goodbye, summer.

So we didn’t go camping this weekend, since the forecast called for rain all three days. And of course, I haven’t seen one single drop of rain. On Friday, we set up the tent just to make sure we could. So this was as much camping as we did.

tent dog

If you can’t tell from Daisy’s face, it was a little hot in there. On Saturday, we took Daisy for her yearly shots and she was super pumped to hear she lost 5lbs! She has been a little plump since we got her and I am pretty terrible with giving her table scraps, but lately Keith has been stopping me. We’ve also been taking a lot of family walks and it seems like the combination has paid off. Go Daisy!

After the vet, we went to Qdoba for lunch and Daisy played guard dog, jumping up any time anyone went in/out. She’s so cute.

guard dog

Saturday was also my little cousin Adam’s 4th birthday party. Since I jump on any excuse to bake, I went all out.  I got a mini donut pan for Christmas and finally busted it out. I was really unimpressed with the recipe I used though, so next time I will hunt for a better one but I made these little monstrosities.

donut cupcakes!

They were so tall they just barely fit into my carrier. I need to stop making such elaborate cupcakes when I need to transport them places. I think I would definitely make them again with a different donut recipe and only when they are staying home. They were so messy and the heat did not help at all. But they are just too cute!

It was great to spend time with my family although I wish my mom had been at the party (she had to work). I did get lots of time with my adorable nephew Bradley. He is one of the very few babies that I can take him from someone when he is crying and he stops. He must know how much I need him to love me, hahaha.

ross and brad

Though he did lose his little mind when I changed his diaper. You would think he would appreciate having a nice dry diaper, but noooo.

Keith and I went bowling on Sunday and I present this picture without comment:


Okay, I have one comment: Yikes.

Which brings us to today. Last week I started Couch to 5k again. I say again, but the furthest I’ve ever gotten was day 3. Last week I woke up at 6am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and did the runs. It was not easy, but I felt so freaking wonderful afterwards. And doing it in the morning was extra great because I got to feel good about myself all day long. Today was Week 2, Day 1. I was not about to wake up at 6am on a non-work day to do the run, so I did it around 10am and oh was it horrible. It was so humid and disgusting I almost died. I finished, but barely. The 6am runs were wonderful because not a single soul is outside then. Today everyone and their dog was out. I had a chorus of about 6 dogs barking at me on every loop. Eventually, I started to pretend they were cheering for me, but that didn’t even help.

Here’s hoping Wednesday/Friday are better! Oddly enough, while writing this, my friend Sarah texted me to tell me she just finished the program so I asked if she’d be interested in signing up for a 5k with me when I’m done and she said yes! I was afraid I was going to have to do one by myself, since I do know a few people who run but they are all wayyyy ahead of me.

I also got a little crafty today. I made my flag wreath for the front door around Memorial Day and decided it could stay up until Labor Day. Well, earlier this week, I realized I had no replacement wreath. So I got to work and made super simple wreath.

pitt wreath!

A pool noodle taped end to end + yarn + glitter letters = a Pitt wreath! I wasn’t sure about it before I added the letters, but I think it’s pretty cute! It took all of 45 minutes too. (Wrapping the yarn was sort of a pain.) Also, yikes, my door needs re-stained. I wonder if Keith will let me paint it. (And I still hate that stained glass fish.)

Hope your weekends were as fun-filled as mine!

six at heart

I am so busy these days. Weekends go by in a total blur, we’re running from here to there and even when I’m at home there are a million things to do. I miss the pre-house weekends when my favorite thing to do was sit around all weekend doing nothing.

Last weekend was no exception. I babysat Friday night, which was pretty nice. By the time I got there, it was bath time, then we watched a movie, I put them to bed and read until the parents came home. The dad got home first and while chatting he says, “How come they like you so much?” ” Um because I am still their age on the inside?” He said as soon as they found out I was coming over, they were jumping up and down haha.

Sometimes I feel like I am a grown adult, why am I still babysitting? But then I hear something like that or have a nice quiet moment where the kids scootch a little closer and it’s all worth it. One of the last times I babysat the little boy kept calling me Gina. Finally I said “WHO is Gina?!” His sister then explained that is their other babysitter. I mentioned something to a girl at work about the conversation and she asked if it bothered me that they had another babysitter. “Nah, maybe it would have at one time, but I am so busy these days I don’t mind. But it would bother me if they liked her better than me.”  Haha, so mature.

Saturday morning we woke up and went to more garage sales. I bought an Atlas jar, a blue Ball jar (both with glass lids) and a blue vase. I find I enjoy garage sales of old men the best. Old women usually have stuff that is clearly old-women-y. Young couples usually have tons of kid stuff, which I don’t need. Old men have cool house stuff.

Then we went to brunch at Verde. We have been to Verde probably more than any other restaurant this year (4-5 times since November) and it has never disappointed. We have been trying to go to brunch since they started offering it a few weeks ago and finally made it.

Brunch always stumps me. I can never decide if I want to go sweet or savory and as soon as I order one, I want the other.   

burch at verde

I ordered caballeros pobres which was huge pieces of french toast stuffed with a mild jalapeño cream cheese, covered in mango marmalade with cinnamon infused syrup. Which was excellente. Also bizcocho which is a plaintain/corn bisquit. (hooray for bread!) Keith got the chilaquiles, which I also wanted. They were the star of the brunch and I couldn’t stop stealing them. We will definitely be back.

After a very delightful nap when we got home, I finished a little craft I was doing:


I missed Memorial Day, but I figure that sucker can stay up until Labor Day. I saw the wreath on pinterest and knew I could do it. All it is is a wreath (I bought a straw one because it was cheaper), felt and straight pins. I bought 350 straight pins and 6 pieces of each color felt and got this far:

(towel underneath because the straw wreath shed EVERYWHERE.)

I then ran out and bought 450 more pins and 2 more pieces of red and white (I still had blue). It was a pretty cheap project and pretty easy (though time consuming). I just watched some tv while I worked. (I recommend a thimble or something to push the pins in with because doing 400+ hurts.)

I had wanted to buy a wreath for a while because there is a hook in the front door and the wood is semi-faded in a wreath shape.  (Which must mean they had always had one.)



I think it looks pretty darn cute! (Don’t mind the grass, we’re going for the hillbilly chic look.) Sunday included the fastest Ikea trip ever, but that’s another post.