restaurant review: grit & grace

Two Fridays ago, Keith and I headed downtown for dinner at Grit & Grace. A relatively new restaurant, it is a sister restaurant to BRGR and Spoon, (neither of which I have actually been to).

I actually hadn’t really looked at the menu, the planning of this one was all Keith. We arrived for our 7:30 reservation and the place was pretty packed. (And pretty loud.) It’s an extremely narrow restaurant but goes back deceivingly far. We were seated at a nice booth and left to puruse the menu. They offer small plates (and some larger plates) and also have American dimsum. If you don’t know what dimsum is, I liked our waiter’s explanation of “an already made appetizer.” Someone walks around, presents several offerings to your table and you choose then and there if you want something. The dim sum plates were $5 and we split the carpacchio. They were all rather small servings, so we didn’t go for anything else and instead focused on the regular menu.

Keith and I eat a lot of meat so all our choices were very meat heavy. Sorry vegetarians, this review will mean nothing to you.

We started with the braised goat (appams, garlic + ginger smashed potatoes, curry).


Appams are the pancake-y sort of thing. It was really good. The goat was very tender and full of flavor, I really liked the lime to brighten it up. This was a pretty large plate. There were 4 of those pancakes and enough meat to fill them all.

Next up we had crispy pig face roulade (sunny side up egg, Napa cabbage slaw, chicharrons, egg yolk hot sauce, toasted sourdough, miso apple butter). I was most worried about this one (pig face?!), but the waiter described the pig face as bacon, but better. Now I don’t like bacon, but I was willing to give it a go.


It was so good. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. It was like an open-faced breakfast sandwich.

On each table there are also three house made sauces, something soy saucy, something sweet and sour saucy and a hot sauce. I could have eaten the hot sauce on a spoon, but it was so good on this.

It was about this point that we decided to skip more dim sum and just get food. We got the short ribs, and at only $1 more than the dim sum, it was probably twice the food.

Short ribs, cream cheese biscuits, aged white cheddar cheese, hollandaise.


These were good. The cream cheese biscuits were a tad strange, they were very very soft. There were two of them here each with a piece of meat. I love when food is already pre-portioned out to share.

And we finished with the brisket.

Smoked brisket, kohlrabi kraut, thousand island sabayon, pickled red onions, corned beef tongue, horseradish cream, baguette.


This was just my half. I got a little too eager and dug in before snapping a picture. This was also really good. Except…this might be an unpopular opinion but can we stop pickling everything? I can go for some sweet gherkins or a dill pickle here and again, but I don’t want pickled carrots or onions or cabbage or turnips.

The top right corner was the plate the sandwich came on and had pickled things on it. There were also some on the sandwich and I could just do without them. Just not into it.

Keith and I were pleasantly full by the time we finished. Grit & Grace also has a full bar, but we are not big drinkers and I am cheap when it comes to alcohol. I would have ordered some Arsenal Cider but I’m not paying $10 for a glass when I can get a growler for a bit more.

We were discussing the bill before it came. Keith guessed it would be around $100, I thought $60. We were both pleasantly surprised that it was just a bit over $50. Not bad for 5 plates that left us full. (My 2nd biggest pet peeve (after pickled everything) is fancy restaurants that cost $50 a person and leave you hungry. Not an issue here. I’d definitely go back. I actually would like to go back now. Mmm pig face.

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