pink is the new pink.

So last weekend, along with ripping wallpaper down, I did a little painting. By little I mean crafty painting, not wall painting.

I have been seeing these “eat” signs in kitchens around the internet and really wanted one of my own.

eat sign

At some point while looking for one, I decided to go in a different direction:


I don’t exactly love the font (I would have rather had all lowercase letters – all though capitals are probably better because Italians yell a lot) but I kind of love it. It’s a shout out to my pap/my Italian heritage/the one word in Italian I know. It’s not as crooked as it looks, I just took the picture from that angle to get both of my kitchen colors in. And you can see my cupcake collection on the shelf. I wasn’t sure where to put it but I figured telling people to eat on their way into the dining room made the most sense!

I also did a little painting in the bedroom, painting these cheap birch frames from Ikea pink. I was struggling with what to put in them since they are so teeny tiny and thought I’d do a little take on “his and hers” but backwards, since that’s how we sleep.

hers & his

I’ll actually probably swap them out for a bigger font, but I just wanted to test and see how it looked. I did the hers in a swirly font and the his in a less swirly font (even though Keith has prettier handwriting). I also bought us some lamps!


I had a tiny little Ikea lamp on my table and Keith had nothing on his. My lamp wasn’t bright enough and I really wanted matching lamps since we don’t have matching side tables. In case you haven’t noticed, lamps are EXPENSIVE. I have been hunting for months to try to find something in a shape I liked that wasn’t 40$ a lamp. I was at Walmart buying the pink paint for my letters/frames and stumbled upon these babies for 14$! They were a great shape and although they were shadeless I grabbed the last two and figured I could deal with finding shades later. And then on the other side of aisle, I spotted these shades, which were pretty much perfect. All blues and silvers, which is right up my alley! The shades were only 6$ so I got two lamps and two shades for cheaper than I could find one single lamp. I am pretty excited. For some reason, it makes me feel more grown-up/sophisticated having matching lamps.


I think they make the bedroom so cozy. Keith said we didn’t need new lamps, but he already used his, so I think I win this round.

I am almost ready to call the bedroom complete but I still want a long dresser for across from the bed. I also want to paint it pink.

I’m so lucky Keith lets me do whatever I want in regards to decorating. I think he’d stop me if he totally hated something, but I’m not really sure, haha.

getting closer….

I spent the weekend in D.C. visiting my friend, Elyse, so I took today off figuring I’d probably be wiped out. And I was, but after sleeping in and then taking a nap, I got to work doing some laundry which lead to FINALLY unpacking the boxes in the 3rd bedroom. I had a big closet in my last bathroom, so those boxes were full of bathroom things that did not fit in my new, closet-less bathroom. There is a closet in the upstairs hallway for that type of thing, so three months later, I put them where they belong.  I also finally took a few more pictures of the bathroom in it’s almost-finished state.


My boring, white shower curtain. Since I did not measure the width of my shower, the outer shower curtain is about 8 inches too wide, making it all bunch up. I took the last panel and folded it behind though and you can’t really tell. I also snagged those shower hooks from Keith’s bathroom, since they were nicer than the plastic ones they left upstairs. And then, since I didn’t measure again, my inner shower curtain is probably a foot too narrow. I don’t really love how the curtain hangs, but thanks to that lovely arch, I can’t do a thing about it. I also can’t move the shower curtain up, because the ceiling slopes inside (and outside) the shower. Haha, oh well. I still kind of want to replace the curtain rod with something silver, but I have stopped caring so much. I also found a roll of white caulk tape in the basement. So maybe they were planning on replacing the lovely orange? One day I’ll rip it off and replace it. I think it will make all the difference.

bathroom door

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, the door is blue. I had seen a picture on pinterest with a two-tone door/door jamb and loved it. I think it would work better if I reversed the colors, but what’s done is done. It probably needs another coat. I had thought of scrapping the whole idea and just painting it white, but then my little birdies wouldn’t be so noticeable. That’s a hand towel on there, my bath towels are dark red and don’t match the room at all. Which is a total first world problem, but they were cheap enough (Target) that I don’t feel too guilty buying some different ones to match my bathroom better.


I really, really want to put some white floating shelves above the toilet. I need the storage and I think they would look really sharp, but that’s something I need Keith’s help with. And I am also slightly intimidated by our plaster walls.  One day!

Two weekends ago I also finally painted the trim in the bedroom. It was already white, so it didn’t make a huge difference, but the most exciting difference was the door.

door before and after

Goodbye, disgusting, streaky, beige…hello white!

The door used to look soooo gross up against the white trim/ceiling. Now it’s the hallway that looks gross. The hallway will eventually be a light grey. I’m not sure if I will paint those closet doors out there white or grey, but they are on notice.

I also changed the sheets and put on a new duvet cover. I bought it at Ikea thinking it was sheets and didn’t realize until I got it home. You can see the old one in the bottom left corner above. It was white/grey stripes and although I love grey, it was more of a greige and it bugged me.


