first (and last) day of class

Yesterday was the first day of classes for me. (Since I rebellio If my life were a sitcom, which I often used to think it was, this would be the episode that had people fleeing to the internet saying, “That episode sucked, at least try to make it a little believable. All of those things couldn’t have gone wrong!” But oh, they did.

It began a few days ago. The Archeometry professor sent out an email stating that the class on Wednesday would be in “the wood lab.” Since I had absolutely no idea what or where “the wood lab” was, I sent him an email saying that I had just joined the class so could he tell me where this classroom was?

No response from him, but early yesterday, he sent out a reminder that class would be in “the wood lab” – 2100 Posvar hall. Okay, cool. I know Posvar, no problem.

I run out of work 5 minutes early since I didn’t know exactly where 2100 was, giving me 35 minutes to drive to Oakland, park and walk to class. No problem, totally doable. Until I get to Posvar, go to the 2nd floor and the very first room I come to is 2400. So I walk down a little, but the numbers keep going up. Go back to 2400 but there are no rooms beyond that. I walk back down to the elevator bank to the little floor schematic…and there is no 2100. Nowhere. It just simply does not exist.

I pull up the email to double check it was 2100, not 1200 or something and yep: 2100 Posvar. At this point I was very frustrated and near tears. I kept digging my nails into the palm of my hand to stop myself from crying. I considered skipping class and just going to find my next class, but I had already missed two and I would need to find the stupid class next week, so I started looking again.

Povar is connected to David Lawrence, so I went into DL to see if maybe there was another schematic there that might show me and miracle upon miracles, there was! Except there was the rectangle from Posvar that didn’t include 2100, and a square floating in the top corner of the map that had a few other rooms, including 2100! Except there was NO explanation on how to get there. It was a detached square. Which makes absolutely no sense. There were about 4 minutes until class started now and I HATE BEING LATE. I had one more option, which was to run to the Anthro department and hope there was someone in there to direct me. Luckily, the office was still open so I approached the secretary.

“I’m sorry but I can’t find room 2100?”

“This is the 3rd floor?”

“I know, but my Anthropology class is in there and I can’t find it.”

“Ohhh, our lab…[gives directions]”

I ran out of there and followed her directions which included:

1. Walking OUT of Posvar, into David Lawrence

2. Taking an elevator from 3rd Floor David Lawrence to what is miraculously 2nd floor Posvar

3. Following someone into an unmarked door and nearly walking into the professor.


So then I sat down right next to the professor, since I was the last one there and proceeded to not understand a word anyone was saying for 75 minutes. But, that happens, I’d do better next class.

End of class comes and goes and he keeps talking for ~5 minutes, which is fine ordinarily, but not when I have 15 minutes to get to my next class. Then, he holds me back to talk about what I missed and the three assignments I need to make up, and I run out of there near tears. Again.

Got helplessly lost leaving the classroom, ended up walking through part of a construction zone and came out of the building on the total wrong side starting my trek to my next class.

This next part is completely my fault, but for some reason I had conviced myself that my 6pm class was in Crawford. I had parked by Crawford so my car would be close when it was time to leave and I began walking. It wasn’t until I got to Crawford, literally walked into the building that I realized my class was in Thaw. Which are not even remotely close to one another. I figure I’m going to be 15 minutes late by this point, but okay, whatever.

Walk into Thaw…there is a kid directly behind me, I held three doors in a row for him, so once we get to the end of the hall, he says “Calc 2?”

“Oh god no.” I respond.

“Well that is the only class down here…”

I just stopped dead in my tracks and whined (to myself) “I don’t know where the hell to go…”

“What are you looking for?


“Oh, it’s upstairs. Go up those stairs back there and go to the right.”

Because that makes COMPLETE SENSE that classrooms beginning with 1 would be on the 2nd floor. But I thanked him and ran upstairs. (Thaw and SRCC are connected. I later went from the “first” floor of Thaw into the “fourth” floor of SRCC by opening a door. Stupid Pitt.)

Get to 102, walk in and:


Walk back out…pull up the syllabus…102. Pull up the weird alternate website the professor is using…102. Pull up the Studen centert…104. Okay, 104…let’s try that.

Walk over to 104, notice a whole bunch of people inside. Okay, this is good. There are people in there. This is also bad because there is a room full of people and I’m 22 minutes late and everyone’s going to look at me. I spot a seat on the end, so I slip in and sit down.

Hear the tail end of what the professor is saying…look at the board…I am in the wrong class.

Considered just sitting there for 2 hours pretending I knew what was going on to prevent further embarrassment.

Turn to the kid next to me: “Really stupid question…what class is this?” He immediately breaks into a smile, “Circuits.”

“[Expletive deleted]!” Jump up and leave.

There was a bathroom across from the auditorium so I just went straight in and cried. Couldn’t hold off any longer. I didn’t know what to do. The class was either invisible or cancelled or moved to some other room or maybe there was ANOTHER Room 102 somewhere.

The class had a lab at 7pm, and I knew where that was for certain, so I walked outside the building, sat down and cried some more.

Nothing like crying in public! Katrina is back!

By this time I had 20 minutes until the lab started and I thought about just giving up, going home and trying again next week. I also was one button away from dropping both classes on my phone. I can’t take this stress.

