friday favorites: 3 sense edition

Things I am loving:

A few weeks ago, Keith decided he was going to start watching SNL again. Since we are old people, he records it and watches later. He was watching one episode the other day and the musical guest came on. I wasn’t paying any attention but partway through the song I looked up and said “I have no idea who this is…but I really kind of like them.” And then I went back to ignoring the tv. A few days later, I couldn’t get the snippet of song out of my head, so I looked it up, saw it was Hozier and downloaded the album. And I have listened to pretty much nothing else since. I can’t remember the last time I have had an album on repeat like this…it’s so good. Another perk of my job is I can listen to music since I’m not out in the open/have to answer the phone. So I’ve been playing this album on repeat but also rediscovering some other albums. When I drive, I have to have my music shuffling, but that is too distracting for me at work, so I’m actually listening to straight albums for the first time in a really long time. So tell me, any favorites? Old or new? I like indie-ish stuff mostly, not into country, not really into rap. I will not listen to Kanye West on principle…but I’d give most anything else a chance.

Two Dots and 2048:

I’m not really into games because I suck at them. But these two games have had my attention for the past two weeks. When I get stuck on Two Dots, I’ll go and play 2048 for a while. They are both more strategy than skill and that’s something I can get behind.


I was at Target a few weeks ago and wandered into the candle aisle. We have some sort of caramel candle in the basement that we light while we are down there, but I wanted something for the living room while I’m doing homework. I picked up a few wintery sort of scents to sniff but everything was overpowering. Then I grabbed Cozy Nights because I liked the name and knew it was the one. It’s kind of autumny/wintery, I can’t even place what it smells like but it is delightful.



This is my 201st post here on jellyjars! How momentous! (Side bar…I definitely thought the word was monumentous. Like a monument…but then spellcheck proved me wrong and now I’m sitting here wondering if I’ve ever said that word aloud to anyone. Yikes, how embarrassing. Probably more embarrassing than the fact that my brain likes to replace the word chronic with chronological in the split second before it leaves my mouth. Have you ever referred to someone as a chronological liar? I have. Multiple times.)

Where was I? Oh, 200+ entries! Woohoo! I meant to post this at 200 and had it all set up and then I forgot and posted something else. Whoops. Still, pretty impressive!

Although thinking back to my live journal days, I once hit 1,000 entries on one of those little things. And that was journal number ~3 out of 4 or 5. There are probably 2,000 live journal entries from me floating around out there. How terrible. Luckily those have been private for a long, long time and will remain that way until the end of eternity. I actually can’t even think about love journal without cringing. What a wonderful/terrible time. Mostly terrible.


naplobomo 2014 edition

So in a moment of what will turn out to be sheer stupidity, I decided to NaBloPoMo (a spin on NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) National Blog Posting Month…you write a blog post every day in November, I did it in 2009 and I think I’ve failed twice since then..) last night. I had written a post yesterday and set for it to post on Monday and then went back a bit later and published it. Insanity! I haven’t written consistently in a long time and now I’m going to try for 30 posts in a row.

I also forgot the honeymoon will be smack in the middle of that, so I’ll have to see how I want to play that. I could post from Hawaii but I think at least one of our rentals doesn’t have wifi (the horror!) so maybe I’ll plan out some posts in advance (hah!) or post a few picture updates. Those count! Yesterday, Keith went to a football game and left at some ungodly hour and I slept in until 11:40. I was pretty shocked when I woke up, I’m not sure the last time I slept that late. I had been feeling pretty under the weather though, so I must have needed it. And I must have really needed the 2 hour nap I took after I woke up and ate something. Yikes!

I ended up back in bed by 10:00ish? last night, so it should be no surprise that I was wide awake at 7:00 a.m. Ughhhhh. But it did allow me to hit the grocery store at 9:00 a.m. and that was pretty nice.

Now my plans for today are to not nap (man, I am sooo ready for a nap), write my stupid lab report for class, pick out next week’s outfits and cook. Fun, fun, fun. And if I’ve gotta come up with another 29 entries this month, this is all you’re getting.

keep it posi

My mom said my last post sounded like a cry for help, and I told her it kind of was. Not really a cry for help, but it often does help me to get things off my chest. I think there’s just going to be an adjustment period with this job and that’s okay. Someone asked me yesterday if I missed my old job and I was surprised at how quickly and definitively I said “No.” I told her I miss the people, of course, but I don’t miss the job at all. It was boring and annoying and I did more than my fair share and I am glad to not be doing that every day. This job is stressful and confusing, but it’s also a little exciting. I get to know secrets and I get to go visit other departments and interact with all sorts of different people. Everyone has been kind and I think I’m finally starting to prove myself to people, which helps a lot.

