night. I was sitting at work the other day and thinking how I wished I could bring in my papercutter/glue gun and get a little crafting in, when I remembered I could make different flowers!

paper flowers

These ones are a lot quicker and only require a drop of glue to hold them down, which I can do later at home. Non-stop crafting!

Now the only problem is, I only have about 40 flowers done and probably need a few hundred for the effect I want.

paper flowers

5. I’m running a 5k on Saturday! A real one! No colored cornstarch or tricks! I am only up to 20 minutes of running though and I run like a tortoise, so who knows how it will go. If you see in the news: “Girl dies after running 21 minutes and only making it half a mile,” that just might be me.

6. It is a lot of fun planning a wedding, and even more fun if you love surprises as much as I do. I am hesitant to share ANY details because I want to surprise everyone. I even have a few tricks up my sleeve that I haven’t shared with Keith. It’s gonna be awesome. Right now I am super struggling with the guest list. I have made two. All/nothing, it seems. I am really really torn on who to include and who not to. We have space restrictions at the venue and I never in a million years thought I’d have more than 100 people on the tentative list, but it turns out I do. If you’re reading this and it turns out I wasn’t able to invite you, please know that it was not a slight. And rest assured that there will be 14 hours of photographic coverage that I can share!

color me rad 2013

So yesterday, I participated in my first 5k. I had tried to do c25k last year, and maybe two weeks into it, The Color Run happened. I was seeing all these photos on facebook and was soo bummed that I missed out on it. Pretty much the week I decided to start c25k again this year, I got a notice that Color Me Rad was coming to Pittsburgh. It was pretty much exactly 9 weeks away, which would give me time to run through the whole program.


I got to Week 3 probably around the 6th week, then took a few weeks off. I ran one day last week and decided just to go for it since Ryan hadn’t trained either.

Ryan and I were signed up for the 10:20 wave, but they recommended you get there an hour before. So we got there an hour before, didn’t really know what to do…so we walked up to the starting line and just stood around.

“Wanna just sneak into this wave?” “Sure.”

In reality, there was no sneaking…we just walked up and stood there with the other people and when they told us to go…we went!

The race was at Starlake and I thought that it would all be inside the ampitheatre, but it actually started in the parking lot. The gravel parking lot. That part was just horrible. It wasn’t regular gravel, there were giant rocks here and there and the occasional broken glass. It IS a parking lot. Eventually it went inside the ampitheatre and then back into the parking lot.


I think it was a great first 5k, and Ryan and I did not make bad time! They didn’t time you at all, but I turned on RunKeeper just so I could have an idea of how far we were/how we were doing. I was completely unprepared for the finish though. All of the sudden I was like “Wait! This is it?!”

So so much fun. And probably the motivation I needed to keep trying this running thing. I’d like to do it again after actually training. And not on stupid gravel.

color me rad 2013

color me rad 2013

color me rad 2013

color me rad 2013

color me rad 2013

color me rad 2013

color me rad 2013

color me rad 2013

color me rad 2013

 color me rad 2013

color me rad 2013Should have taken that photo at the finish line, but there were wayyyy too many people there.

color me rad 2013Back at Ryan’s before celebratory Taco Bell.