On Saturday, I made a meatza. Keith and I have both completely overhauled our diets in the past few years. We both love carbs but have gotten more and more serious about cutting back on them. I still cheat way more often than he does but the thing I miss the most is pizza. I will have it every once in a while but we don’t order it like we used to. I came across a post about *meatza* on reddit and was both kind of grossed out and kind of intrigued.

The premise is that it is a pizza…with a meat crust. Haha, just typing that out is kind of gross. I ran it by Keith and he was into it, so I went for it, following this “recipe.”


It wasn’t until halfway through adding the sausage to the top I realized how ridiculous that was, but it was already cooked so I threw it on.

I had mixed feelings on it. It didn’t taste like pizza, but it was about 70% as satisfying. (Add enough cheese to anything and it will satisfy me.) Both Keith and I had wished that there were more veggies or something on top. After we finished, I did feel a little queasy for a while¬†from eating so much meat.

Keith ate it for lunch the next day and the last half-piece for dinner, so he said he’s not going to want it any time soon, haha. I couldn’t even think of eating it for lunch the next day, so he has a stronger stomach than I.

For lunch on Sunday I had some roast zucchini/potato/onion concoction with an egg on top to offset all that meat.


I think if I were to make it again (some day…far down the line) I would use something other than ground turkey. Even all doctored up, it was still a little bland. I would also try to make it thinner, which is tough since it shrinks up in the oven. If you think of it like a bun-less pizza burger it is a bit more appealing, haha.