plant killer

Hello! I’m alive. Just busy. My summer class ramped up two weeks ago, I had a paper due, then a final, and now another paper this week. I am also going to D.C. this weekend, so I have 23 million things to do before then. (Actually just two: finish this paper and get my oil changed.)

I have totally been slacking on any house-related things, so I really have nothing to show. I did finally get around to painting the doors/trim in the bedroom and man, do I hate trim. I was ready to finally give in and use painter’s tape…but then I couldn’t find it. And I did eventually find it, after I had already finished. So the trim is not perfect and I absolutely refuse to do a second coat, but I’m fine with that. 

I also ripped up the 3/4 dead azalea by the road and put a container there. I popped in a plant from Lowe’s and I think I killed that already too. My window boxes have also seen better days. All the flowers/plants that were here when we brought the house are thriving but anything I try to put in dies as soon as I walk away. Apparently I did not inherit my mum’s green thumb. (Or the previous owners just learned in 35 years what they could plant and where.)

I’m going to my mum’s tomorrow for the 4th of July and even though I originally told her I was going to bring a baked good, I kind of went overboard and am planning on making 3 different treats, (as long as I can finish this paper!!) so I’ll definitely have some pictures of those after tomorrow and probably a few thousand of my adorable nephew, Bradley.