I am pretty in love with the new, accidental one. My favorite part of moving into a new apartment used to be picking up a new duvet cover. So maybe it was a subconscious decision to buy the new one. It has matching pillow cases, but I think I prefer the hot pink ones.


I also might have figured out what to do with the three nails above the bed. Since we have plaster walls, I didn’t want to rip them out and have to fill the holes, so I came across these three little frames that I’ve had for years and thought they might work. Ignore that the bed is totally off-center, it is way too heavy for me to move. Also ignore the contents of the frames (two Vespas and an upside-down picture of me and my dad) and the fact that they are very much not straight, but I still think it might work!  I was thinking of putting a floating shelf above the bed too since I think whatever goes up there has to be very clean and simple to not compete with the headboard. I think those little frames will work for the time being, hiding the nails until I either can put up a shelf or do something else. Now I just need something small and simple to put in them.

Pretty pleased with my few, minor tweaks! The living room is still next on the list. This weekend we have a wedding, but next weekend Keith is going out of town, so I will probably begin to tackle it then.

plant killer

Hello! I’m alive. Just busy. My summer class ramped up two weeks ago, I had a paper due, then a final, and now another paper this week. I am also going to D.C. this weekend, so I have 23 million things to do before then. (Actually just two: finish this paper and get my oil changed.)

I have totally been slacking on any house-related things, so I really have nothing to show. I did finally get around to painting the doors/trim in the bedroom and man, do I hate trim. I was ready to finally give in and use painter’s tape…but then I couldn’t find it. And I did eventually find it, after I had already finished. So the trim is not perfect and I absolutely refuse to do a second coat, but I’m fine with that. 

I also ripped up the 3/4 dead azalea by the road and put a container there. I popped in a plant from Lowe’s and I think I killed that already too. My window boxes have also seen better days. All the flowers/plants that were here when we brought the house are thriving but anything I try to put in dies as soon as I walk away. Apparently I did not inherit my mum’s green thumb. (Or the previous owners just learned in 35 years what they could plant and where.)

I’m going to my mum’s tomorrow for the 4th of July and even though I originally told her I was going to bring a baked good, I kind of went overboard and am planning on making 3 different treats, (as long as I can finish this paper!!) so I’ll definitely have some pictures of those after tomorrow and probably a few thousand of my adorable nephew, Bradley.


record breaking ikea trip

Sunday was the day I had been waiting 2 months for: Ikea trip! We are lucky that we have an Ikea here in Pittsburgh, but from the North Hills, it’s not exactly close. We also didn’t think we could fit the things we needed to buy in either of our cars, but luckily Keith’s mom let us borrow her Subaru.

So we were in and out of Ikea in 47 minutes, which included walking all around the show floor, loading our furniture on the dolly-thing, paying and unloading into the car. I could spend 2 hours in Ikea without buying a thing, so I was pretty impressed. We then came home and lugged it up two flights of stairs, because everything was intended for the bedroom.


Daisy came up to hang out on her bed while we built our bed.

We got the Leirvik, which along with being the bed we liked the most, was only 89$. It took less than an hour to put together as it’s only like 6 pieces. We opted not to buy the bed slats, as we had a box spring, but as soon as we got the mattress on, I regretted that. With the box springs and the mattress, our bed is just about 75ft tall. I was afraid Daisy wouldn’t be able to get in the bed, so we called her back up to test it.

Warning: Daisy photo shoot ahead:




She actually spent the next three hours up there which is unheard of for her. She prefers to floor to anything (couch, bed). The more I look at the bed, the more I think we might just keep it like that. (I had initially wanted to go back and get the slats so we could lose some height.) I think it might look weird with more of those vertical bars sticking out.

While Daisy snoozed, I went to work building my desk.


I got the Micke desk to use as a vanity because I was sick of using the edge of the bathroom sink. It took me 2-3 hours to put together. It says it’s a two person job, but aside from 2 instances where I had to call for Keith, I did it all myself.


Upside-down mirror.

I had planned to buy a rectangular mirror to hang on the wall behind it, but I found this mirror at a garage sale for 5$ and figured I could just use it. I didn’t like the curved top, so I unscrewed the legs and flipped it upside down!


After I took this, I ended up moving it even higher so you don’t see the reflection of the back of the desk because that was really bugging me. The desk is also neat in that you can build it with the cupboard on either side. My original plan was to paint the mirror glossy white, but it kind of goes how it is, so I will probably let laziness prevail and leave it as is. Until I decide it drives me crazy.

I didn’t buy a chair for it yet, I’m just using an old dining room chair for now. Keith suggested that so I can decide what height I want the chair to be. He’s so smart.

After the bed was all together, I went to put a sheet on it and got so fed up with the sheets not fitting (our mattress is too deep), I made it my mission on Monday to acquire new sheets. (Side note: I thought I was buying a set of sheets at Ikea, but I got home and realized it was a duvet cover. Oh well.) After scouring online reviews, I ran to Target after work and got some sheets that fit! Except I kind of forgot what color the bedroom walls were and ending up matching the sheets to the future dining room color, so they don’t match the bedroom walls exactly, but they sure are soft.

