katrina oh, wildlife photographer

I saw some bunnies frolicking in the yard the other day. Either frolicking or fighting, but by the time I had grabbed my camera, one of them had hopped off. I did spot some other friends though.

I am very thankful our laundry room glass is so reflective. I can stand there and snap forever and the deer are none the wiser.

 deer friendsThis was later, looking out the sunroom windows. These windows are also very reflective, but on the inside as well.

you bore me.
Really? More deer photos?


deer friend

deer friend

Deer are actually pretty grimey up close. I want to bathe them or at least brush them.

deer friend

deer friend

bunny friend
He must be the reigning champion of the yard. I had to go outside for this shot and he barely moved.

I took these photos on Thursday and mentally titled the post. Thursday night I dreamt that I was out back shooting more photos but this time caught a camel (who I was calling a moose in my dream, but he was definitely a camel), a gorilla, and a tiger. Keep dreamin’, Katrina.

sprinkles: you’ll shoot your eye out edition

Work work work. School school school. Ignore the yard, garden, housework.

Pretty much my life.

My classes are wrapping up in about 2 weeks though and then I get two glorious weeks of freedom until the next semester starts. After about 18 years, I think I am finally sick of school.

So here are some non-school things that have happened.

1. We had some early morning visitors the other day. Of course when I ran to grab my real camera, I scared them all away. These are different babies than the ones I found in the yard. Keith found that one on the side of the road. 😦

morning visitor

2. Keith only has one seat in his backseat, the other 2/3 are in the basement. Since he rarely has more than one passenger, it makes sense. We went down to Oakland recently for our engagement photos and took Daisy. She started out standing with two feet on the seat and at one point I turned around and she had taken a seat. This picture cracks me up. She could have sat on the other side/not in a seat, but she chose the seat.


3. We were sitting at dinner one night and Keith says “What is that?” I look at the window and in my blindness, it looked like some sort of spiderweb. We both get up and no web, a bullethole. From a bb gun, but STILL.

you'll shoot your eye out kid

Luckily, it only went through one pane of glass, but I looked and looked for the bb and couldn’t find it.

you'll shoot your eye out kid

I thought it would be between the panes, but it wasn’t. It ended up just inside the screen. If they had been a foot closer, it probably would have gone all the way through.

you'll shoot your eye out kid

And then they would have had a huge problem. If you line up the hole in the screen and the hole in the window, it is very obvious where it came from.

you'll shoot your eye out kid

I am still mad about it. I was tempted to march over there and yell at them, but it probably wouldn’t have gotten me anywhere and may have gotten me another hole in my window.

4. We’ve seen some of our engagement pictures and they are AMAZING. I should be getting a link to the rest soon and will have to share them. Yayyyy.

5. I am obsessed with making paper flowers for the wedding. I’ve made a few dozen already and plan on making a few hundred. I go back and forth between wanting to share wedding deets here and wanting to leave everything as a surprise. I might show off my flowers though.

6. I need a vacation. Or a nap. Or a way to be independently wealthy.

mcwildlife* preserve

So I have gone on and on about how much I love our yard. We are a triangular corner lot with probably half an acre of trees between us and the only side that would have neighbors. I have posted numerous photos of our wildlife, from deer to bunnies to woodpeckers.

The other day I discovered another creature in our yard that I hadn’t seen before.

I was upstairs and saw something moving out the window…I looked a little closer and…

IMG_9636Yea it would be a lot easier to see if that back patio wasn’t still covered in dead leaves…

IMG_9636_2A mama cat and a kitten! Keith had mentioned the other day that he saw a cat in the yard, but I had completely forgotten/not seen it. I ran outside to go see them, but they darted off before I could get close. I came back inside and went about my business, peeking out various windows every few minutes to see if they would come back. Probably 20 minutes later, I spotted them again and continued on with what I was doing. A little after that, Keith came upstairs to ask if I wanted to go walk Daisy with him and I peek out the window and see this:


A pretty sizable deer munching on our boxwoods. I thought “Oh man, he probably scared away the cats.” Later, I uploaded the photo onto the computer and…

IMG_9640_2Ha! The cat is just chilling on the fireplace back there. For some reason that was hilarious to me. (Also, I need a better zoom lens.)

