house dog

The question I hear most often these days has to be: “How does Daisy like the house?”

Well, Daisy loves the house. While she still follows us around to an extent, she spends a lot more time wandering around than she did in the apartment. In the apartment, she was usually either in my bathroom or in the living room. Here in the house, she is everywhere. She seems to like the dining room the most. It’s funny because the dining room is directly above the game room and we’ll be sitting there watching tv and all the sudden hear the floor creaking as Daisy wanders around above us.

But as much as she loves the house, she is totally indifferent about the yard. Proof:


I took this video today, but this is every.single.time she is outside. She goes to the bathroom and then RUNS back into the house like she will be forever stranded out there if she doesn’t. She is also usually hooked up so she nearly trips herself in her hurry. That time I was even standing in the yard with her, but she didn’t care. We’ve decided she has agoraphobia. But I think I have a mild case of it myself, so she’s in good company.