don’t call me peanut

I’ve never been able to get behind pet names. Hell, I even have a hard time with nicknames. Whatever you are introduced to me as, that’s what I’m going to call you for the rest of my life. It probably took a good 18 months for me to be able to call my nephew Bradley “Brad.” And it still feels weird/wrong sometimes.

I am super anti-nickname for myself and especially from people I barely know/barely like. If we are friends, sure go wild, within reason. Except not “Kat,” never “Kat.” I grew up getting Trina from my family and most of them still call me that but it feels so weird from other people. It’s almost too personal. And maybe I just assume everyone else feels that way, hence my reluctance.

Pet names are the same. They feel so fake/forced from me that if I try to utter a “Babe” it comes out more like “B*cough*Hey!”

Needless to say Keith and I don’t do pet names. I don’t have anything against them, I just *can’t.*

I’m not sure his position on them but he does call me “Dear” when he’s mad at me. I pointed it out to him once in the middle of a disagreement and he started to deny it and then just broke into a laugh because it’s totally true. Other than that, he calls me Katrina, occasionally Trina, I call him Keith, occasionally Hey. (When I’m talking about him in text or on twitter I occasionally call him K but that gets confusing because I also occasionally call myself K.)

(It kind of feels weird to yell “Keith!” when we are the only two people in our house so that’s when I usually default to “Hey!”)

Maybe I’ve just used up all my pet names for Daisy. She gets them all, although it did take a little while for me to warm up to it, I didn’t want her judging me!

(Sometimes when I am talking to Daisy, I call Keith “your dad” or “daddy” but even that feels weird. Maybe I’ll teach our future children to call him “Hey” that way everyone is on my side.)

But like I said, I’m not against pet names. There was a guy I knew in college round 1, he always used to tell me how much of a crush he had on me and we would make plans to hang out when he came into the city (he lived in Erie) but he’d blow me off every single time. But he called me “doll face” and it just made my little straightedge heart go aflutter.

I thought maybe it was a generational thing but I can’t even use pet names with kids. I can call little boys “buddy” but I’m at a total loss for girls. I get called “baby” “sweetie” “honey” by all manners of older women at work and I’m totally cool with it, but I just can’t do it. I’d rather be called that than some weird diminutive form of my name. (Some lady that used to work in my office calls me KK and it makes my blood boil. There is only one K in my name and you are getting awfully close to another nickname there and I don’t even like you! We aren’t friends! You don’t have permission to just up and call me anything you want!)

Maybe after Keith and I get married I can get used to the pet name thing. Maybe that will be my wedding present to him, to stop calling him “hey” and give him a real nickname to show him I care. How about Cuddle Cakes? (I googled pet names and so it’s either that or Gangsta Baby. Or Love Boodle. Or Sweet Pear Half in Your Own Heavy Syrup…WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!)

family yearbook

It should come as no surprise that I take a lot of photos. (Mainly of Daisy.) I also don’t do anything with these outside of posting them online and then they just languish on my external harddrive. For a long time now, I have wanted to get a bunch printed and throw them in a photo album. I LOVE looking at old photos and figured I needed to get on the ball with creating some sort of physical representation.

And then, a year or so ago on Young House Love, they posted about their “Family Yearbook.” Bingo. Part photo album/part scrapbook/part yearbook, I knew this was the way to go.

I got a bunch of photos printed through Snapfish earlier this year, so decided to go with them for that reason alone. Also, I know they send out a ton of coupons via email so I figured I could snag a good deal.

I won’t lie, compiling 4 years of photos was not exactly fun. I first went through Lightroom and flagged all the photos I wanted to include. I did all sorts of photos, ones of us together, ones of Daisy, ones of places we went. I wanted to try to capture the whole year. After exporting them, I uploaded them to Snapfish by year. And then I just built the books! It’s super easy, just drag and drop. I spent a lot of time configuring page layouts, but the more I did, the faster it went.

I also added labels here and there where things weren’t totally apparent. I could have gotten a lot fancier with this/made it more scrapbooky, but I kind of just wanted to get it done.

I chose the 8×11 books and they start at 29.99, but each set of pages you add after 20 add to the price. I had quite a few pages by the end, but I also had a 50% off coupon, so I figured even if I doubled the price, it wasn’t bad.

I had 3 books in my cart when I got an email for 60% off and I knew it wasn’t going to go any lower, so I hurried up and finished my other 2 books. I wanted a book of engagement photos and I knew that would be the most expensive (I had 100+ photos) so I really wanted to get it in with that deal.

I finished them last Sunday and they were on my porch by Wednesday. I was blown away by how fast. And also blown away by how awesome they are.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

I put a picture of Keith and me* on the front, and then Daisy on the back. (Except for 2009 which was before we got her.) I also did a mix of layouts for the pages and kept the photos in chronological order (Snapfish makes this easy), so it had more of a yearbook feel.

I am super happy with how they turn out and feel good that I finally DID something with all my pictures. I am already itching to compile the 2013 book and maybe I’ll start early so it isn’t so daunting.

I would definitely recommend them, but I would also recommend putting the books in your cart and waiting for a 60% off coupon. It was a pretty decent investment to do 5 books at once, but I’m so glad I did. Also if I keep up on it and wait for another 50-60% off coupon, I’d spend probably $30-$40 a year which isn’t bad for a year of memories.

*The only thing I’ll change next time is to not put such a close-cropped photo of our faces on the front. 8″x11″ of my face = pretty much lifesize and a little scary. Maybe I’ll appreciate it when I’m like 83.

weight training one-oh-zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I wrote half a post on weight-lifting and then realized I was even boring myself, so I scrapped it. Instead I’ll write a few bullet points.

  • I like it better than running.
  • I enjoy the benchpress and squats.
  • I really don’t like deadlifts or barbell shrugs (so unnatural!)
  • I am still only marginally stronger than a newborn kitten.*

I don’t know if the exhaustion is part of a new exercise regime or maybe the changing of the seasons is messing with me but even when I was waking up at 5am to run, I did not feel this wiped out.

It also doesn’t help that I abhor coffee, no longer drink pop and my favorite tea (peppermint) is caffeine free, so no supplementary pick-ups for this girl.

We’re on week 3 of training so I’m hoping sometime soon-ish my body can wake up and get used to this.


Oh! I made a mixtape, check it out over at


*Depending on exercise, Keith lifts 5-10x the weight that I do. And yet we still make the same noises because my bar is just as hard to me as his is to him. Pathetic.**

**Not really pathetic, he is a) a dude and b) been lifting for 1.5 hrs/day, 6 days a week for over a year. He better be stronger than I am.

well that escalated quickly…

Every time it storms, I freak out a little hoping that one of the dozens of trees around our house doesn’t decide to fall on it.

Well yesterday, before it actually started storming, it had gotten really dark and Keith looked out into the backyard and….



Luckily they were smaller trees and luckily they didn’t land on anything but no idea how we’re going to get rid of them. Guess Keith will have to dust off our axe.