life after graduation

So, life update.

I graduated. I mean, I guess I already wrote about that, but I received my diploma in the mail and it’s official and done. To be completely honest, I was about 5% convinced that I screwed something up somewhere and I hadn’t actually graduated, so I was dying to receive the diploma and know that it was actually 100% legit. I could have called the Dean’s office or something to check on that…but I would rather wait anxiously for the mail.

So. Life after graduation. Is exactly the same. Although a bit weird. It hasn’t 100% sunk in that I don’t have to go to school anymore. After 5 years of splitting my time, I kind of just feel like I’m on a little break. And I guess I kind of am, because I signed up for another photography class in the fall! I just can’t stop learning, I guess. The class is at Pittsburgh Filmmakers and I have been dying to take another class since the first one 3 years ago, but I just couldn’t fit it into my schedule. But now that I have some free time again, lets give it all away again!

I am really excited for it. It’s just Intermediate Digital Photography, but they also at times offer Photography on Location and Portrait Photography so I’m excited to one day try those.

I am still at my same job, not really on the hunt for something related to my major because I would have to attend a field school and I just don’t have the time or money or energy for that. A field school would be ~6 weeks away from home. It would be really awesome to do, but I would have to basically quit my job to attend and then who knows how long it would take me to find another job if that didn’t pan out. I am also really into my house and husband and dog and I don’t really want to voluntarily leave them for 6 weeks.

So, I’m just plugging along at my 100 mile a day commute. If something more in line with my interests and degree were to fall in my lap, I wouldn’t turn it away, though.

In somewhat more exciting news, we are headed west this week! Going to Seattle and Vancouver and pretty excited about that. Aside from Hawaii, the furthest west I’ve ever been is Chicago, so excited to see the west coast.

We also are planning a trip for Keith’s 30th birthday which will include 4 baseball games in 5 days so now I’m secretly plotting a trip for MY 30th birthday which will include…4 naps in 5 days? Probably need to think on that a little more.

I’ve missed you, blog.

cue sad sarah mclachlan song

So for my final photography project, we could take photos of anything we wanted, there just had to be a theme. I thought for days and days on what the heck I wanted to take pictures of. I had finally sort of decided that I would try to take pictures of people and their pets. I was trying to make a list of 10 people I knew with pets when I realized what a possible nightmare this could be.

“Hey…can I come over your house for an hour and take pictures of you and your dog?” times 10.

Yeaaaa…that wasn’t going to work. I also had the idea to take pictures of every place I have ever lived. This is something I still might do someday, but when I pulled up the house I lived in in Greene County and saw that it was almost 2 hours from my current house…yea, not going to happen.

Every day, I drive past the Animal Rescue League on my way to/from work. I finally had the bright idea to see if I could go there and take pictures. Tons of animals in one place! It took a while to actually get someone on the phone to ask if that would be okay, but when I finally did, they were incredibly accommodating. I went down a few times and was almost given free reign on which dogs I wanted to photograph.

Since Daisy is so attached to my hip and so used to having her picture taken, I may have underestimated a bit how difficult it would be to get other animals to actually want anything to do with me. Most of them were just thrilled to be out in the yard so they would just want to run around. I was armed with a bag of training treats though, so I could get their attention for a moment here and there. I also went one night to take photos of cats and they were actually way more cooperative! It helped that I was in a room with them, not a giant yard and it also helped that my friend Chelsey (who volunteers there) was there to wave toys around/wrangle cats.

So, without further ado, here are the 12 images I chose to print out for my final project. I am thrilled with how they turned out.












My purple kitty picture actually became semi-famous and made it onto both the Animal Rescue League facebook and the front page of the Consumerist.

And since I’m a giant dork…
Screen Shot 2012-12-15 at 11.57.39 AM

Screen Shot 2012-12-15 at 12.02.45 PM

My dog photos have also been used on the Animal Rescue League’s website which makes me incredibly happy. Overall this was a very rewarding project.

finals, photos, fantastico

So. Whew. No new developments with either our fridge or plumbing issues. The plumbing issue has settled down a bit and we can actually shower without too much worry. The refrigerator repair man stood Keith up last Thursday but is supposed to come tomorrow. I really really hope they can fix it under warranty. It is incredibly annoying to have to lug all my dinner stuff up/down the stairs every day. But I am really thankful that we do have another fridge because otherwise we would have been living off of canned soup for the past two weeks.

When I last posted I said that I finished my Microeconomics class with a B. Well, literally the next day, the professor emails that he posted a bonus assignment! I was really excited because I was tempted to ask if there was any way to earn some bonus but I was sooo over the class that I refused to ask for more work. Well I finally sat down at work today and went through the bonus. It was 10 questions and I needed to answer 8 to get an A.

I told my coworker, Sarah, to cross her fingers with me while I hit submit. And as luck would have it, I got 8/10! I don’t think I would have been more excited with 9/10 or 10/10. So now I have an A! I seriously can’t get over it. I really didn’t like that class and felt that I have retained exactly no knowledge. Thankfully, I shouldn’t ever have to deal with it again. But I do have to take Macroeconomics at some point…so here’s hoping they have absolutely nothing in common.

I have two more photography classes before the semester ends and I’ll be sad for it to end. I keep going back and forth over taking another photography class next semester. From my class, I can either go on to Intermediate Photography, Portrait Photography or Black and White. I’m not really interested in Black and White (although it is film so that would be neat), Portrait is not offered in the Spring…so I have been toying with Intermediate. I had mostly decided not to take it and just work on taking more photographs in the Spring/Summer and take Portrait next fall…but I don’t know. I don’t really want to have three classes next semester especially since I wouldn’t be taking the photography class for credit. If I didn’t have the other classes, I would for sure take it.

I guess I have never posted any of the pictures I took for class on here, so maybe I’ll post some over the next few days. Everyone loves looking at pictures!

One of our first assigments dealt with ISO:

low iso

Low ISO: 200

sunset over pnc parkMid ISO: 800

High ISO: 3200

I miss September.