baby deer friends

Came home from work last week and spotted these babes in the yard. It never gets old. Even if they do eat my plants.


baby deer friends

baby deer friends

baby deer friends

And then I was reading about white tailed deer and read that they have twins a majority of the time! It was like over 60% had twins, 12% had triplets. Can you imagine? No wonder there are so many deer! Go, biology, go!

well that escalated quickly…

Every time it storms, I freak out a little hoping that one of the dozens of trees around our house doesn’t decide to fall on it.

Well yesterday, before it actually started storming, it had gotten really dark and Keith looked out into the backyard and….



Luckily they were smaller trees and luckily they didn’t land on anything but no idea how we’re going to get rid of them. Guess Keith will have to dust off our axe.

He can call me a flower if he wants to; I don’t mind.

So I was off yesterday (thank you election day!) and at one point was walking through the living room (avoiding homework) and happened to glance out the window and saw something walking through the yard. I couldn’t figure out what it was since I can’t see very far without my glasses. I grabbed my camera and snapped a picture to see if I could zoom in on the photo and see it better.


Uh. yea. At this point I figure maybe it is a bird. Or just a leaf and I made up seeing it walk over.

I get back to doing some homework and forget all about it.

Until Keith comes home and I head out to pick up sticks so he can cut the grass. We just had our tractor tuned up so he hasn’t been able to cut the majority of the yard. So I’m walking over and stop dead in my tracks because I see this little fella.





(Click any picture to view it larger on flickr)

Keep in mind that’s a 30mm lens so I was close. I kept expecting a mama deer to rush out of the woods and trample me, but nobody ever did. The poor little deer was just laying there, not moving, I was literally two feet away. I thought about going to get it some water or something, but then it just took off.


The picture is all blown out because I was not expecting it to bolt and didn’t have time to change the camera settings. I am sad for the deer because I feel like it probably lost its mama. He decided to curl up in our uncut grass to rest/hide and then I had to go and bother him. I really hope the other band of deer that wander through our yard adopt him. Poor little deer. Keith’s didn’t cut all of the grass, so I hope he comes back, it’s safe here.

*Edited to add: I just read up on white tailed fawns and it looks like if they are under 3 weeks old their mothers will leave them for up to 10 hours while feeding since they can’t quite keep up. Hopefully that is all that happened! I will keep an eye out for him though.


I wrote this post on March 7th. Why it didn’t post, I have no idea. So here ya go.

What? Sprinkles sounded better than snippets or blurbs or any other word to say that I don’t have a lot to say, just a few little sprinkles of thought.

1. Our backyard usually has great view. My favorite is the lush greens of spring and summer, followed by the bright golds and reds of fall, and even covered in snow it’s not too shabby. The dead trees of unsnowy winter are kind of ugly, but I can forgive them. You can’t be on all the time. So Wednesday morning, I was admiring the view of the epic snowfall when I noticed something amiss.

man down

man down

Hard to see, but that is a tree that fell onto our back patio. Our house is surrounded by trees and everytime there is a thunderstorm, I hold my breath waiting for a tree to fall on the house. I didn’t realize I had to worry about snow too. At least the tree looks relatively small and it probably didn’t do any damage. (There is a firepit in the middle of that patio, but we’ve never used it, so if it got damaged, not a big loss.)

2. Daisy woke me up in the middle of the night last night. She is a wonderful dog and has only woken me up 4-5 times ever and it has always been for good reason. So I got up, took her out…came back in and couldn’t fall back to sleep for the life of me. And I really appreciate her waking me up instead of having an accident…but can’t she wake Keith up once in a while? I think she sees me as some sort of gate keeper to the yard…only I have the power to let her relieve her bladder.

mom, you're weird.

you’re lucky you’re cute, little girl.

3. I went to Target yesterday to get cleaning supplies. I picked up a few other things because, hello, Target, and was home in my pajamas before I realized I didn’t have the Mr. Clean I had purchased. I drove back to Target, in my pajamas, and told them that one of my bags did not make it out. The lady asked what was in it, I told her, she retrieved it. On the bag was written “paid/left 3/6/13.” Now hold your horses, Target. Writing it like that places the blame squarely on me, when we both know it was your adorably young teenage cashier that withheld my bag. I’ll forgive you this one time, Target.

curb appeal

The theme of this weekend was gardening. And oh does every muscle in my body feel it.

We had plans Saturday morning to hit up a bunch of garage sales in our neighborhood and maybe an estate sale a bit further away. We also decided while we were out Saturday we would go to Bakerstown Feed and Garden Center to get some flowers for my window boxes.

Sad, empty window boxes. But the iris bloomed in the past few days and she’s a beauty.

So Keith lucked out at the very first garage sale we went to and managed to get two hoses on a reel, a power washer and two sets of hedge trimmers for 7$. We probably stopped at a dozen houses and I bought a pyrex dish, a vase and a mirror for 6$. Keith definitely won that round. It was close to 10am when we finished the garage sale-ing so we decided we’d skip the estate sale. We went home to unload our stuff and then went up to Bakerstown. We wandered around for a bit and Keith brought up the idea of planting a tree to mark our moving into the house. (He’s so cute!) We wandered from the decorative trees to the fruit trees and Keith decided we should buy an apple tree. I kind of wanted a cherry tree but when we rounded the corner and saw one lone honeycrisp apple tree, I knew it was the one.