So I thought I would flip the script and write about the things in my life that are great right now:

1. Honeymoon!!!!! – In less than 3 weeks Keith and I will be celebrating 6 months of marriage and heading off on our honeymoon. I can’t remember if I wrote about it at all here but we are going to Maui and the Big Island. We’re flying into Maui on November 20th (evening) and staying for 3 days at an Air BnB in Haiku, which is pretty much the center of the north shore. We’re going to see Pitt v University of Hawaii on November 21st and will explore for the next few days. On November 23rd we head to the Sheraton Maui for the Maui Invitational. Three more basketball games spread across three days and then a Thanksgiving Luau! Black Friday we fly from Maui to the Big Island for another week. Our time is split between 2 AirBnBs. One in Pahoa near Volcanoes National Park and one near Kailua/Kona. Although the current lava flow may change our Pahoa plans as it is flowing directly into the village we are staying. It looks like the lava flow will miss the house, but it’s LAVA. It can change its mind. Sooooo…keeping an eye on that.

2. Family time – A good portion of why I took my new job was that I would be closer to my family. My brother Ross and his family tend to go to my mom’s house for dinner on Friday nights and so far I’ve been able to make it to two of these. I went again this Friday and got to do a little Trick or Treating with Bradley. That child kills me, in the best way. It was also so great to spend some time with my siblings. My sister Kirrah stopped down for a minute and my brother Sam and his girlfriend were there getting ready for a Halloween party and it was just so much fun to sit around and laugh for a while. I am definitely making it a regular thing, family is good for the soul.

3. Gilmore Girls – Gilmore Girls hit Netflix and after seeing all the press, I was trying to resist watching it again. I’ve run through the whole series three times already. Once, when it was on tv. The second time was my sophomore year of college. The third time was when I first moved in with Keith and was waiting to start my job. And the fourth time is now. I caved. There are a lot of newer shows I would like to watch, but Keith and I watch a lot of stuff together so that limits what I can watch on my own. He, sadly, has no interest in Gilmore Girls, so I can watch it whenever I want. It also just makes me feel good. I know all the characters and the storylines but it still makes my heart happy and that’s ~45 minutes I can use to not stress out about life, so I will take it.

4. Graduation! – I am able to apply for graduation! What a crazy thought! I signed up for my last Anthropology class and an Independent Study for the GIS certificate (assuming I can get a C in Remote Sensing, blah). But that’s all I need! Then I can graduate! I can hardly believe this day has come. What will life be like after graduation? It’s not like I’ll get a new job, or move out of my dorm or really do anything new but be crushed by my student loan debt…but I will have free time! My weekends will be mine! I won’t be gone for 15 hours every Wednesday! I don’t know how I will deal, it’s going to be glorious. And I can finally, after 10 years put a check in the college graduate column. (And after all that, I will miss it. I like going to classes (when they don’t suck), I like learning. I like feeling like I’m accomplishing things.)

5. Golden Girls! – A few weeks ago, my friend Erin posted about some paintings on her blog. She did a Twin Peaks series and then I think she asked for suggestions for other series of paintings people would like to see. I threw out Golden Girls, because I love them, and Erin has a great style that I thought would do them justice. And she did! She posted the finish product shockingly fast and I swooped in and bought them all. We met up for coffee and for me to get them and they were even better in person. And then they sat on my dining room table for weeks. But last weekend I put them up and couldn’t be happier! I put them in the powder room so anyone who comes over my house can see them. So exciting. Erin makes a lot of great stuff and does commissions, so check out her shop! 



So, my life isn’t all stress and eyelid twitches (OMG PLEASE STOP) and I won’t even write about how I lost my driver’s license and credit card somewhere in my house last week and looked EVERYWHERE three times and had just gotten a new license in June and had to pay to have a new license sent to me so of course I will find them as soon as I get up off of this couch. I’m trying to keep it posi!

Life is full of ups and downs and some of us are better than others at keeping those downs to ourselves. But sometimes writing helps, just simply the act of letting the thoughts flow out of your brain helps. It can give you a little distance and sometimes lets you know when you are being a whiny little baby. 😉

day 8

Still sick. Here’s a picture of my two loves.


day 7: sick as a dog.

So I did end up leaving work a bit earlier yesterday, I was sort of afraid I might have had strep throat. A coworker’s son had it and 24 hours later, I woke up with a sore throat. I didn’t think that could have just been coincidence.

So I came home and took a nap, woke up feeling pretty bad and congested. Due to that and my lack of spots, I figured it wasn’t strep throat. Tossed and turned for a while last night before I moved my sick self to the couch.

Was woken up by Keith this morning, felt seventeen million times worse, called off and went back to bed. Slept on and off (mostly on) all day and I am still so sick. Keith is bringing me O.J. and NyQuil, I already decided I will not be going to class tomorrow night.

