summer cleaning…

Ready for the most boring post in the history of the internet?

Here goes.

Since I have no time for any sort of painting or home improvement projects, I decided over the weekend to finally tackle something that has been driving me insane for over a year. The pantry/kitchen cupboards.

When we moved into our last apartment, I took time before unpacking any kitchen boxes to decide where everything would live. I then put those things in there places and everyone lived happily ever after.

Until we moved. And I was trying to paint the kitchen and needed the boxes out of the way so things just got shoved in cupboards. No rhyme, no reason, just chaos. And so it went for the next 15 months.

Until I finally had enough. I couldn’t find anything, I kept buying doubles of things, there were items that I bought and NEVER used that were probably expired, items we just don’t eat anymore (packaged noodles, pasta in general) things would fall out of the cupboard and on the rare occasion someone would open a cupboard I would just feel shame wash over me.


The pantry before. Note: These are crappy iphone pictures because I was not pulling out the big camera to take these photos. I am totally ashamed to post this picture, but luckily it no longer looks like that. You can’t even see all the stuff on the floor, that pile was at least a foot high. Also of note is the jar of skittles, Keith made skittles vodka a year or two ago…those are the leftovers. That cake flour was from 2009. Shameful.

I took everything out, checked every date and filled an entire garbage bag.


Hey! Look! A floor! (With some weird trivets(?) that I have no idea where they came from and a basket of Keith’s pretzels.

We have organization! We have another cake flour that wasn’t produced in 2009! We have a healthy love of green beans and mexican food! I was also able to pull pantry items out of other random cupboards so everything is all in one place. I have since also shoved the vaccuum in there but I think I need to take it out becuase it is ruining my view.

There is another shelf up top that I couldn’t fit in the picture, but it just has paper towels on it now. I want to put in another shelf on the bottom because there are still things I can’t fit in the pantry like my collection of oils/vinegars and there is just wasted space.

Now these other cupboards were a much bigger deal because I didn’t have to go in the pantry every day, but I did have to open these cupboards since they were home to my spices. Months and months and months ago, I bought some glass jars/risers and organized my spices all nicely. I wanted to show everyone but the rest of the cupboard was so ridiculous, I couldn’t. Until now.


Ignore everything else and just look at my beautiful spices. I didn’t want to mess up the look so i labeled them on the top and end up picking up 2-3 spices before I get the one I want, but they are sooo pretty. Again, I took everything out…


Haaaaaaaaaa. How fun. I found 3 canisters of cocoa, 2 almost completely full. Two of pepper, two salts, two oatmeals.


This after is not as dramatic as the pantry after, I still need to do something with the shelf above the spices. Thinking of getting another one of those risers. And still need a measuring cup/spoon system, but I can breeeeeeeeeeeeathe.

I also cleaned out my closet a few weeks ago but it is back to being a disaster area. I really really need a dresser.

I really want to go clean/organize something else now. I did the tupperware cupboard after this, I have slowly been replacing all my cheap gladware stuff with pyrex storage containers and I love them but they are not as easy to store as plastic that you can shove and squeeze places. But sorry, I forgot to take a picture. (I know you are devestated.)

In more exciting news, we have our engagement pictures tonight! We have been engaged for 2 years and one week exactly, haha, but better late than never! Our photographer is Hot Metal Studio and I am soooooooooo excited. I am also incredibly awkward in front of a camera, but I have faith in them. Yay!


let there be light! and carpet!

So this weekend I finally got around to cleaning up the wallpaper mess in the livingroom. At least the stuff on the floor. I went and got some cleaning supplies at Lowe’s and had planned to actually start scrubbing the wall, but I never got around to that. Even just picking up all the stuff off the floor makes the room look a million times better.

The room has looked like this for the past few months:



I would pick up the bulk of the wallpaper every once in a while, but it was still an eyesore with all the bits that would stick to the plastic sheeting.

So I cleaned it all up. My goal was to clean off the plastic and keep it to reuse it, but that idea got scrapped real fast and it ended up in the trash. I figured I got 6 months use out of it, I could throw it away.

I actually can hardly notice how ugly the wall is now that the floor is so clean!

Now if you thought that was exciting, wait ’til you see this! (Note: I realize I am the only one who cares about either one of these things, but humor me!)

naked light switches

This is what my kitchen looked like in April. And yesterday. Since the switchplates were wallpapered over, I threw them away and bought new ones. But, the lightswitches were almond, and dirty almond at that, so I refused to put the white plates over them since I figured they would never get changed.

Fast forward 6 months later…

ugly, uglier, ugliest

The switch on the far left was the dining room dimmer switch. Except the dimmer part never existed. I always felt like I was being mildly electrocuted when I touched that thing. One of the outlets look like it was painted over and then re-dirtied. Such a mess.

I enlisted Keith’s help for this one and though some were a little tricky, in maybe 30 minutes(?) we had them all done.

And they are BEAUTIFUL. Here, look at my light switches.

he looks a little crooked, but I DON’T CARE.


someone (me) forgot to buy that kind of outlet, so he has to stay almond for now. the bottom white screw was also too long due to the wonky hole in the tile, so I have to repaint that one white.


I am most excited about this one since it is the most used and was a gaping hole for 6 months. (still need to caulk between the wall/door)

also really excited for this one, since we attempted to change it once and the plug was sort of hanging out of the wall for months. (safety first!)

and a dimmer that dims! instead of electrocuting! and almost makes the wallpaper look not-so-bad, right? (wrong.)

So two very minor (<1 hour) projects that make so much of a difference! Hooray!


We also spent some time discussing the pantry, I want two more shelves in there, which Keith will be installing for me. Then I’m painting it and I can finally organize it instead of just throwing everything haphazardly in there. And I can hopefully re-organize my kitchen cabinets when that happens because oh man do they need it.

Probably the most boring post of the year, but it happens.