We then found our way into one of the greenhouses and some lovely lady helped me pick out what to plant in my window boxes.


I ended up with vinca vine for the ends, bacopa for the front and red geraniums for the back. As soon as I finished planting, I was a little underwhelmed, but the more I look at them, the happier they make me.
IMG_6055And the happier they make the house! It’s very subtle from the road, but hopefully will become a little more noticeable as the bacopa fills in. I was really worried about the far right box as it’s not reachable from the ground. I was all ready to plant it from inside the window when I poked my head out and found that it just lifts up and can be removed. So we removed it, I planted it and Keith replaced it.

After I planted those, I repotted the geranium Keith’s aunt Pam gave us (in a planter the previous owners left), so now there’s some color near the porch.

It’s okay if you’re jealous of my hostas, I didn’t plant them. I have been feeding them steroids though.

I also weeded for about 2 hours yesterday while Keith cut the grass. I had to have Keith come take care of this one though.

Yikes! 3′ high jagger thing. (I just googled jaggerbush (even though it’s not a bush) to see if there was a real name for it and it autofilled to say “jaggerbush pittsburghese.” I had no idea jaggerbush was Pittsburghese! What do the rest of you people call bush-size jaggers?)

That thing was behind the house in our herb garden. It is filled with things that I have no idea what they are…but I do know what this is…

A whollllllllllle lotta mint. And while Keith was at the grocery store, he picked up some limes and we had some much deserved mojitos.


And Daisy had a waffle.
daisy and her waffle!

And we apparently weren’t exhausted enough, because we woke up today and planted a tree and a bush. But I forgot to take pictures, so I’ll show ya later.

house dog

The question I hear most often these days has to be: “How does Daisy like the house?”

Well, Daisy loves the house. While she still follows us around to an extent, she spends a lot more time wandering around than she did in the apartment. In the apartment, she was usually either in my bathroom or in the living room. Here in the house, she is everywhere. She seems to like the dining room the most. It’s funny because the dining room is directly above the game room and we’ll be sitting there watching tv and all the sudden hear the floor creaking as Daisy wanders around above us.

But as much as she loves the house, she is totally indifferent about the yard. Proof:


I took this video today, but this is every.single.time she is outside. She goes to the bathroom and then RUNS back into the house like she will be forever stranded out there if she doesn’t. She is also usually hooked up so she nearly trips herself in her hurry. That time I was even standing in the yard with her, but she didn’t care. We’ve decided she has agoraphobia. But I think I have a mild case of it myself, so she’s in good company.

the great outdoors

The house we ended up buying was the 5th house we looked at.  We started our search by looking at/falling in love with one house (OH), then decided we should look at a few others before we put an offer in. We had a marathon day in the fall when we looked at OH (again) and 3 others. OH did not work out becuase it was way overpriced and the sellers would not budge.

 (Sidenote: it has been on the market for 3+ years and is still for sale. The sellers live in a brand new house next door so they are obviously not hurting for money. It is a ~140 year old home and while I loved that about it, most people probably scoff at the price because they could buy a brand new home for that without all the annoyances a 140 year old home offered.)

OH was on a 3/4 acre completely flat lot and while I appreciated that, it wasn’t until we saw the other 3 that I realized how important a yard was to me. We looked at a beautiful house in Cranberry that had a gorgeous updated kitchen, a huge deck, 2 car garage, huge master bedroom with huge master bath…and a horrible yard. It was tiny, half of it was covered by a tiny patio, the other 1/3 was covered in small trees. It ran into a creek. It was in a beautiful little neighborhood with a park not too far away, but the lack of any useable yard space just made me really sad.

We also saw a house nearby that was on an acre. And then we got there and found that the half acre in the back was nearly vertical.

The reason that I jumped when I saw the listing for our house was because it was listed as 2.58 acres. After talking to the previous owners, we found out it is actually 2.76 acres thanks to some sort of re-zoning.


Everything in pink is ours. More or less. I don’t know how far exactly we go over to the right, just that it includes all/most of those woods. Now all 2.76 acres aren’t exactly useable. The purple lines/arrows indicate a hill. It’s a decently steep hill that goes down to a busy-ish road. But there are enough trees there that you can’t just roll down the hill.  

The best part of our land is that we don’t really have neighbors! From the front yard/windows you can see the house directly across from us and one house to the right. There are two houses to the right of our property but thanks to those trees, you can’t see them! The trees aren’t even currently as full as they are in that aerial view and you still can’t see them. No neighbors behind us or to the left of the property, just roads!

After living in apartments for the past 8 years and being able to hear people on the other side of the walls, I could not be more ecstatic about all of our privacy!

Our future children are going to have it made, and although Daisy isn’t too sure of it right now, she will (hopefully) eventually learn to love it.

 daisy's domain

Keith put up a 100ft run for her, with a 20ft lead. That is maybe 1/3 of the yard? This is standing at the laundry room door looking toward the big road.

I couldn’t be happier. (But I also don’t have to cut the grass.)