life after graduation

So, life update.

I graduated. I mean, I guess I already wrote about that, but I received my diploma in the mail and it’s official and done. To be completely honest, I was about 5% convinced that I screwed something up somewhere and I hadn’t actually graduated, so I was dying to receive the diploma and know that it was actually 100% legit. I could have called the Dean’s office or something to check on that…but I would rather wait anxiously for the mail.

So. Life after graduation. Is exactly the same. Although a bit weird. It hasn’t 100% sunk in that I don’t have to go to school anymore. After 5 years of splitting my time, I kind of just feel like I’m on a little break. And I guess I kind of am, because I signed up for another photography class in the fall! I just can’t stop learning, I guess. The class is at Pittsburgh Filmmakers and I have been dying to take another class since the first one 3 years ago, but I just couldn’t fit it into my schedule. But now that I have some free time again, lets give it all away again!

I am really excited for it. It’s just Intermediate Digital Photography, but they also at times offer Photography on Location and Portrait Photography so I’m excited to one day try those.

I am still at my same job, not really on the hunt for something related to my major because I would have to attend a field school and I just don’t have the time or money or energy for that. A field school would be ~6 weeks away from home. It would be really awesome to do, but I would have to basically quit my job to attend and then who knows how long it would take me to find another job if that didn’t pan out. I am also really into my house and husband and dog and I don’t really want to voluntarily leave them for 6 weeks.

So, I’m just plugging along at my 100 mile a day commute. If something more in line with my interests and degree were to fall in my lap, I wouldn’t turn it away, though.

In somewhat more exciting news, we are headed west this week! Going to Seattle and Vancouver and pretty excited about that. Aside from Hawaii, the furthest west I’ve ever been is Chicago, so excited to see the west coast.

We also are planning a trip for Keith’s 30th birthday which will include 4 baseball games in 5 days so now I’m secretly plotting a trip for MY 30th birthday which will include…4 naps in 5 days? Probably need to think on that a little more.

I’ve missed you, blog.

pluses and minuses.

+ We watched Lord of the Flies in my class last week and I know I am a few decades behind on this but daaaaaaaaaaang. I had never read the book or seen the movie and it really took me by surprise. Yikes!

– I have no idea what is going on in that class. I feel really, really stupid the entire time I’m in there. I’m coming to realize that I don’t do well with theoretical discussions. (Or discussions in general.) But I don’t have the capacity to think like these other kids do. They weave our readings together and come to some conclusion and I just sit there. I understand the readings and their points make sense to me, but I just can’t hang. Oh well.

+ Really into my dirt class. I sort of have no idea what is going on in there, but I feel like it will be easier to grasp it once we really get into it. I’ve also had pretty much zero homework which is always awesome.

+ Went to Maryland two weekends ago to see Pitt Vs Maryland. It was a quick trip, down Saturday and back Sunday but we got to see Elyse and Kyle before the game so that was nice. Pitt also won so that was awesome but sports, man. So nerve wracking sometime. My favorite part was the super conservatively dressed man next to me jumped up and screamed “Damnit!” at something. Totally unexpected and totally hilarious.

reunited with my little pancake! if but only for an hour!

+/- We went to a diner in College Park after the game and as we were leaving, our waiter says to me:
“I like your jacket.”
“Is it a snowboarding jacket?”
“Yea, but I don’t snowboard, I just like the color.”
“Oh yea, I know.”

Ha. I wasn’t sure if that should have offended me or not.

– I am getting old. At Sheetz a few days ago I held out my card to the teenager working. “No, you slide it,” as he points to the card thingy right in front of my face. “Oh, whoops!” I slide my card and then try to push the green button for debit. “No, it’s touch screen,” the teenager gently prods. Ughhhh. Slightly embarrassed, I told him I was getting old and then hobbled out the door with my cane.

-/+ I have a meeting today with someone from Pitt’s School of Education to discuss my future. As of right now my plans after graduation are totally up in the air. I might apply for the School of Education, I might join the circus, I might just retire because man I am burnt out.

-Both of my coworkers called off so I can’t leave for the appointment and have to reschedule, so my future will have to wait since people are afraid of snow.

yesterday, today, tomorrow

Things are slow over this way. Just work and school and homework. And repeat again and again and again. In class on Wednesday, there were about 10 minutes left and the professor had been going on about something and stopped and said, “Have I lost you all or are you just tired?” And as soon as he said the word tired, I yawned. (I also just yawned while typing that.) He happened to look right at me as it happened and said, “Oh, real nice!” I got slighly embarrassed and stammered, “Sorry! You said tired and it reminded me that I am!” He laughed it off but I wanted so badly to say, “Look, I put in a 45 minute commute and an 8 hour work day before coming to this class. Nothing personal, I am just burnt out.” #toooldforundergrad, indeed.

