first solo road trip

This past weekend, I embarked on my first solo road trip. I was headed to D.C. to visit my friend Elyse. I’ve gone down twice before, both times with Keith, so we thought it would be fun to have a girls’ weekend. I was slightly nervous considering the longest I’ve ever driven before was 2 hours and that was only because I got lost in a park. (Ugh.)

Over-pack, much?

The drive was actually pretty easy, although I don’t know how people lived without GPSes. Mine did trick me once, telling me to keep right then keep right then keep right and well, eventually I ended up taking the wrong exit because that was keeping right!

About halfway down the GPS started to die, so I had to unplug my iPhone (aka music) and plug her in. That then left me to random radio since I could no longer pick up any signals I knew. For a good hour or so the only thing I could find was country (like 6 stations worth!) and christian rock. Eventually I stumbled across a classic rock station, just in time to hear the beginning notes of Bohemian Rhapsody. Now if you think there is a better ‘first solo road trip’ song than Bohemian Rhapsody, you are wrong, it was awesome.

I arrived there just before 5 and we just sat around catching up before heading to dinner. We went to Lauriol Plaza which has some of D.C.’s best Mexican food. We walked in and there was a hugggge line but since there were only two of us and we wanted to sit on the roof, we got taken right up!


Oh yes, we ate on the roof! Thankfully they had ceiling fans.

Of course we had to partake in the swirl margaritas! (Strawberry and lime)


The chips were also soooo good. They were so thin and crispy. I’ve been to a restaurant in Pittsburgh with really thick chips and the further you get into the bowl, the soggier they get. So gross. These were probably the best chips I’ve ever had.

Then came time for food. Elyse had lamb fajitas and I got crab and shrimp enchiladas.  Sooo good. I was actually dreaming of them on my drive home yesterday.


And some nice fellas sent us over a pitcher of margaritas! (One brought over a phone number for Elyse at the end, which she offered to the table next to us, hahaha. So it was pretty much the best possible scenario. A 40$ pitcher of margaritas and no small talk!)

The next day we went on a tour of the Brewmaster’s Castle. It was the home of brewer Christian Heurich and is one of the best preserved Victorian homes in the nation. Sadly, they don’t allow pictures, but there are a few on the website. I love looking at people’s houses and love old things so I really enjoyed it.  I am sooooo glad that style went out though because man, is it gaudy.  Heurich was also apparently terrified of fire so there were a lot of weird fireproofing techniques implemented throughout the home. They also had a weird doll named Michael that would join them at dinner if there were 13 guests, because they were so superstitious.

After the tour, we melted (it was 105 that day!) over to Urbana for brunch and a bottomless bellini bar. They’d bring you a bottle of champagne and on the bar were all different kinds of fruit purees. You mixed your own and when you got to the bottom of the champagne bottle, they’d replace it with a new one. So fancy!


I also had a really great burger there, on a sweet potato bun. Mmm.

The trip back to Elyse’s was so hot we decided just to stay in Saturday night, which was fine with me. We ended up going to Trader Joe’s and getting stuff to make pizza and just ended up watching Forest Gump.

I did get to try this though:


And came home with these:


Sunday was already 96 degrees at like 9am so we just ate some breakfast and I hit the road. I had a lot of fun, ate a lot of delicious things and it was really nice to see Elyse and catch up on life. I totally refuse to go to D.C. in the summer again though. I think I’ll shoot for winter next time.