Spring Break!!!!!!!1

Which means beaches, beers and burritos.

Or…not at all. I didn’t even realize this week was spring break until Thursday or Friday of last week, but I lived it up this weekend!

Well, sort of. I lived it up for me.

Friday I got off work a little early, came home and took Daisy on a nice walk until we were chased by a scary dog. He barks and snarls at us when he is on his leash, so I was I was honestly terrified when I heard his owner yelling and saw him coming up the road behind us. I had completely resigned myself to being bit just before he turned around to go home. Probably the last time I walk down that road. Luckily there are a few different ways we can go, so it’s not a huge loss.

After Keith got home, we worked out and had some leftovers for dinner. Then, instead of retreating upstairs for homework, I went downstairs with him to catch up on tv. Parenthood and the Americans. I love Parenthood so much, I wish it was a 3 hour episode every week. Even it has gotten a little weird this season. The Americans is good too but kind of slow so far this season.

Saturday we woke up and got lunch then went to the meat market. We try to get there every few weeks but they are closed on Sunday which has been my usual shopping day, so I never remember. When you go there, they package up the meat, then carry it over to the register and ring it/bag it, so it wasn’t until I got home that I realized I bought at least twice as much chicken as I meant to. I asked for 4 chicken breasts, but didn’t realize theirs aren’t split like the ones in the grocery store, so I was a little shocked when I opened the bag. Also got some ground lamb for some fake Halal Guys food, yum.

Then Keith went home and I went to Target to add some more stuff to our wedding registry, kind of boring, but a necessary evil. And then more grocery shopping which is definitely evil. We were supposed to go to dinner with his parents, but his mom wasn’t feeling well so we went for some sushi instead. And then home to watch Before Midnight. We watched Before Sunrise and Before Sunset the previous two weekends and I really liked them all. Before Midnight was a little bit of a downer, I think Before Sunset was probably my favorite. I really like Julie Delpy.

double heart roll, wasabi roll. #sushisaturday

Sunday we were going to go out for lunch then bowling. We were discussing where to go when I saw Pgh Taco Truck would be in Fox Chapel so we headed out that way. I thought they were at a table tennis match and was impressed that there were so many people there but Keith corrected me that it was platform tennis, whatever that is. Still an impressive number of people considering how cold it was.

#latergram my @pghtacotruck haul from yesterday. wish I had more today.

After some delicious tacos, we went bowling and not to brag, but I kicked Keith’s butt both times! I also probably bowled my best two games ever, so it was really exciting. Keith bowled a third game and beat both of my previous scores, so I was glad it took him that long to warm up!

gettin' our bowl on. so far I am crushing keith.

After that I headed down to drop off wedding photos and head to my grandparent’s house. Got to see the family for the first time in a while so that was nice.

cutest nephew ever.

my other nephew, kevin bacon, is pretty cute too.

It might not be a very exciting Spring Break, but I really freaking needed a weeked of little to no responsibility. I’ll get another one of those in May, already can’t wait.

pittsburgh restaurant week – part 3

So before I finish up with our final stop during Pittsburgh Restaurant Week, a quick review of an unofficial stop we made. Unofficial because they were not part of Restaurant Week and not even a restaurant, but a new place we checked out.

After my terrible race on Saturday, we got home and I walked the dog while Keith worked out and then were were going to lunch. Upon checking twitter, I saw that PghTacoTruck would be at the Coffee Buddha from 12-3. It was almost 12, a quick google showed that the Coffee Buddha was only about 20 minutes away and I deserved tacos, damn it.

Keith wasn’t too into the idea of driving that far and asked if we could just go to Emiliano’s, but I pouted and he relented. We popped over and got in line and about 20 minutes later had some tacos! I got the ground angus with queso fresco, cilantro and onion and the spicy jerked chicken with avocado crema. Keith got the ground angus with cheddar jack and the grass fed steak with kimchi.


