from ugly to…ugly…

I finally got around to doing a little more painting. I took a few Fridays off of work in December and got out my paint brushes. I still never finished the trim in the living room, but instead decided to tackle the entry way/upstairs hall.

I spend a good deal of time on the living room couch, either reading or doing homework :(. From the couch, my view was into the entryway/dining room. And the cream color of the entry just drove me insane. These pictures do not do it justice how dingy and dirty and gross it looked.

entry way


Everything was just varying shades of off white. When the entry light was on, everything just looked very yellow. I figured I could paint those walls, then when it was time to paint that trim, I could do the living room trim also and it would be one big happy project.

It took me 2 days to paint, it wasn’t a lot of wall but it was a lot of cutting in. I also ran out of paint at the end of day 1.¬†Annnd I¬†couldn’t reach over the stairs, so I had to buy an extension pole.

The first day that I was painting, my cousin Kirk came up and replaced some of my light switches/electrical outlets for me, which helps SO MUCH. My livingroom had been switchplate-less for almost a year because I refused to put new plates over grimey switches.

This is what we’ve got after I finished with the walls:

after! ish

after! ish

after! ish

after! ish

after! ish

after! ish

On one hand, it looks so much better, on the other hand it looks TERRIBLE with all the yellow-y trim, haha. The color is Behr-Sterling and it’s a very light grey but it reads almost blue in some lights. I also replaced the handles on the hall closets, they previously had weird white handles with chickens on them.

In the second-to-last picture, you can see that the entry still has a bit of a yellow cast, I want to replace the light fixtures and when I do I can hopefully get some bulbs that read cooler.

Definitely going with a moravian star for the entry.


Maybe this for the hallway…


You can’t see both lights at once no matter where you are, so I thought something dramatic for over the stairs would be fun. We’ll see!

I still have two giant bookcases, 9 doors, a few windows, and a whole bunch of baseboards before I can start thinking about lighting.

And then I can start on the dining room and rid our house of the last bit of wallpaper. SO EXCITED.