This was a horribly boring and self-pitying post but that’s the point of the exercise. Post even when you don’t want to. Wahhh.

day 6 and fading fast.

chai tea, burt’s bees, halls breezers


Years ago for Christmas my mom bought us all these mugs that represented us. Mine was obviously spot on. What started as a sore throat this morning has turned into extreme nausea. I’m trying to hang on at work a bit longer, but I’m not sure how long I will last. Boo.

dogs will be dogs.

So unless you are new here, you know that Daisy is my doghter as well as an extension of myself. She is the best dog we could have asked for and I truly couldn’t imagine life without her. She is so much more than a pet that I pretty much forget she is one.

Let’s travel back a few weeks to Columbus Day. I was off work and had grand plans to do homework. I was trying to work on economics but I couldn’t get my photography assignment out if my head so I decided to go outside and take a few pictures. I planned on sticking around the house so I took Daisy out and hooked her up. I spent a few minutes in the back yard and she wandered around with me before going to sun herself on the patio. I decided to check out the front of the house and snapped a picture (literally, one!) before heading back to the patio. I knelt down to take another picture and I hear Daisy jingling as she runs back to see me. As she gets closer I notice she had something on her fur and then as I get closer I can smell her.


I have no idea what she got into and rolled in but she smelled horrific. And she would not even look at me, she knew she was in trouble.

Now Daisy has a fear of the bathroom. She will not go in one but for a few steps and then immediately backs out, she won’t even chance turning around.

So it’s 2:00 p.m., Keith will not be home from work for hours, I am all alone outside with a filthy dog who hates baths. We had never actually bathed her in a tub, only ever outside in the summer. It was probably 50 degrees out, so hosing her down was out of the question. I decided I had to go for it.

I led her inside, holding onto her collar. Into the laundry room where I mostly stripped down. Then I quickly led her to the basement, where thankfully there is a bathtub. Getting her in the actual bathroom took several minutes, but luckily it is small, so I was able to get her partway in and then slowly inch the door closed. And then it was a standoff. There was no way she would voluntarily get in that tub and I really didn’t think I would be able to lift her (60lbs of filthy, terrified dog) but I had to go for it. Keith later said it was a mother’s strength. Haha.

But I somehow got her in and got her bathed and we were all slightly happier after that was over.

She is sooo much like a person that when she actually does something dog-like, it is that much more shocking. But like I told her at the time, “Joke’s on you, bath hater.”


I am sitting here waiting for trick or treaters, but it is becoming more and more obvious that we won’t be getting any.

We are the first house on our street and there are no streetlights on our street. The closest house to us doesn’t have their lights on and so I’m sure no one will be walking all the way down here just for us.

current view out our front windows.

Daisy was all ready, I was all ready…

her halloween t-shirt.

waiting for trick or treaters.

I guess I know for next year not to buy 8 bags of candy. Although I think I want to have a Halloween party next year. My friend Chris used to have the best Halloween parties and I really miss them.

I am excited that I got some discount Halloween decorations at Kohl’s the other day.


That skull was 19.99 marked down to 3.99! (Who would buy that for 20$?!) The set of bottles was 5.99 and the lanterns were 8.99. I can’t wait to set them all up on the mantel next year. That’s one hidden cost of buying a house…buying holiday decorations! My plan is to be totally un-festive all year and hit up the post-holiday sales.


Okay, 90 minutes in and no kids, I’m taking the candy to the basement.

oh snap.

Let’s talk wedding, for just one second.  Keith and I have been engaged for ~16 months now (yikes!) and we sort of haven’t done anything to prepare for the wedding. About two weeks ago, I decided I needed to get started with that and so earlier this week, I met up with our photographer.

I chose Tiffany and Jonathan at Hot Metal Studio and I seriously could not be any more excited. I have been gazing longingly at their blog ever since early spring and although there are many talented wedding photographers in Pittsburgh, I knew I had to go with them.  I met up with Tiffany earlier this week and she could not have been sweeter. Not that I had any doubt, but meeting her just put me totally at ease.

I’m not sure how much wedding stuff I am going to share on here…I kind of like to keep secrets, but I’m just really excited about our photographer and I will definitely share some photos here. Go check out their stuff in the meantime!

The wedding itself will be in May of 2014 and other that the photographer, the only thing we know is that it’s going to be small. I have a tentative guest list of 80 and I’m actually trying to make it smaller. Of course, there will be plenty of people we cannot invite and if you are one of those people and reading this, please know that it wasn’t anything personal. I won’t speak for Keith, but I am a total introvert and even just thinking about getting married in front of dozens of people makes my heart race. So secret, intimate and beautifully photographed. Sounds good to me.