So this all happened at some point last week. On Saturday, we were running all sorts of errands and I finally convinced Keith to go get a new propane tank for our grill. We ran out in September and haven’t grilled since then and I have been dying. He figured while we were refilling the other, we could buy one for that fireplace on the patio (black square thing). It didn’t have a tank so we have yet to use it. We go back and open it up to see what size it will take. It looked pretty gross in there, all sorts of leaves and grass and cobwebs and all the sudden, I see something moving in the corning. I crouch down to get a better view and see a mama mouse and three baby mice! She was totally freaked out and trying to crawl into a crack in the side, but couldn’t get all of her babies with her. She got herself in the crack and kept poking her head out squeaking at the babies. Keith finishes looking at the hookups, he shuts the door and I bolt back inside for my camera.


She was there when I got back and just stood there, not moving while I snapped a few pictures. Seeing her explained this big green nest that I thought was probably full of a million spiders (hey, I have an over-active imagination).


The nest is right under where the propane sits. Meaning if we put it in, we will probably squish her and her babies. I left the door open a crack so she can hopefully vacate the premises. After discovering her, I guess that might explain why the cats were on the patio. And I don’t really want to think about it, but I kind of hope they circle of life themselves out of my yard…


*Keith is a McSomething and I will soon be as well. Seems like a fitting name for our home. I had been calling it McSomething Acres, but I guess it is more of a Wildlife Preserve than a farm.


He can call me a flower if he wants to; I don’t mind.

So I was off yesterday (thank you election day!) and at one point was walking through the living room (avoiding homework) and happened to glance out the window and saw something walking through the yard. I couldn’t figure out what it was since I can’t see very far without my glasses. I grabbed my camera and snapped a picture to see if I could zoom in on the photo and see it better.


Uh. yea. At this point I figure maybe it is a bird. Or just a leaf and I made up seeing it walk over.

I get back to doing some homework and forget all about it.

Until Keith comes home and I head out to pick up sticks so he can cut the grass. We just had our tractor tuned up so he hasn’t been able to cut the majority of the yard. So I’m walking over and stop dead in my tracks because I see this little fella.





(Click any picture to view it larger on flickr)

Keep in mind that’s a 30mm lens so I was close. I kept expecting a mama deer to rush out of the woods and trample me, but nobody ever did. The poor little deer was just laying there, not moving, I was literally two feet away. I thought about going to get it some water or something, but then it just took off.


The picture is all blown out because I was not expecting it to bolt and didn’t have time to change the camera settings. I am sad for the deer because I feel like it probably lost its mama. He decided to curl up in our uncut grass to rest/hide and then I had to go and bother him. I really hope the other band of deer that wander through our yard adopt him. Poor little deer. Keith’s didn’t cut all of the grass, so I hope he comes back, it’s safe here.

*Edited to add: I just read up on white tailed fawns and it looks like if they are under 3 weeks old their mothers will leave them for up to 10 hours while feeding since they can’t quite keep up. Hopefully that is all that happened! I will keep an eye out for him though.

iphone snaps

Just some pictures that have nothing to do with anything but I wanted to share.


This is the most depressing thing to see in the morning, Daisy at her window looking so sad. Luckily she doesn’t do it every morning otherwise I could never leave.


The tree-eating culprit.


Last night I looked out the window and saw these FIVE deer (one not shown) eating my tree! I only saw two at first and ran out in the yard to yell at them and then I saw the other three and promptly ran back inside. The one in the bottom right was just STARING at me.

oh you're leaving? meh.

Daisy typically gets really anxious when we leave, but Friday night we went out to dinner and she couldn’t care less.


We went to Smoke Barbeque Taqueria last week after hearing rave reviews forever. I was not in love with the mac and cheese, but I really really liked the chorizo taco and the chicken taco.

sleepy daisy

Daisy loves her tile.

revenge of the chicken nuggets

I’ve had a really bad head cold and in my fog managed to burn the almost-crook-of-my-elbow with a cookie sheet while making chicken nuggets. How I managed to touch the cookie sheet there, I will never know, but man it hurts.


My view from bed. Looks like we sleep in a treehouse. Also still madly in love with that paint color.