getting closer….

I spent the weekend in D.C. visiting my friend, Elyse, so I took today off figuring I’d probably be wiped out. And I was, but after sleeping in and then taking a nap, I got to work doing some laundry which lead to FINALLY unpacking the boxes in the 3rd bedroom. I had a big closet in my last bathroom, so those boxes were full of bathroom things that did not fit in my new, closet-less bathroom. There is a closet in the upstairs hallway for that type of thing, so three months later, I put them where they belong.  I also finally took a few more pictures of the bathroom in it’s almost-finished state.


My boring, white shower curtain. Since I did not measure the width of my shower, the outer shower curtain is about 8 inches too wide, making it all bunch up. I took the last panel and folded it behind though and you can’t really tell. I also snagged those shower hooks from Keith’s bathroom, since they were nicer than the plastic ones they left upstairs. And then, since I didn’t measure again, my inner shower curtain is probably a foot too narrow. I don’t really love how the curtain hangs, but thanks to that lovely arch, I can’t do a thing about it. I also can’t move the shower curtain up, because the ceiling slopes inside (and outside) the shower. Haha, oh well. I still kind of want to replace the curtain rod with something silver, but I have stopped caring so much. I also found a roll of white caulk tape in the basement. So maybe they were planning on replacing the lovely orange? One day I’ll rip it off and replace it. I think it will make all the difference.

bathroom door

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, the door is blue. I had seen a picture on pinterest with a two-tone door/door jamb and loved it. I think it would work better if I reversed the colors, but what’s done is done. It probably needs another coat. I had thought of scrapping the whole idea and just painting it white, but then my little birdies wouldn’t be so noticeable. That’s a hand towel on there, my bath towels are dark red and don’t match the room at all. Which is a total first world problem, but they were cheap enough (Target) that I don’t feel too guilty buying some different ones to match my bathroom better.


I really, really want to put some white floating shelves above the toilet. I need the storage and I think they would look really sharp, but that’s something I need Keith’s help with. And I am also slightly intimidated by our plaster walls.  One day!

Two weekends ago I also finally painted the trim in the bedroom. It was already white, so it didn’t make a huge difference, but the most exciting difference was the door.

door before and after

Goodbye, disgusting, streaky, beige…hello white!

The door used to look soooo gross up against the white trim/ceiling. Now it’s the hallway that looks gross. The hallway will eventually be a light grey. I’m not sure if I will paint those closet doors out there white or grey, but they are on notice.

I also changed the sheets and put on a new duvet cover. I bought it at Ikea thinking it was sheets and didn’t realize until I got it home. You can see the old one in the bottom left corner above. It was white/grey stripes and although I love grey, it was more of a greige and it bugged me.


I am pretty in love with the new, accidental one. My favorite part of moving into a new apartment used to be picking up a new duvet cover. So maybe it was a subconscious decision to buy the new one. It has matching pillow cases, but I think I prefer the hot pink ones.


I also might have figured out what to do with the three nails above the bed. Since we have plaster walls, I didn’t want to rip them out and have to fill the holes, so I came across these three little frames that I’ve had for years and thought they might work. Ignore that the bed is totally off-center, it is way too heavy for me to move. Also ignore the contents of the frames (two Vespas and an upside-down picture of me and my dad) and the fact that they are very much not straight, but I still think it might work!  I was thinking of putting a floating shelf above the bed too since I think whatever goes up there has to be very clean and simple to not compete with the headboard. I think those little frames will work for the time being, hiding the nails until I either can put up a shelf or do something else. Now I just need something small and simple to put in them.

Pretty pleased with my few, minor tweaks! The living room is still next on the list. This weekend we have a wedding, but next weekend Keith is going out of town, so I will probably begin to tackle it then.

upstairs bathroom: before/progress

So in the week and a half between closing and actually moving, I knew I couldn’t get everything done, so I decided that the kitchen would be my number one priority, but if there was time, I really wanted to get the upstairs bathroom and the master bedroom painted. Everything else could be done slowly when I got around to it, but those rooms were going to be in use as soon as we got in there so it made the most sense to do those first. Well since the kitchen took so long, I am having doubts about finishing the bathroom/bedroom before we move but I had a little time yesterday while kitchen paint was drying to run up and start the bathroom.

