Just a handful of my favorite pictures from the fourth of July. Don’t worry, no fireworks. I actually haven’t seen fireworks for years.

 put 'em up put 'em, up
My two year old cousin, Giana, after her mom told her to make her excited face. It looks like she wants to fight me!

family photo
My brother Ross (who knows what he is smiling at), his girlfriend Amanda and my 4 month old nephew, Bradley.

bradley and grandma
My mom holding Bradley who is enthralled by my pap’s finger.

feeding bradley
Me feeding Bradley.

this is my 'please dont scream!' face
Apparently when babies start to cry, I make that face.

jeni and brad
My future-mother-in-law holding Bradley who says “How you doin’?”

giana and the cupcake cone
Giana who is going to become my personal baked good model.

hahaha sam's face
My littlest (biggest) brother Sam, caught mid-hilarious face which pleased Brad.

me and keith
Keith and I. The fourth was the one-year anniversary of our engagement!

double fistin'
My attractive fiance. (One of those was mine.)

ross and kirk
My brother Ross and my cousin Kirk (who is wearing my Johnny Cupcakes apron).

Love my family! Wish I didn’t live an hour away.