They aren’t lying about the spicy jerked chicken, it was almost too spicy for me and I love spicy. The avocado crema was great though and helped cool things down. The ground angus was fantastic. Keith always makes fun of me for not wanting to branch out, but sometimes simple is best and that taco knocked it out of the park. I only tried the kimchi part of Keith’s taco and it was…weird. Not bad and pretty much exactly what I would have expected, but I don’t know if I am a fan of kimchi.

I got us some drinks inside to go with our tacos and the Coffee Buddha is just the cutest little place. I got Keith lemonade and got myself a dry rhubarb soda. Both really good! Definitely hit up PghTacoTruck if you see it, I think I will definitely make a pilgrimage back to the Coffee Buddha for it and next time I’ll bring Daisy! They have leashes and waterbowls on the porch for dogs. How cute!

Okay, enough about tacos. (Never enough about tacos.)

Our third and final stop for Pittsburgh Restaurant Week was Tamari. This was actually the only choice Keith made. We headed there after the baseball game on Sunday. (Well, actually the game was still going on, but it was in extra innings and we had a reservation.)

Tamari is Latin-Asian fusion and in Lawrenceville. Keith had wanted to try it for quite a while so we made our way over.

For their restaurant week special, they had a specialty sushi roll for $20.13. Since it was market price, I don’t know how much we saved, if anything, since we usually don’t order things without prices.

Tamari has small plates, and those places always confound me. I always want to order too much food and Keith has to reel me back in. We decided to get three things and if we were still starving, we could order more. We started with some ceviche with taro chips. It was delicious, but a pretty small portion and we ate it before I could take a picture.

Next we had a lamb quesadilla. It was a bit bigger, but a little bland. I laughed at Keith for dipping his pieces in soy sauce, but then I tried and that actually improved it quite a bit! Also ate too fast to take a picture and if you don’t know what a quesadilla looks like, shame on you.

Our final plate was the specialty sushi. It was shrimp tempura and asparagus with tuna and something else on top, covered with a spicy miso sauce and pico de gallo.


(Also super dark in there, which is why I wasn’t too snap happy.)

It was delicious. The pico de gallo was unexpected yet totally awesome. I’m not sure I’d spend $20 a roll normally, but if it was $15 or so, I’d definitely order it again and again.

We left, for the first time during restaurant week, not sickeningly full, but perfectly satiated. Although a little pricey, I’d definitely go back to Tamari and try some other dishes.

PGH Taco Truck on Urbanspoon

Tamari on Urbanspoon

5k failure

So, Saturday I was signed up for a 5k. I did Color Me Rad with my friend Ryan back in June. At that time, I was at the point in c25k where I could run 3 minutes at a stretch. We did the 5k, it was a lot of fun and I figured I’d better sign up for another one if I wanted any hope of continuing the program. By the time this past Saturday rolled around, I was up to 22 minutes running.

So I felt half-prepared which was better than the .05 prepared I was for the other one. Keith was kind enough to drive me to this 5k, so it wasn’t until 15 minutes before the start that I started to get nervous. There were not a ton of people there and there was no sort of course map so I was pretty nervous that I was going to be dead last and get lost in the middle of North Park. (foreshadowing!)

So right before we start, the guy says “We’re going to take a left onto the foot bridge, a left onto Lake Shore Drive and then turn around at *blank*” Blank was the name of a shelter, but as soon as I heard it, I forgot it. I figured there would be some sort of sign, so I’d be okay. (foreshadowing!)

So we’re off, and I’m running, and I’m keeping pretty good pace with the people around me. And then I look down at my armband (running RunKeeper) and see that I’m only 8 minutes in and I want to diiiiiiiiie. Turns out I was running way too fast (for myself) trying to keep up. So I took a little walking break and then tried to slow down a bit. At about 10 minutes in, all sorts of people with running bibs start pouring back toward me. “Holy crap, am I going THAT slow?” But I figured whatever, those must be the pros, I am sure there are other slow people in front of me.

At the one mile mark there was a water station. I struggle with drinking water while running, I drink too much and make myself sick so I figured I’d skip the water on the way out and get some on the way back in. There was a hill after the water station and people were coming down it, so I kept trucking along.