Stealing this idea from Jen who stole it from someone else…before I realized my yesterday/today/tomorrow were incredibly boring.

Yesterday I went to the dentist for a cleaning and the hygienist told me my teeth were “Doggone great!” Haha, it doesn’t get much better than that. It’s also amazing how quickly the workday goes when you don’t get in until 11am. Can we make that a permanent thing? 11-4? And still pay me for 8 hours? Great.

Today Work, work, homework on my lunch break, work, work and then dropping my car off at the shop tonight because it has started groaning. My mechanic said it might be something with the power steering, so he has to look at it. Also shopping for some new socks. I have rainboots which I wear year round because I’d rather my feet be dry than warm but they are seriously cold. My toes have been taking forever to warm back up and I don’t think that’s very good, I really don’t want them to fall off. I’ve been in my office for over an hour, with my feet right in front of the space heater and they are still cold. Going to try out some Smartwool and hope those help.  And then more homework tonight because…

Tomorrow We are heading to College Park, MD to watch Pitt vs MD. I must have complained that Keith never invites me on trips anymore, because he extended this invitation and suggested that we meet up with Elyse! He’s so smart sometimes. So we’re heading out Saturday morning and will return Sunday morning. Just enough time for a Pitt Alumni happy hour, a game and some hangouts. It will be a balmy 35 degrees in College Park on Saturday and I am actually really excited for that. See what you’ve done to me, winter?

This has nothing to do with anything, but this stuff is seriously so delicious I can’t stop thinking about it.

this stuff is seriously delicious.

I also tried alo brand mango + mangosteen and it was great too. There are little chunks of aloe floating in it, you can either chew them or swallow them, so it’s a little weird but I’m kind of obsessed.

Another new obsession? Apple chips. I have a pretty vivid memory of being in Kindergarten/First grade and this boy David sharing some apple chips with me. This was the early 90’s and I’m pretty sure his mom made them and I was very unimpressed. I think they might have been too thick/soggy? Who knows. I tried some recently at Subway and really enjoyed them so I bought a variety pack of Bare Fruit Variety Pack, Gluten Free Baked Apple Chips* from amazon. I wish they were single-serving bags, two-serving bags are a huge pet peeve of mine, I don’t want to have to close up/save the bag just for one other serving. I tried the cinnamon apple last night and they were great. Really excited for the chili lime, but I’m saving the sea salt caramel for a special occasion.

Man, my treats have gotten really lame.


*amazon affliate link

pluses and minuses.

+ My Japenese Society class is DONE. Took the final Monday night. Hooray.

– Only two of our grades (50%) have been posted. I could either get an A or fail the class (probably not fail), but no idea what my grade is.

+ My Archaeology professor graded all of our 8 page papers in one week.

+ I got 100% on the paper! Wooooo! (Probably related to the above plus, but that works for me!)

– I have my Archaeology final tonight.

– I have a wicked headcold and wasn’t able to study last night. I still have a few hours left today, but it’s not looking good.

+ I can miss 5 questions on the final and still keep my A, so that’s encouraging.

+ Christmas shopping is done. We’re still saving for the wedding, so Keith and I didn’t buy for each other and only for our parents. (And Bradley). Still waiting on Bradley’s gift…I got him a custom book that has his name included in the story. Looks adorable, but I wish I knew when it was coming!

+/- Decorated for Christmas last weekend, planned on putting a few outside lights up (around the door/porch) and can’t find our extra lights. I’ll have to hit up a sale after Christmas, but it looks nice inside!

photo 1

– We will definitely need a bigger tree someday, but I’m not worried about it for now. Maybe when we have kids.

photo 2

+/- Daisy helped me decorate. I kept trying to get her in the picture but she kept inching closer to me. Instagram sure makes my dark grey walls look good, though! (Martha Stewart – Zinc)

photo 3

+ Ahhh, love this pup. Even if she’s not the most cooperative photo subject.

+ Last week, driving to class, I saw this house on Fifth and my jaw dropped. It was wrapped in a GIGANTIC bow. I’ve been trying to figure out how I could get a picture of it and lo and behold, my friend Rachel posted a picture to Instagram. I love it sooooooooo much. (On Fifth in Shadyside-ish)

photo 4

+ That’s all, folks.