I decided I would wait it out. Go to the lab, follow someone back to the lecture hall and see how it went before I made a decision. Got up, went inside, a line was forming outside of the classroom, people were talking geology*, I was in the right place. Get into the lab, had a little worksheet we had to work through…and it wasn’t until 20 minutes into this that I realize there WAS NO LECTURE. There were only labs. I was really confused because there are multiple labs…so I thought that lecture was split and broke for labs, but it makes much more sense that there were only labs…not some weird split double lecture. I don’t know why that didn’t cross my mind, I am an idiot.

Got out of the lab, came home, cried to Keith.

This morning I dropped the 4:30 class. Back to taking one class, back to maybe not graduating in the spring, back to having to pay for this semester out of pocket. But I can’t do it. I was so very tempted to drop both classes and try again next semester, but that would push me back two semesters and I can’t do that. This also helps with the fact that I would have missed 3 more classes when we went on the honeymoon, so that’s another plus.

I felt an immediate sense of relief. It was very naive of me to think I could take 2 classes back to back like that with NO down time after work. I would have been miserable. I sent the professor an email telling him I was dropping/explaining my reasons and I got a nice email back saying they would miss my contributions. (Ordinarily I wouldn’t have said anything, but my luck I’ll have him in the spring, so I figured it was a good idea.)

Is the semester over yet?


*Overheard a kid say, “You should have seen the cleavage!” before going into some long drawn out rock description, it was kind of hilarious.


#mcwed, part 1

As of today, Keith and I have been married for a month! It’s hard to believe it has been that long. People keep asking me if it feels any different and the answer is a big fat no. I guess when you have lived together for 5 years, have a house, a dog, joint bank accounts, a little piece of paper doesn’t change much. I finally got my new social security card, so I’m in the process of officially changing my name, and that’s the only part that feels a little different. But enough yapping, let’s get to some pictures! I’m not going to *try not to* post them all here, just some highlights. The rest will end up on facebook.

The day began early. I woke up around 7:45, grabbed the bag I had packed, smooched the still sleeping Keith, grabbed Daisy, and my father in law picked us up.

Got to my in-laws approximately 3 minutes later, and Ashley was already there, prepping her hair supplies. She got me in some hot rollers while we waited for the rest of my bridal party to arrive. Jonathan and Tiffany arrived and Jason arrived and my very own reality show was born.

All photos by hot metal studio.

Getting Ready
Keith’s mom putting some finishing touches on our cake.

Getting Ready
Getting beautified while Jason films on.

Getting Ready
Brittney is the brow guru and this photo is proof.

Getting Ready
Ryan and Elyse brought champagne.

Getting Ready
This one makes me laugh.

Getting Ready

Getting Ready

Getting Ready

Getting Ready
Daisy was bored.

Getting Ready

Getting Ready
Daisy gets all the love.

Getting Ready
Jonathan snuck down to take some pictures of Keith. Man my grey walls look good. I wish I had remembered to take those sheets off the couch though.

Getting Ready
I love this one. Daisy loves her mama.

Getting Ready
Hair time!

Getting Ready

Getting Ready

Getting Ready

Getting Ready

I started to get a little nervous about time at this point. For some reason I thought my wedding would be the one wedding to actually run on the schedule I had set it. I enlisted my mom and Brooke to help me get my dress on.

Getting Ready

Getting Ready
This is my, “I hope it zips” face.

Getting Ready

Getting Ready

Getting Ready
Then Ashley came up to put my veil on, and show Brooke how to remove it.

Getting Ready

Getting Ready

Then I got my lips on and Ryan, Jason and I zoomed up to the barn to meet Keith.

…to be continued.

dr. awkward*

So I had a follow up doctor appointment yesterday with a specialist. When I made the original appointment, I had requested a female doctor. So I went to the original appointment, the doctor couldn’t have been nicer, she writes me a prescription and tells me to come back in a month, which was yesterday.

So I get there, I’m led back to the exam room by a nurse, he asks a few questions** and hands me a gown and skedaddles. I put the gown on and sit and wait and after a few moments, a knock at the door and in walks a young, male doctor. Ugh. He introduced himself, takes a seat and we chat for a few minutes. On his way out, he mentions the female doctor that I had previously seen would be with me momentarily.

So a few minutes later, in walks my female doctor, her assistant, and the male doctor. Double ugh. Now I have mostly had male doctors my entire life and whatever. But they have always been way older than me. And I probably won’t care when I am way older than them, but I don’t want a doctor that I could potentially see out at the bar. (Not that I go to bars.)

Female doctor asks: “Is it okay that Matt*** joins us?”

Me: “I guess!”

*everyone laughs*

Me: “I mean I guess I am not the first patient in the history of the world.”

Female doctor: “And he is very professional.”

Me: “Well just don’t expect me to say hi to you at the grocery store.”

Female doctor: “You would not believe some of the things people say to me in the grocery store, let alone want to show me!” *mimes lifting up her shirt*

At that point she is done checking me out, tells me that compared to last time, I am “textbook perfect” (exact words!) and then says: “Matt, forget you ever saw her.”

Matt: “Forget who?”

Haha, it was a totally awkward situation (because I am totally awkward), but could not have been handled more perfectly, so big props to the two docs I saw yesterday.


*That’s my DJ name.

**One of the questions was “Have you fallen down in the past 12 months?” I didn’t realize I had turned 80.

***I can’t remember if his name was Matt or not, definitely don’t remember his last name, so I figure it’s safe to call him that.