I actually mentally high-fived myself because I watched some girl turn around at the water station and I (terribly rudely/judge-ly) thought, “Hey! At least I’m not giving up!” So I keep going. And going. And going. And see no turnaround what-so-ever. I stilll had RunKeeper plugging along so when I got to 1.6 miles, I said whatever and turned around. I figured I either missed the turn-around (How? I don’t know, it’s not like I was running with my eyes closed) or didn’t reach it yet in which case it was way too far away.

So I turn around and make my way back. At this point, I can’t help but let a few tears spill out. I am most certainly dead last, which is fine, I didn’t think I would be first or anything, but I just felt very alone. I get back to the water station and there is no one there. There are water jugs, but no cups. I keep going.

At 2.1 miles, I text Keith and let him know I only have 1 mile left. Just in case he thought I died out there.

I get back up the footbridge and whereas before there were people there cheering and pointing you in the right direction, this time, no one.

I cross the footbridge, get back on the first stretch and what do I see in front of me but all the volunteers walking back to the finish. In front of me. Who is still running. As I ran past them, they all kind of gave me a weird look. At the time, I thought they were slightly embarrassed that they left their posts before everyone finished, but in hindsight I think they were embarrassed for me.

I finally get back to the start, Keith is standing waiting for me. The finish line was a little bit further on, but I looked at my phone, saw I was at 3.17 and just headed to the car. As they are in the middle of an annoucement about “Thanks so much, hope you join us next year.”

Tears. Keith asked how it was. More tears. I told him how I couldn’t find the turn-around, I was the last one, even the volunteers didn’t wait for me.

Then Keith says that there was an announcement (shortly after the first person finished in less than 20 minutes) that they messed up the course. It was only 2.1 miles. Meaning the turn around was probably the water station. Which I didn not turn around at because I was paying attention to my mileage. And I saw people coming down the hill past it.

In hindsight, they were probably just regular runners, since it is North Park. And I unfairly judged the lady that turned around because she thought she was supposed to. And I was dead last, but I also ran an extra mile. And the volunteers did not wait because it should not take any normal person to run 2.1 miles in the time I ran 3.1.

I was really upset and felt really down on myself for the majority of that run. But my time was exactly what I expected it to be. I completed it. I completed MORE than a lot of people did (Keith said he saw some people pass the finish line twice – apparently after realizing the course was short). Overall, it was a kind of crappy experience, but it’s over. If it was not a charity race, I would be asking for a refund, but I’m not that evil.

I think the next 5k I do has to be some sort of fun run/walk. Running a 5k by yourself when you are not a very good runner is not even remotely fun.

crying really brings out the blue in my eyes.

crying really brings out the blue in my eyes.

I now have two race bibs hanging on my wall and took this very sad picture of myself in front when I got home. I then took Daisy on a leisurely 1.5 mile stroll and felt a lot better. And then I got tacos from PghTacoTruck and felt a lot a lot better. Screw running. Gimme dogs and tacos.


iphone snaps

Just some pictures that have nothing to do with anything but I wanted to share.


This is the most depressing thing to see in the morning, Daisy at her window looking so sad. Luckily she doesn’t do it every morning otherwise I could never leave.


The tree-eating culprit.


Last night I looked out the window and saw these FIVE deer (one not shown) eating my tree! I only saw two at first and ran out in the yard to yell at them and then I saw the other three and promptly ran back inside. The one in the bottom right was just STARING at me.

oh you're leaving? meh.

Daisy typically gets really anxious when we leave, but Friday night we went out to dinner and she couldn’t care less.


We went to Smoke Barbeque Taqueria last week after hearing rave reviews forever. I was not in love with the mac and cheese, but I really really liked the chorizo taco and the chicken taco.

sleepy daisy

Daisy loves her tile.

revenge of the chicken nuggets

I’ve had a really bad head cold and in my fog managed to burn the almost-crook-of-my-elbow with a cookie sheet while making chicken nuggets. How I managed to touch the cookie sheet there, I will never know, but man it hurts.


My view from bed. Looks like we sleep in a treehouse. Also still madly in love with that paint color.