Hooray for new sheets and new furniture!

blue in the face

 This past weekend I painted the bedroom. It’s a pretty huge room (16×14) but I did luck out since it looks like the ceiling had been painted pretty recently so I got to skip that horrible step. It took me about 9 hours spread out over 3 days and that doesn’t even include the trim. That has to wait. The previous paint job was very sloppily done, I even found an earwig painted into the wall! Ugh. There was a bright spot though. While removing outlet covers, I found this:


Oh hey, teeny heart wallpaper! I am very very thankful that they at least took that down. I’d take 23 earwigs on the wall before I’d want to rip down more wallpaper. Now for the fun stuff, here’s a reminder of what the room looked like when we first saw the house:



Very, very beige. I’m not into beiges/taupes/off-whites in any form, though the previous owners LOVED them, in all shades, in all rooms. My preferred neutral is grey, so room by room, I am banishing the beige.


This was the room after the first night. I felt like I was sleeping in a haunted house or squatting or something. See that white piece of wall/ceiling over the window on the right? I went back and forth for DAYS (even before I started painting) trying to decide if I wanted to leave it white and pretend it was ceiling or paint it blue and pretend it was wall. They had obviously pretended it was ceiling and it sort of drove me crazy. I thought it might look different when everything was blue so I left it momentarily and it drove me even more insane, so I painted over it the next day. I think it was the right choice.


master bedroom

That hope chest was built by Keith’s grandfather and painted by his grandmother. (It has his initials and year of birth on it, I love it!)

Also don’t mind the dog toy holding open the door, Daisy won’t play with them so we need to use them for something.

I took the pictures at 7pm, so they are a little dark (but still pretty accurate) but I LOVE IT. The room feels so peaceful and calming. The color is Martha Stewart – Washed Denim, the actual paint is Behr Premium Plus Ultra (which all my paint is and I’ve been really happy with it, paint + primer in one rules). So far I am 3/3 for loving the paints I have picked out! Guess I have a knack for paint! 😉 It makes the doors/trim pop like the beige never could and I think it even makes the green carpet look not-so-green (which is a huge plus).

My one annoyance with the whole thing was that the Home Depot guy swore up and down that I would need two gallons of paint for the room and I just barely used one! I am either really good at painting or they are scam artists. Never again buying more than one gallon at a time since I now have two untouched gallons of paint (the kitchen and bedroom). They are distinct enough colors that I don’t really want to use them in other rooms, so now I don’t know what to do with them and have 70$ of paint just sitting there. Blah. So if anyone needs a gallon of Martha Stewart – Washed Denim or Behr – Embellished Blue, I’ll give you a discount!

We still need a bed and some other furniture and I can’t stop thinking that our nightstands need some chrome lamps, but the paint is a huge improvement.

I told myself that after I painted the bedroom, I HAD to get back to the living room and the wallpaper. So that’s my next project. Blah.

master bedroom

The master bedroom is a pretty nice room.



It is a very large room and the three windows (even though two are tiny) bring in tons of light. (Have you noticed I like light?) The closet is pretty big and that white strip behind the off-white (seriously! what is with the nasty off-white color?!) door is a door to more storage space. It actually runs the whole length of the wall, but is more of a crawl space than closet, but will still be great for winter things.

Plans for the bedroom are:

-a drink. just kidding, paint! I really don’t like the brownish walls. I couldn’t decide on a bedroom paint color but finally this one jumped out at me. It’s Martha Stewart Washed Denim. I love blues, if you couldn’t tell. I’m hoping that it brings in a lot of color without being too in your face. (I hope. I have two gallons of it already.)

-I actually didn’t realize the carpet was green until after we closed. I hate green. It’s in fine shape though so I can’t justify replacing it yet. But one day.

-A bedframe. We have a plan metal bedframe that the bed sits on, but no head/footboard. We want something, but don’t want to spend a ton because we eventually want to upgrade from our full sized bed.

leirvik bed frame – ikea

-We like this bed from Ikea and it’s only 89$.

Micke desk – ikea

 – I also want a desk that I can use as a vanity since my bathroom is too small. I decided on this desk because it is modern and has some storage. Regular vanities are not my style, have close to no storage and are insanely expensive. This is 79$ and has everything I want.

-We also want a low dresser. We have a tall dresser and I feel like we need something low to balance the room. And so I don’t have to keep my jeans on the top shelf of the closet.

The bedroom is next on my to-paint list. Which I will eventually get back to. I turned in the last two assingments for my Archaeology class today, so I spend from now until Monday studying for my Phsyical Anthropology final and then I’m freeeee! Until summer term starts. But I’m only taking one online class (Abnormal Psych) so hopefully it won’t take up too much of my time.