pluses and minuses

+ I can’t stop watching this trailer from my friend Jason. It is so great. It makes me so happy. I’m going to watch it every day for the rest of my life.

Also would you believe it’s the first wedding video he has made? He already shot another wedding, so it was the boost of confidence he needed but man I need to think of other life events for him to film, since I’ve decided he’s my personal videographer. I also told him he needs to get business cards that say

Jason Martin


I get paid to make you cry.

– Attempting to change my name is turning out to be a HUGE pain. I naively thought I could go to the SSA office on my lunch break Monday and do it. I opened the door, saw a sea of people and turned around and walked right back out. I tried to make an appointment and the lady on the phone would NOT let me make an appointment at that office, I had to make it downtown. And the first appointment? July 24th. Uh, nope. So now I’m going to the DMV on Thursday to try to get a certified copy of my license. Then I just have to wait for the certified copy of my birth certificate (which cost $20!) to come in the mail and then I can mail it all out. Ughhhhhhhhhh.

+ I went to a #bloggerdinnerparty #bloggerdanceparty on Saturday hosted by Alex. We have been internet friends for a while, he is the mastermind behind all the blogger swaps and he invited me and a few others to get together to discuss some fun creative endevours. Since it was a small group, I pretended to be a (brave!) grown up and went. And it was so much fun! I got to meet my favorite internet baby, Finn (sorry other internet babies) and a few other bloggers and it was just great. There was also pizza and cupcakes and will eventually be an awesome collaboration, can’t wait!

– After the #bloggerdanceparty, I offered to drive one of the other guys home, since he lives downtown and I was already headed north. As I made my way up 19 into the city, a man ran out into the road in front of me. It was after 10 p.m. and really dark and I saw the guy with plenty of time to slow down, but was really annoyed and beeped my horn. The guy then proceeds to stop, flick me off and scream at me. Dude, I just very graciously did NOT run you over, do not tempt me.

– After the GPS for some reason took me on 279 and back to get downtown, I dropped off Mike and headed home. And drove right into a DUI checkpoint. I immediately starting freaking out. Not because I was drunk but I had had a beer or two earlier in the night and what if they could tell? And what if, even though I was not even remotely impaired, they thought I was? And made me take a sobriety test and failed me because I am nervous and uncoordinated? But I finally got up to the guy he said “We are checking for impaired drivers, you don’t look impaired, have a nice night.” And then I drove off, heart still pounding. No WONDER I never leave my house.

+ I signed up to this website CookSmarts which is a meal planning website. What makes it different than other meal planning sites is each recipe you can adjust to be paleo, gluten free or vegetarian. The thing I liked best was that you are able to sign up and get 3 free weeks of plans and don’t have to enter your credit card or anything sneaky. We’ve tried out 2 meals so far and they have both been hits! I made a chicken basil stir fry on Sunday and last night we had panko-crusted fish tacos. I really dug both meals and Keith did too! It seems like most weeks have something we’d definitely like, something we might like, and something I have no idea if we’ll like. The stir fry and tacos will definitely be made again. Additionally this week I’ll make apple-fennel turkey burgers (we *should* like these) and butternut squash curry (this is the wild card. I’ve never made curry before – I’ll definitely also have to make some meat on the side for Keith.) I’m really digging it so far, probably going to sign up for the paid service! If you use that link up there, you can get $5 off and I’ll also get a couple bucks, but check out the free plans first!