Luckily the bathroom is small and I was able to get the first coat of paint on. Here was the bathroom before:

upstairs bath before
 Not too bad! The fixtures are all updated, there is no hideous tile, the window is HUGE and brings in tons of light…I just absolutely hate the color green.

When trying to decide colors for the house, the bathroom kept stumping me. I wanted something bright but kept going back and forth on different colors. Finally I decided I would just make it easy on myself and re-use a color up here. And the lucky color was:

 Upstairs bath in progress

Upstairs bath in progress

Upstairs bath in progress

The kitchen cabinet color! (Behr – Embellished Blue) At the very last minute, I decided to paint inside the shower the kitchen wall color. (Behr – Aqua Breeze) My mother-in-law kept remarking how much the light blue felt like a sky, so I thought it would be fun and would reflect light better than the teal. Everything needs another coat and the trim needs hit with some semi-gloss. I think I am going to paint the door light blue as well just for fun. I ordered a graphic shower curtain on amazon, which I am hoping goes with the paint…but if it doesn’t I might just grab a plain white one.

Not sure what to do about a window covering. They left the frilly one from the before pictures, but it is a little too old lady for my tastes. The window doesn’t exactly need one since it is frosted, but it looks a little naked. The weird orange-ish trim stuff around the shower bothers me but I’m not really sure what I could do about it.

I am very thankful that the previous owners updated all of the bathrooms. Since the house was built in 1950 I’m sure it included lots of lovely tile and removing all of that would have been far beyond my skill level.

And even though I had to stand on a step ladder inside the tub, the only casualty of the whole event was one lightbulb that I broke while removing one of the light fixtures. Not too bad, Katrina!

kitchen: after!

Well, the kitchen is complete! It took a whole lot longer than anyone would have guessed, but that’s usually how those things go.  It took over a day to remove the wallpaper. The flowery stuff came off pretty easily, but the blue gingham stuff on the bulkhead was the devil incarnate. And I am no longer friends with the previous owners thanks to this little surprise.

devil wallpaper

That is wallpaper above the sink. It was not only impossible to get to thanks to its location above the sink and behind a board, it was impossible to get off. I probably spent 3 hours working on that and my mom had to finish it. I think my neck is still broken due to the horrible acrobatics necessary to reach it.

Two of the other obstacles are visible in this photo:


The first obstacle was the wall to the right of the stove. That lovely green stuff is a skim coat of plaster that was chipping off in giant sheets. Painting over it would have been a horrible idea, so my MIL chipped off everything that would come off (and it was a lot) and then had to spackle the entire wall. Then it had to dry and be sanded down before we could paint there. That took more than a day for all those steps. The second obstacle might not be that easy to spot so let me zoom in a little for you…


Ahhh, this little electrical box was just wallpapered right over so imagine my surprise when I finally got the devil wallpaper down and found that. The wiring inside looks ancient so I’m sure wallpapering right over it wasn’t the safest thing. I’m calling this an OHS. Old house surprise. And I’m sure there will be plenty more.

So here are some in-progress shots of the kitchen…

kitchen in progress

kitchen in progress

Ahhhhh. It was so nice having that wallpaper off the walls. I felt like I could finally breathe in there. I was almost happy enough to just leave it like that.  Haha. Just kidding.

Now the good stuff. The afters. In just 3.5 days with a few gallons of paint and a lot of elbow grease, we were able to turn my kitchen into this:






I am truly in love. The teal cabinets might not be everyone’s cup of tea but they are everything I ever wanted and I don’t think I could possibly love them any more than I do!

Now for funsies, a quick before/after:




Looking at the befores I feel like I am suffocating. (Also don’t mind the lack of switch plates, we need to switch out the light switches and outlets because not only are they almond they are super duper grimey/nasty. So those will be replaced and then covered with some fresh white plates.)

I have to give a lot of thanks to both my mom and my mother-in-law. Without them, I would probably still be up there scraping wallpaper. They were a huge huge huge help and it was also a lot of fun to work with them! Love ya both!

And I feel as sleepy as Daisy looks so I’m calling it a night.